How To Remove “Proudly Developed With WordPress” From Your Website

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It is indisputable that WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) fantastic. Build and manage sites has become increasingly easy thanks to the user-friendly interface of WordPress.

However, people do not like when the phrase “Proudly powered by WordPress” appears on the site them footer. In many cases it is better to hide or remove this footer credit. 

Even more if you if you have a business website, because this message does not make much sense. Also, it can pass a feel for your customers that your site is not professional.

Taking this account, what is the strategy that you should use to take this boring footer? Read this tutorial and follow the step by step below to learn how to take “Proudly powered by WordPress” your site footer.

NOTE: Depending on the version and language of your WordPress site, the term “Proudly powered by WordPress” may also appear as “Created by WordPress,” “Powered by WordPress” or even “Powered by WordPress”. If this is the case, do not worry, just follow the guide below to be able to remove Powered by WordPress or any of these messages from the footer credits.

What you will need to remove “Proudly powered by WordPress”

Before beginning this guide, you will need the following:

  • Access to the administrator area of ​​your WordPress site.

Method 1 – Disabling by your WordPress theme panel 

The theme developers know that users would love to have an option to remove Proudly Developed with credit footer WordPress.

Because of this, they provide this function in the setup area of ​​your theme. Depending on the variation on the theme, the settings may be somewhat different. But the rule is always digging into the configuration area of ​​your theme.

  1. Open the browser and go to the login page of your WordPress site. You must have access to this page by adding / wp / admin to the end of your domain. Type your username and password in the fields User or Email and Password . And click on the Access  to enter.
    wordpress log in to access the control panel
  2. Now you need to move your mouse  on Appearance and click Customize to access the footer text options for your site.
    appearance options and customize to learn to take proudly powered by wordpress
  3. Click on the site’s identity . Most often, you will find this option in the second position of the list.
    site identity option to remove proudly powered by wordpress
  4. Select your desired menu option credits at the bottom and click Save and Publish . In this example, the option Hide has been selected so that no credit text appears on the site footer.
    footer credits when taking proudly powered by wordpress
  5. And once the changes are saved, the button Save and publish will change to Saved. From now on, you will not see the text Proudly Powered by WordPress at the bottom of your website.

Method 2 – Removing PHP

Some developers may consider issues not give you the option to remove the footer credit for the Options tab in your WordPress site.

Before you despair, know that there are other ways to remove the footer credit part of your site. And one of them is modifying the code footer.php and delete the line Proudly powered by WordPress.

  1. Sign in by WordPress admin area.
    wordpress login screen to access the cms control panel
  2. After logging in, move the mouse cursor over appearance , and then click Editor .
    to learn how to remove proudly powered by wordpress your site
  3. Click theme footer to go straight to the footer.php code. You will have access to this option on the right side of the screen.
    using php to remove proudly powered by wordpress theme footer your blog
  4. Find the line that contains Powered by WordPress (the code name is in English by default). You should find it pretty easily, since the footer.php code does not appear often.
  5. If you do not find the line, it is certain that it is another option. If the text get_template_part appear here, footer code is the same elsewhere in the Editor.
    removing php code to take proudly powered by wordpress footer of your blog
  6. In this case, the scroll bar theme files and find the option template-parts . Open the pulldown menu and click site-info.php .
    verify the parties to remove the template proud developed wordpress
  7. You can modify this line for anything or Simply by removing it entirely. Below you like footer.php footer looks like when you take that particular line.
  8. After that, click the button Update File at the bottom left of your screen to apply the changes.

From now on, you will see over the line Powered by WordPress on your site footer.

Method 3 – Using CSS to hide the footer credits

NOTE: This method by CSS seems relatively simple to implement. But it increases the chances of your site being penalized by Google and other search engines. This technique is very popular among spammers . As a result, Google may penalize your site for hiding links using CSS. We strongly recommend using this method only if the other two methods are not suitable for you.

If your theme does not have a section for CSS customization, you just have to install an additional plug -in to complete this step. For example, the Simple Custom CSS will do the job.  

  1. Access by WordPress admin area.
    WordPress login screen to enter the control panel
  2. Find the button CSS Additional . If you installed the plugin Simple Custom CSS, the button will appear in the section Appearance . If your theme already has an option for CSS customization, then you should find it within your own control panel, the theme settings.
    using custom css to remove proudly powered by wordpress
  3. You can hide the footer credits using the rule display: none . Depending on your theme, this rule should be applied to a particular class of CSS or ID. For example, the footer credit default class for the theme Twenty Seventeen is .site-info . You can use the Google Developer tools to find the class and name your theme ID. Write the rule in the indicated field and press the Refresh button Custom CSS.
    insert custom css code in wordpress


In this tutorial you learned three methods to remove the Power By your site footer WordPress.

The three methods we used were:

  1. Using the WordPress theme own configuration
  2. using PHP
  3. Using CSS.

We recommended to first use the first two options, since using the third option may compromise the SEO of your website.

As shown in the above methods, remove the Powered by WordPress footer of your site is easy. You just need to follow the steps that show and have no problems.

All options are available within the admin area of ​​WordPress and can be made even by novice users of WordPress.

As shown in the above methods, is no secret how to get your site Proudly powered by WordPress footer. You just need to follow the steps that show and have no problems.