How to Qualify Your Leads to Generate Business Opportunities

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In Digital Marketing , there is much talk about generating Leads. In fact, the generation of Leads is the beginning of a whole process towards closing sales for your business. So you must be wondering: and what next? How to turn those leads into sales?

To continue the process, you need to understand what the Leads that actually have a chance to buy with you, because there is no point preparing a Lead generation strategy if you can not make this classification.

But as qualify them correctly?

First of all, it is important you understand that there are different stages of classification, according to the proximity that Lead is in the buying process. The first stage of qualification, carried out by marketing itself is the MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads or Leads Qualified by Marketing), ie Leads that are classified as potential customers for own marketing department and sent to the sales team .

Once passed to the sales team, these leads are reanalyzed. Those who are accepted by the department are called SAL (Sales Accepted Leads or Leads Accepted by Sales). Then these leads are assessed again and those who are considered close to the time of purchase are called the OPPS (Opportunities). And these are opportunities that must be addressed to sales.

But even this qualification is not enough if you do not have a prepared and efficient, able to address the assertively Leads to make sales. So it is necessary to invest in the team to make it to increase your success.

If you want to know step by step what criteria should be used to classify Leads at each stage, watch the webinar “I generated Leads, now what?”. In this webinar, Thiago Gabri, Sales General Manager of Digital results, explains how to qualify your Leads for each purchase funnel step and how to prepare your team to achieve sales of accurate manner.

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