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On the Internet, we have a number of contact channels with the market. And the important thing is to understand which channels bring more results for your business and what you need to improve their performance or stop investing.

Although each of these channels are especially good for certain context, it is interesting not only depend from one of them, because it can get saturated and let you down. A classic example is in relation to paid media in Adwords where particular word that brought him much result may have its price dramatically enlarged due to competition.

Each channel has its own peculiarities, some better for attraction, relationship or other for sale. To help you with that, we’ll talk in this post on the main acquisition channels in Digital Marketing and some tips to boost your results.

Organic traffic

Whenever the user accesses a site via a search engine (eg Google, Yahoo, etc), this is regarded as organic traffic. Organic traffic is usually achieved with more difficulty than other channels, as is the search engine to decide which URL will be the first posicições their rankings. For this reason it is so important to the performance of SEO work , which aims to adapt the page to these criteria.

The competition for traffic from this channel is very high, since users accessing a website by a search engine demonstrate high interest in the subject, which makes them useful in any stage of the shopping funnel.

Knowing this information, check out two tips to leverage traffic from this channel:

1 – Take time and effort to produce content

Search engines can not read images. For this reason they take much into account the textual content! Write enough, use friendly and strategically the keyword for which you want to place in their rankings is a great way to improve your positioning.

2 – If you worry about how you will see your website on the SERP

What good is having a shop on a busy avenue is the facade of their trade does not call attention? Following this logic, it is highly recommended that you study the SERP you want to place and try to find a way to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Check out what is SERP and other terms on our Digital Marketing Glossary

Extra: Ways to increase the CTR in the SERP

  • Use the keyword focus of the page early in the Meta Description;
  • Using web semantics facing Rich Snippets to enrich its result in the SERP.

Check out three fruits of examples of semantic web facing Rich Snippets:

a) Sitelinks

Google Search (3)

b) Classification With Stars

Google Search (2)

c) Price Range

Google Search (1)

through traffic

It is considered direct traffic every time a visitor types the URL of your website directly to your browser. However, we have already mentioned in the post about things you do not know about direct traffic there are some biases in this analysis.

Going by the concept, our direct traffic channel is generated by people who already know our brand, or received an alert, or are returning to the site. If it’s returning, it is because like what you offer value, while the statement may have come from a friend, event or advice offline.

Now that you understand how this acquisition channel works, let the tips to expand your results to direct traffic:

1 – Maintain constant news

If we want visitors to take back to our domain, we always offer fresh content. The ideal here is to set a frequency of updates and follow it to the letter. Thus you understand your timing of production and will be looking forward to the next publication.

2 – Spread the knowledge of your brand

We always preach the use of inbound strategies, but certainly recognize the potential for other types of actions. Traditional media and offline events are very valid channels to expand the awareness of your brand and generate traffic.


The email marketing is perhaps one of the more channels that can bring short-term results – and also one of the cheapest if you look at the amount of people that can be reached through a campaign.

If used properly, e-mail is still a very effective resource to be used in the Leads nutrition because you can deliver relevant content and with a good strategy, do this periodically, increasing the engagement of the Lead with your company and making them return to the site.

In our eBook The Email Marketing Guide , we talk more about the channel and how it should be used to form strategy to impact the results.

Below, we give two tips to start applying today to improve results in the channel:

1 – Segmentation

Use the information you have about the Leads to target and deliver shots fact that content is relevant to them. No use, for example, offer Corinthians shirt for Palmeiras and vice versa. In the post How To Generate More results sending fewer emails  explain and give more examples of how segmentation can be used.

2 – Content for the different stages of the purchase journey

It is important to understand that not everyone is at the time of purchase. Thinking, for example, the journey of someone who wants to change cars, there is one person who:

  • You do not want to change cars;
  • You are having problems with the current car and thinking about change;
  • You have searched some information and seeing how much you can spend at the time;
  • And one that you are actually looking to buy.

Thinking about it, email can be used to take appropriate content for each of these steps, not just “Promotion only this weekend.” If you have not designed the journey of your client, you can take a read on the post purchase Day: What is the importance which for Digital Marketing strategy .

Paid media

The paid media is nothing more than advertising channels or vehicles for target where your niche, persona or audience. Before you start doing paid media, our recommendation is to create a public persona that you will communicate.

Meet the Persona generator

The online media buying is often the most effective channel to bring short-term results for B2B companies, being the fastest way to generate direct traffic to your site. On the subject, we recommend further reading the post  as create advanced ads for B2B companies .

Channels where ads run:

1 – Google

The best known canal in online advertising is Google, with media buying platform Google Adwords , which is basically divided in these three fronts:

  • Search:  sponsored links ads at the time the user does a Google search. Usually Google standardizes show the best results for those who have the best behavior with user with the search, on balance the existing correct keyword buying on the landing page to the user ‘s search, and other factors that are relevant and time the ads are being served.
  • Display:  Are banner ads of graphic elements or sponsored links that are run on the Google content network from partner sites and blogs that allow it to be available the placement of via Google display ads, and you will set the size formats ads to targeting. Again, this format is the most common to Remarketing, find out more here .
  • YouTube:  Ads on YouTube is a way to impact the user before he watch the video. This format is called pre-roll, but there are also other formats such as research and banners.

