How to Prepare to Sell More on Black Friday

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There are times that Black Friday is a tradition in the United States, with trade offering senior discounts and consumers waiting in long lines at the door of stores, always on Friday following the Thanksgiving holiday. In recent years, however, online sales have become as or stronger than offline sales, and discounts migrated to this platform.

It was then, too, that the Black Friday arrived in Brazil. When docked here in the country, the idea suffered rejection and came to be called the Black Fraud. This is because some stores increased the price in the weeks prior to the date and then lower them, giving a false discount printing and making customers pay “half double.”

But with the emergence of tools like the Black Friday legal seal and the preparation of the site for the Black Friday of Buscapé , allowing consumers to monitor prices in recent months and identify the real decrease in the value of the product, this scenario has changed .

The contexts which apply?

The most common, until the number of players, is to see actions B2C companies. In fact, sales are directed to the final consumer who move more money that day.

But what about the B2B business can benefit from Black Friday? Yes! Although the classic sale that day be B2C, if you sell business can also make offers. Here at RD, for example, already offer discounted subscription RD Station, our Digital Marketing software in two Black Friday.

In the Integrated Store , platform for creating free virtual store that is a client of Digital results, there are also large discounts for retailers acquire Digital Certificate Security, themes ready to store layout and other products.

In complex sales companies – as is our case – the promotion announcement may be an opportunity to reactivate contacts who have given up the purchase and accelerate negotiations that stalled in the sales process. And also to attract people who were already interested in the product and end up closing business with a faster sales cycle than usual.

How to prepare

The Black Friday is one of ecommerces traffic spikes and offers great chances to close more sales in a single day, because it works with urgency and expectation anticipation. Here are some tips you can put into practice right now:

Prepare offers and dissemination strategy

Make strategic planning, evaluating which products put on sale, which will be the discount offered, how many emails will be sent etc.

To choose these products, we recommend the following strategies:

  • those with more room for discount,
  • those who are still in stock
  • and the “bait” products – cheap products that sell well and are gateway to other sales.

If you offer a course or some other online product that is scalable – those in which, unlike a physical product, there is a high cost of production – these are always good deals.

Set bids, make a dissemination strategy.

Interestingly, in the weeks before Black Friday, creating expectation of good offers and get to work with one of the main characteristics of the data: the urgency to close a deal or make a purchase on that particular day.

It is also important to already start preparing the images of the products that will be offered on Black Friday, so not to have to run at the last minute as to avoid mistakes and announce wrong values. To help with this part, you can download here the templates that we have prepared.

Thus, people are told that there will be discounts and can plan the purchases they want to do.

Create a specific landing page for Black Friday

A good strategy to put in place prior to Black Friday is to create a specific LP to capture the contact people interested in knowing what are the offers of your company. Making this page is a way to encourage the “act now”.

You can put in Landing Page a limited supply of warning, for example, that by leaving your contact, the visitor will know before anyone else promotions or receive an offer like “exclusively by email, we’ll start discount sales already on Thursday night. “

Think hundreds of other stores will send email on Friday morning. Achieve before Friday who have signed up can be a good strategy to differentiate.

paid media

Place the pixel remarketing throughout the site, if it has not. You can also create remarketing lists by category and by product, if applicable. The idea here is, on show specific offers to targeted audiences and increase the conversion rate.

You can also drive traffic directly to the Landing Page Black Friday (this, incidentally, is a general rule media paid: never direct the visitor to the home site, but rather to specific pages, or landing page or product page ).

E-mail marketing

Set bids, prepare targets lists of people who have shown interest in a particular product category, buying or visiting the site. The segmentation can also be set from products related to previous purchases, such as an upgrade of the products bought, for example.

These campaigns should be prepared in advance and mainly tested. Can you imagine sending an email with the wrong amount or a broken link? Make sure, too, that the Email Marketing templates are responsive.

Sales team

For the sales team, the Black Friday is an opportunity to reactivate contacts – can be via email marketing or prospecting them during the week.

So align your expectations and take questions from sellers. The sales team must be careful not to make sales misaligned or sell Leads that are not qualified. Moreover, in the case of complex sales, keep in mind the agreement made between marketing and sales (Service Level Agreement, or SLA) not to attract customers in the short term, eventually giving churn.

Recalling also that in ecommerce, the seller is the site itself. So before Black Friday, it is important to improve the description and insert features such measures, product color – even a video showing the product is valid. Many shops simply copy and paste the vendor site information, but this is not a best practice because it will cause you to lose rankeamento. Also, if you can not find the information you want on your site, it’s possible that the visitor go search for them in competing store.

Other tips and precautions

  • Review the reputation of your business on sites like ReclameAqui.
  • Offer good customer care service (SAC) to ask questions during the promotion, which can be done through a chat installed on the site.
  • Review the stock: according to the Consumer Protection Code, if you sell something, is committed to deliver the product. So make sure that your stock and its offerings are aligned.
  • To better explain this urgency that is characteristic of Black Friday put a countdown timer in the email and the website showing how many days and hours are left before the start of the promotion
  • Popups: many people find boring, but put popups on the site still works well. A good model is the exit-intent popup that displays a message “ever go away?”, For example, when the visitor will leave the site. For this you can use tools like Sumome and Optinmonster .
  • For small and medium-sized businesses, Black Friday is also feasible. The trick is not to try to compete with big business: try working niches and personalized service that large will not be able to offer.
  • Offer a great experience: lots of people will buy from you the first time and retain these customers is a way to ensure that they will continue buying from you.
  • Make customers keep buying through cross-selling and upselling after Black Friday is indeed a way to recover lost margin you with discounts.
  • After Black Friday, you can generate lists of visitors it attracted, but that failed to sell. You can use these contacts later, as they have shown interest in your product.🙂

If you use the RD Station, you can create a Landing Page Black Friday following this tutorial.  In early November we will post our Landing Page Black Friday. Stay tuned!🙂