How to make your posts easy to read

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Probably this is something we ask ourselves every day you those who write for a blog. we are always looking for new ideas, images and strategies to increase and improve communication with our visitors.

The “how to make our post them easy to read” is something that we can not afford to leave out of the equation for our audience and following this rule will make it easy for you too.

No time for detours

Why is imminent understand what your audience’s interest in the post that you publish. There are many people who claim that a good post should have 400, 600, 800 or 1,000 words, but really should have the words to help your buyer person to clear the doubt or solve his frustration. Try to use the least amount of words without losing the core of your message. Today we are all seeking to resolve our problems and we do it in the shortest possible time so timing is key to captivate our readers a factor.

Identifies what type of post create

Have you ever felt the thrill of finding the answer to a problem you’ve been looking for 15 or 30 minutes on Google? You can feel stress levels are reduced as you read the article and the word “Bingo” can be heard rezonat in your head! So it is critical when creating a post understand the purpose for which we will create. This will allow your reader feel that relief to find the answer to what I was looking for. Here you can find the most common types of post that you can create: 

Post about how to do something

You must guide the reader through a series of steps to accomplish a task. The reader begins by explaining what the problem is you’re going to help you resolve through the steps you are going to list and be sure to include relevant keywords with the subject. Do not forget to add a personal story to establish credibility on the issue and finally be sure to include what the benefit the reader will get after you perform all the steps mentioned as an example in your post.

You can see an example of post where we explain how to campaign tracking leads

Post Style list

The post style list is one of the most popular formats on the internet. It consists of short explanatory paragraphs on each element “as you are reading right now” In the introductory paragraph to explain to your reader as this collection of ideas will help you.

Try to include some data or relevant statistics and in some cases it is not necessary to include a personal story. Here ‘s an example of a post where we recently published a list of 13 things you should not do in Facebook .

post visual

This type of post uses an image as the centerpiece of the article. For this type of post you can use images, presentations, infographics or videos. Remember to use high resolution images so that your readers can understand your message. Use a brief introduction that explains why is it valuable? What is her point ?, such post does not require many words so use the word best.

You can see an example of post with an infographic about how people are using Twitter in the world

The next time you’re writing a blog post do not forget these three rules

  1. Less is more
  2. As you want to help your readers
  3. Select the right type of post for your article