How to merge two Facebook pages (or one page and one profile)

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One of the questions we receive most often by email and comments on posts is about the possibility of merging two Facebook pages in one or, in some cases, unify a profile and a page.

For a long time it was not possible to carry out this kind of action, until probably the huge demand, Facebook created ways to carry out the joint.

Joining two pages into one

The major concern of Facebook is to avoid that there are pages which deceives people.

They do not want someone to create a page about “cute kittens” and then all your likes waiting for something to be directed to the page of a company that talks about something totally different.

So, there are some requirements to migrate:

  • The two pages should represent the same purpose;
  • They must have similar names;
  • If they are local, they should also have the same address;
  • You must be an administrator of two pages.

If your page meet all these requirements, you can perform the procedure.

How to merge two Facebook pages step by step:

  1. Access ;
  2. Log in to your Facebook account;
  3. In the first drop-down menu, select the page you want to keep;
  4. In the second drop-down menu, select the page you want to merge;
  5. If your pages can be merged, click “Merge Pages.”

how to put two pages on facebook


This is an impossible action to be undone. Therefore, always confirm that the page will be maintained is desired :


merge pages on facebook

If even performing these steps you can not merge, it means that the requirements were not enough.

A major limitation in the process is usually a difference in the name and the inability to change this field after the page exceeds many tanned.

If so, the ultimate solution is to fill a request to the Facebook analyze the case and can do the merge of the page. The request can be made at this address: .

Merging more than two pages

If your intention is to merge more than two pages into one, you do not necessarily need to do the above steps again and again.

The same link above, you can fill out a request to merge up to five pages into one.

First, you select which is the page you want to keep as a main. Then, you select the pages that will be joined.

The pages need to have similar names and may only be merged if they have the same purpose. Otherwise, Facebook will deny the request.

merge multiple pages on facebook

Merging a profile and a page

Contrary to what may seem, merge a profile and a page is not as complicated.

First of all, the first step to be done is to name the profile with the same name of the page you want to join. This step streamlines the process.

With the name already corrected, just to login with the profile and enter this address to turn it into page: . You will be directed to this screen:

convert facebook profile page

Then just follow the steps in the profile will be converted, and the new page can then follow the steps described in the first part of this text: “Joining two pages on one.”

By the time you migrate a personal account to a page on Facebook, all friends and followers are converted into people who like the page.

Care and effects

The effect of making the migration is that all tanned and check-ins will be transferred and will be unified into a single page.

However, you must be very careful before you act.

Publications, photos, videos, applications and the user name will be deleted definitively the pages of “secondary”. So pay close attention and always put as a first option the page that has content you want to keep, for this is an irreversible action.

The same happens when we turn one page profile. Remember that the items of your profile and shared information will not be transferred. Therefore, for safety save the information you want before you migrate your account. You can do the following:

  • Download your information : Go to Settings -> General, and click “Download a copy of your data from Facebook” to save information such as sent and received messages, and photos and videos uploaded to the network;
  • Appoint administrators group for the groups that you manage : You can not manage groups after conversion. So, go to the (s) group (s) that you manage, and the Members tab, click the Setup icon next to the person ‘s profile and click “Become Administrator.”

Following these steps, you can use Facebook more effectively, both in their personal projects as in their business. If you still remain some questions, you can contact the help desk of Facebook .

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Post originally published in January 2013 and revised and updated in October 2015.