2 – Facebook Ads

One of the great advantages of the Facebook Ads is to have a large audience, which enables talking to + 90% of the population on the Internet. Moreover, having a cover and segmentation with the audience that no other media outlet has. Prices are also more economical than advertising in other media.

The main reason to continue investing in Facebook Ads is to have the cheapest cost to reach a thousand people than other media such as newspaper, magazine, TV and also Google Adwords and LinkedIn Ads. Excellent cost and benefit to generate traffic to your site, generating Leads, video views, engagement, and etc.

With Facebook ads, you can create stunning segmentations such as interests and personalized public tastes (e-mail list, retargeting site or application) and still further optimize the campaign with conversion tracking installed on your website.

3 – LinkedIn Ads

One of the great advantages of advertising on LinkedIn  is able to create ads qualified by position and seniority. For example, you can target only the state of Minas Gerais, as CEO of IT companies. The only downside is the cost per click, which is a little more expensive near the other platforms on the market. But as they are for well – qualified users, test.

4 – Other channels

  • Twitter Ads to promote tweets, profiles and hashtags;
  • Instagram Ads to send traffic to the site or install application;
  • Waze Ads to show ads next to the place you drive during navigation in GPS. Usually used for physical locations, but you can send to a website, phone and install application;
  • Retargeting and Programmatic Media : here in DR we use AdRoll for retargeting in Display and Facebook. It also has networks like Criteo, IgniteOne, Turn and several others that are buying programmatic media, which is the ease of buying media in one place instead of negotiating on various portals.

Referral Traffic

Optimize our traffic by the reference channel is basically “kill two birds with one stone.”

If you do not understand, I can explain. When we gain an indication (link) from another site, we gain in two ways: the link will generate visits, which will be accounted for by reference channel, and our authority with Google will increase, generating more visits in the organic search channel.

It is valid to remember that the quality of visitors is as important as the volume, and the sites that create links to your must have at least a good target audience of intersection!

To increase our referral traffic have a number of Link Building Tactics (building links) , but certainly best to maximize our results is creating the best content on a particular subject. This brings us our tips:

1 – Emphasize the influencers of your market

Whatever your niche of expertise, there are people who have already won some authority on the subject, and are influencers. A great way to raise good links, is doing interviews or putting that influencers in evidence. Thus, in most cases that person will comment on your content on your own site, generating traffic via the link.

2 – graphics and viral content

Invest in content that surpasses the reader’s expectation you will always good results in links, but there is a strong correlation between the content format and their proliferation. Infographics are a visual and efficient way to communicate its contents and proved to generate more links to other formats.

average shares content by

Source: Buzzsumo


In social networks, the focus of users is not your business: they are there to connect with other people, both in personal and professional life. They are not seeking, therefore, solve a problem, but strengthen relationships.

Its role then is to arouse their interest and take them to another place – in this case, your website.

What may seem like a difficult task, not necessarily. Social networks are a great channel for top funnel; attract any kind of audience. At the same time, however, also allow a much more specific target of people who want to achieve.

Groups on LinkedIn, for example, allow you to communicate directly only with people occupying a given position in a given sector: only directors of educational institutions, only managers of Marketing of the tourism sector …

Facebook pages, profiles on Instagram and Twittter, Snapchat accounts: they all allow you to not only make reference what sells, but also you closer to your audience, creating a relationship with him.

People who like or follow you are already predisposed to consume your product or service; if you maintain a relationship with them, responding to comments, often publishing and making them interact with your channel, you are creating loyal customers and convince your prospects with very little cost: bring them to your page becomes a natural and easy task.

1 – Publish content at the right times

It is important to know what the times that your audience is online to share content with greater efficiency.

Each social network has its particularity, and the best times to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and other networks vary widely.

It’s good enough search and also make an internal analysis, since the general data may not suit your consumer (especially if your niche is very specific).

But in general, there is an average and a standard of behavior. An interesting infographic published in QuickSprout is a good summary of how people, in a comprehensive way, behave at certain times and in different social networks.

2 – Do not use all social networks the same way

Try to get the most out of social networking not only posting at peak times as well as using appropriate forms of communication for each of them.

Social is a very broad term and is valid break it in order to engage the right audience in each network. Therefore, check also:

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Our goal was to show how each of these channels helps us in certain goals, and help more in certain contexts. As we mentioned earlier in the post, it is very important to understand what is bringing good results and what can be improved.

Ideally you focus on some channels, as only one will leave you dependent and vulnerable, while attacking all while usually implies a mouth half work in all of them.

If you want to delve further into each channel and gather insights into how each impacts on your business, leave an invitation to a demonstration of Marketing BI , where we have an entire analysis layer dedicated to the acquisition channels.