How to make your business never stop growing: the tips of Eric Santos at Studio RD Summit

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Continuing with our weekly series of interviews recorded during the RD Summit , we bring here to the blog more a conversation with an expert.

One respondent Studio RD Summit was Eric Santos, CEO of Digital results.

Eric Santos shared valuable tips to keep your business growing and generating results.

Moreover, he told his future vision for the Digital and results for the Brazilian market, indicating that the changes introduced by the company will have a high impact on the country’s businesses, and also talked a bit about the Summit RD.

The major changes only happen in the long run. And they need long-term visions, but also a direct bias to run, go for day to day and do, and a lot of learning and resilience because there will be problems along the way (Eric Santos).

Watch the interview in full:

The video has subtitles in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. Just click to activate them!

Some points commented by Eric Santos were:

  • As has been the experience of creating the RD Summit and the importance of the event for the market;
  • What has changed in the market Digital Marketing in Brazil between 2013, the time of the first RD Summit, and 2017;
  • What can people expect from DR for years to come;
  • What are the changes expected for the Digital Marketing and the RD Station Marketing future;
  • What a CEO needs to put in place for the company to really grow.

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