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When we talk about events in Brazil, where we have two types of views: people who love and will in all events and people who find it a waste of time.

Regardless of which opinion you have, know that if you do not take advantage of these events to think about the strategy of your company or your area to change if necessary, you are really wasting time and money.

How many events have you been? Look at your company or to the area in which it works and see what actions or processes you do today because of something you saw in an event. Think about the people in your professional cycle and how many of them you met at the networking event.

These are the main reasons companies like Digital Results holding events in Brazil. We actually believe that events help businesses evolve, but you need to make it happen. There are several benefits to go to an event and we detail in this post 10 benefits of participating in Digital Marketing events .

One of the advantages is being able to stay up to date at all learning is always the ultimate goal. And when we talk about Digital Marketing , there are new all the time, and hear speakers talking about it is an advantage for you or your company stand out in the market.

Another benefit is the networking. Interact, exchange cards and meet the opportunities in the trade fair is a great opportunity to meet new people and become known. If you have difficulties to network we give you some tips on post 10 killer tips to make networking events . In the event, you can find a number of competent and experienced people who can help in your business.

Being in knowledge exchange environment allows you a faster refresh, and if the event speakers from various areas, the greater the chance you exchange knowledge on various subjects. Knowing the experiences and opinions of these professionals is an easier way to learn, but you should begin to prepare prior to the event.


It all starts before

See who the speakers, who are the exhibitors and what issues to be addressed, or business solutions that will be presented.

What are the areas of your business that will have issues addressed? It is important that you take the people in the company who are involved in these areas and can help you have cool ideas. Events serve to you think about the strategy and operation of your company, and talk with others who share common areas with your can help you improve processes.

Planning is necessary to take advantage of the event to the fullest. In the RD and RD Summit On The Road there are parallel tracks with many lectures, and it takes planning not to lose the ones that are of interest.

So bring the right people in your organization for certain lectures and talk to exhibitors and attendees at the event is learning guarantee the right.

Do not lose your focus, you went to the event to make best

RD Summit 2017

Be open to listen to all proposals for improvements and processes that appear.

You and the people in your company already know your scenario, then start chatting with everyone to understand what you can do better or to confirm that what you do is right.

Emerged ideas for your business? Write down, take pictures of the slides that show it or record what the speakers are talking about. The contacts that you also had help to get ideas, then switch cards and talk to them during and after the event. You may have found a mentor or partner for your business.

Understand that there are fairs that the events are not only to pick up gifts, there may be many partnerships and business that can help her. Know all the solutions that are at the event because they can also help you.

full notebook and business cards in the bag, it’s time to act!

learning events in practice

Throughout the event we see a lot of content, we talked to many people and this gives us a lot of ideas.

But many of the people who go on events do not take ideas to share, write everything you saw in the notebook and then nothing happens.

You need to do differently so that their comings events are increasingly productive. I bring here some important tips for you to get off the ground!

# 1 Structure all the ideas you had

Present your ideas clearly so that everyone understands. Embase ideas with the content you saw that your colleagues understand the concepts.

Do not leave it for the next week. The operation can swallow your time, making sure to hand the ideas he had.

# 2 Show all he saw for the team

More than a presentation, make a chat with the staff about everything you saw and what they might apply in your area or the company as a whole.

Show the ideas we had and look for structure and develop a little more with the team.

# 3 Put your ideas into practice

Do not get ideas only on the head, comment with your team about what you have learned and think about how to act. Understand how you can apply them and mount some MVPs to test whether it makes sense to change and mount studies to understand whether it’s working or not.

Here in DR we have a value in the Culture Code called data-driven . Everything we do is measured and studied to see if it makes sense. Therefore, be sure to understand what are the expected results and measure to see if they happen.

You can make: the example of the agency Arrow

More than giving these tips, I would like to bring to you one case the Agency Arrow . I had the opportunity to talk to the agency girls in RD On The Road in Curitiba and I asked Paola, the agency’s founder, who gave a statement to us about how they took advantage of the event!

RD on the Road filled us with new opportunities and challenges. Was the event that most moved us with new shares.

One of the first things we did was to create a checklist of all we would like to do differently in Arrow, based on the content they receive.

With this checklist in hand we set some priorities and then their action plans, such as the growth plan of the Arrow (thanks to Fabio Duarte lecture), which is our top priority today.

The very next day we started using some tools and new hacks we found, and spent a few to customers (link tree that Andrew shared in his lecture’s out here).

It was basically what we did, but I think the key issue is not to lose time. At the hotel after the first day we exchanged a lot of ideas, not to let the dust settle, and the excitement cool.


Paola Fabeni da Rocha is a graduate degree in marketing and communications, and founder of Arrow! Works with Inbound Marketing for 6 years, initially as marketing coordinator of an industry and, today, helping customers arrow to reach further.

You must always improve!

This should be your goal! Enjoy the contacts you made and see if any of them can be the mentor you need for your business. In addition, seek to act and put in practice what you had ideas.

And if you need more ideas and talk to more people, that it enjoy the RD On The Road in his city, and also plan to participate in the Greater Digital Marketing Event of Latin America here in Florianopolis?

I speak of RD Summit in 07 days 08 and November 9, 2018 . An event with more than 8000 people, trade show with over 80 exhibitors and international speakers on various subjects. Ie have content for everything and for everyone.

Learn more in  and is programmed to take advantage of the event to the fullest!