How to produce content for blogs when the subject is already saturated

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We know how important it is, in Digital Marketing , have a blog updated to ensure the top positions on Google. However, sometimes lacking ideas to produce new content and many pages have your order decreed ahead of time. To avoid this situation, it is important not to be afraid to take risks and invest in new strategies.

The Content Marketing is not just in blog articles. It is much more than that. So there is no excuse to let your persona without new publications.

However, before leaving shooting everywhere, discover how to produce content for blogs, even if it is already a little more saturated.

In this article, we’ll talk about videos, eBooks, graphics and other materials. Check out!

Promote your eBooks

A good content marketing strategy includes the production of rich materials such as eBooks, booklets and infographics, right? So if you do not know what to post on your blog, how about doing a post disclosure of each of their offerings?

Thus, you will be able to work for rankeamento these pages (which will bring you traffic and Leads, because you must link the Landing Page of the offer in this post), and is more a way to present to your persona more about the content that you produced.

An interesting strategy might be to ask a person outside your company produce a post on your eBook. It will be an interesting experience to know how your material is being received by the audience and you have even more chances to win new readers from the disclosure of this text on social networks guest author, for example.

Invest in videos

You know that you can generate Leads with videos ? So why not invest in this type of material for your blog? Have a YouTube channel, for example, does not require much knowledge: practical and free. Also, it is the world’s second largest search engine, that is, it is a good opportunity to be found for new readers.

If you do not know how to produce a video, get inspired in a post on your blog. Turn the information you included in the article on an animated video. Another option is to do an editorial on a particular subject that is inserted in your niche market.

Having a blog that has good texts, respecting the rules of grammar and follow the pattern of escaneabilidade is very important, but complete article with video is a huge advantage, because it allows your brand is present in many other platforms such as media social, video channels, among others.

Know your subnicho

Generally, when we are facing a saturated market, we have two great advantages: the search volume of the keywords that belong to this group are higher and there are major content branching possibilities (ie to attack the subnichos).

Information can be proven to seek the term “marketing” in Google ‘s keyword planner . In this case, we have a very saturated market and with plenty of competition. However, there are several subnichos that can be used to gain authority.

To get an idea, see subnichos of Digital Marketing.

  • Digital marketing;
  • Personal marketing;
  • Marketing of relationship;
  • Sports marketing.

Get inspired with infographics

The infographic is another type of content you can use on your blog when lacking new ideas. At first, it seems a bit complicated to be produced, however, with a little effort you will soon have more easily.

How have practices and graphics information that facilitate reading, this material has high power conversion to a blog.

If you have no designer on your team, you need not despair! Follow the tutorial on how to create an infographic and make your own tests!

Use guest post on your side

Surely this term is no stranger to you, anyway already highlight a few times around here as the guest post is important in a Content Marketing strategy. When used correctly, it has the power to provide many benefits for your blog. But to achieve this result, it is necessary to pay attention to two details.

  1. Search partners that have features like language and editorial line similar to your blog.
  2. Produce quality content for partners blogs.

By including guest post on your strategy, you will not only receive organic links with authority on Google, but also new readers interested in the material of your page.

Guest posting is considered one of the best strategies for you to excel in your niche market that is already saturated. After all, he is able to generate links and qualified traffic to your blog and, unlike the eBook, you do not need a lot of extra time available to run it.

Increase the size of your content

Here, we need to deepen our knowledge regarding SEO .

In Digital Marketing, when you publish a text with many characters he is more likely to stay in the first positions of Google, since it is more likely to offer a more complete and rich content to the persona.

It is not necessary to write a will. Content with about 2000 words are enough to optimize your results. However, it is not enough that you create a quality material, it is important to follow the rules of SEO.

But you must be wondering: “I am not able to write contents of few words, how do I develop a 2000 text?”.

Simple: choose an article of your blog that you already published. Then, review the information you have included in it. Then highlight the points where you can improve and add new ideas to update your article.

This way, you will have a full content for your persona and updated with market news.

Use good tools

To produce content for saturated blogs, use Google Trends as your ally.

This free tool provides real-time information on the subjects most talked about on the Internet.

It also shows how users conducted their research to solve their problems on marketing, Email Marketing, etc.

Research is categorized and you will find new items according to your niche market.

Analyze your competitors

Another way to discover new themes for your blog is analyzing your competition. It is not wrong to follow that path, after all, you will discover how it is working in your market and what are the issues that have not been addressed in your page.

But attention! Use the information only as inspiration and not copy the text. Plagiarism is a crime and you will suffer in Google rankeamento if not create different materials.

After discovering how to produce content for saturated blogs, we recommend that you follow our instructions to prevent your page is stagnant for lack of information. Ideas come with time, do not be afraid to take chances. And you, as it does to get new ideas on your blog ? Share with us in the comments below!

This text was written by Luiza Drubscky, the Type For Web .