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Behind each client they give Postcron stories there that are really inspiring . 

In this post, we’ll tell a History of 
Swedish Entrepreneur that that managed to get using his pages, yields around 30-40,000 monthly dollars . It is your life, your started business and used Postcron to achieve your objectives: All this continue. No perch!


Arbabi Taimas manages 2 famous pages on Facebook ( Just for fun and Fun Zone ), which together, you exceed 800 thousand followers and daily win 5 thousand new fans . Of these using pages, a cam Taimas large traffic to your site , , where monetized (money wins), through advertising.



A person, a computer, Constancia, confidence, creativity, and very singularity work are the Desta pillars story.

Second Taimas, the most complicated part is or beginning, when is try go from 0 to 10k followers . For him, it took 3 to 4 weeks to reach you. First 10,000 fans, but once you got a or Way for was much more top easy: in just 3 months, won over 200 thousand fans .


Anyway, Our account Entrepreneur, that when this business started not beginning 2011, Facebook rules were different. There were not many restrictions, but the tools to segment or public and the people to arrive indicated were also few. This is why it is necessary to know not move-field game, for policies the new is not a problem, but rather a new form part of the strategy of planning your brand .

Our Do not read let of last post , using which podera do get good ideas to expand your organic base Fas and add new followers .


They will attract more fans. Your fans by this is important to define a good campaign really serves to get your interest audience to share and to be loyal. 

With respect to this last item, have in mind or 
new feature of Facebook : Public Similar and Public Custom , already that social network other adds extra attributes, interests or given demographic, and Shows the anonnces people to that share common attributes with years of their existing customers .




Traffic generates MORE traffic

For Entrepreneur, or Google Our is an essential tool to send visitors to or website, but once maid one important fan base, or work of taking traffic are the Fas do : when they share or like a post on the social different networks such as Facebook Twitter and Pinterest. Naturally, you can also get it posting links together with Images that adds in your fan page, only to the blog redirected These feeding pages.



THE KEY: NO FACEBOOK TO SET Publicacoes every 3 hours

The best results can be posted 1 time every 3 hours , since that ensures visibility and participation . It was positive proof that you posts that GERAM plus Interaction are those that have a mathematical problem to solve . These take thousands of answers in contrast with those that only jokes or Images that get just 100 Comments. Even so, those who are more shared are still being pictures with sentences and are also adding to the novelty I Vine Videos (videos last only 6 to 8 seconds).

Those that are not enough are novel, Vine is applicative a  developed Twitter hair that allows raising and post short videos . Released It was January 24, 2013, initially for or iOS.3 available operating system, but since June or 3rd of 2013, I found also available -be Android 4.5. You left the campaign that held a large retailer of USA, using Vine videos: ” Fix in Six “:



Perform this task every day and every 24 hours would consume a life, this is necessary throw away from the tools that allow you to turn this into more efficient activity . Taimas his account us experience with features Our :


” I use Postcron to organize and schedule images of pages fan My. In addition being a much simpler application of that ones than or Facebook offers, I used to program simultaneously the material for different pages , plus with which save 20 minutes per day in this task and that I love it! Definitely My favorites are ” Auto-Schedule ” and ” Multi-Upload “.


Either way, GIVES Postron we believe that in addition its real usefulness, be of our application or another company to tool that works best is the passion in these cases . Take into account TERA that work on this daily, so everything is less tedious page for about something and hair know is your passionate it.



Few words in Taimas method is to generate up to a massive traffic of your site using Facebook, sharing images with a link to every 3 hours every one in your pages and using Google, optimizing your SEO. On his website, and more images there are also videos and publicity (in form of banners). Whenever someone sees these banners, Taimas makes money .

Taimas uses CPM Networks (CPM: I cost per thousand Impressions) in your page which receives money hair whenever Advertising and in your blog shown. Obtain near USD: 0.3 to 1 per 1,000 Impressions.

It uses Pixfuture and Adversal , which are networks connect to offer demand advertising with spaceand is specialize in contextualize advertising with or content that offers, for example, your website, blog, etc.


CPM: cost per thousand Impressions and CPC: I cost per click, are also thermos is refer different methods to run their online advertising Campaigns not Facebook.


Is interested in knowing other simple ways to monetize its page, you leave several tips to research respect:

  •  CPC : Cost per click

Platforms: Google Adsense – Adroll – Bidvertiser – Chitika

  •  In-Text-Ads : SELECTED are your keywords of posts and connect each one in a notice.

Platforms: Infolinks – Kontera – Vibrant Media

  •  Affiliate Marketing ( Affiliate Marketing ): Prune earn commissions for each band Be a Generated using the link that indicated on the product you or brand.

Platforms: ClickBank – AffiliateWindow – Commission Junction – Amazon





“The most difficult part is probably succeed. Lots of people give in the first few weeks, already that fatigue to see your project is not going to any place, but … it was not Rome in one day built. “-Taimas Arbabi


A very interesting given that will certainly make many Entrepreneurs that are giving you First steps to lose or Measure , and Taimas does not have much knowledge on programming , plus several friends or help have with the difficult part. However, this is not new he already started with these pages fan of memes and Jokes, Taimas wrote and administrave also a blog about news to the latest trends related cell. Then to sell this site for not a value are allowed to mention (more than 6 digits have more in dollars), not start 2011, launches its new project: , and from then not for.


It has no employees , since all the tasks spend using it, or you consume of 6 to 10 hours per daylooking advertising, checking or server and updating or content, although now it all Be easily done with “Multi-Upload” tool of Postcron , which automatically schedule hundreds of photos simultaneously multiple pages in seconds.

You earn US $ 250,000 per year plus 58% go taxes , so you only get around $ 140,000. Taimas told us that we are thinking moving in or Cyprus Malta, since that taxes you are much lower (12% vs 58% in Sweden), but like all friends in their are Sweden, the decision is costing you a lot.

To leave the routine, each two days hits his bike and runs between 80 and 120 km , the one way to escape so many hours in front of the computer. There are other hobbies: video games , like Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Teamfortress 2 see with films and be friends .




“The key in this to succeed Business and unique. Do not want one copy of millions of other pages OFF. But also, it’s very important never to surrender, since than or First year is more semper or difficult. ” ” A part more difficult and probably succeed. Lots of people give in the first few weeks, already that cansam to see your project is not going to any place, but … was not Rome built a day in. “




  •  Arriving years 10 thousand followers is the most difficult part, more with good content and a good campaign of segmentation , more your fans will attract fans. Semper combine strategies  not Facebook, Google and other social, this networks will allow you to turn your work more effective.


  • For this type of page, the Posts that get the most shares are those that correspond to phrases with images , simple and easy as well with their generate of identification fans. Those that get more or are Interaction participation those that invite solve or a situation problem, that is: they are a call to action I disguised.


  •  I post to every 3 hours is the key to keeping visibility and stimulate your participation . Postcron is a solution to keep your active by two page tools: “Auto-schedule” and “Multi-Upload” .


  • Prune monetizing your page with several methods: CPM, CPC, In-Text-Ads and Affiliate Marketing , among others.