How To Make Media Pays For Inbound Marketing

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No use having an excellent product or content the distribution of it does not reach the right audience.

On this, the book Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth , Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares says the following sentence: “Poor distribution – not product – is the number one cause of failure.” (Free translation: ” a bad distribution – NOT the product – is the number one cause of failure “).

And when it comes to inbound marketing , you can not rely solely on organic distribution: the high volume of content in social networks and the Internet in general, which literally beyond our human ability to consume it entirely, and low organic range of publications , has not helped in this regard.

Thus, it is increasingly difficult to get results, and almost impossible to be found organically by the right people. Moreover, these people are already overwhelmed and frustrated by the arduous journey they face in finding the right information.

Therefore, the distribution paid content or paid media is a bridge to connect your business with the right audience through content, and help your audience by delivering the right information at the right time.

Next, we’ll address the media benefits paid by the media distribution paid to the Inbound methodology, some best practices for measuring ROI (return on investment) in the campaigns and more.

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Media distribution paid in Inbound Marketing methodology

Before launching a paid content distribution campaign, do a search to define who will be your persona .

You will see that many distribution channels offer an immense capacity for segmentation and different ways to reach specific audiences, so you can create these targets according to the characteristics of your persona.

Once launched a campaign to measure the results to learn about your target audience and the answer they have the ads. Feed your content marketing strategy with this information back to refine the content, connect better with the audience and maximize the effectiveness of each campaign.

paid media formats that can help in its strategy of Inbound Marketing

It is part of the theory, to have good practical results, know what are the possibilities of ads that you can post for their company.

They are many, but we have listed below a few of them to give you an idea of where to start and then you have more confidence in the investment, to expand its operations as makes sense for Inbound Marketing objectives of your business.

Sponsored links (PPC – Pay Per Click)

Sponsored links are the featured content at the top of your screen when you search for any keyword in Google search engine.

These ads put your company in a prominent position in search results that you might not reach with an organic action.

You create a link campaign sponsored through Google AdWords and directs it to the target audience of your company through segmentations.

For your ad for sponsored links is efficient, some steps are fundamental, defining the initial keywords and time, time and site coverage of the campaign.

It is also very important to monitor your campaign performance and make changes if you feel it is necessary. To do this, extract reports with complete samples of campaign behavior and see if the results are moving in accordance with expectations.


Remarketing is very useful for you to reach potential customers who visited the site of your company . With it, your ad appears on other sites that can access customer, and reminds him of their products or services.

To use remarketing, you can generate a tag with Google AdWords or with Facebook ads and add it to your company’s website and set specific remarketing lists for each page visited.

So when this potential customer access this page, it goes to the list automatically. This is a great opportunity to create ads with additional matters to the visitor saw on your company’s website and draw it to a new Landing Page, for example.

Social Ads (Ads on social networks)

Today, social networks are online channels more accessible, and which generally has the largest number of potential customers .

As well as the relationship and posts in each of the social networks must take into account public and profile them with paid ads is the same. Not always all social networks make sense for investment, why your company should choose the one that has more potential to reach your target audience.

Below we list a few possibilities for you to evaluate.


Today is considered the largest social network in the world, and invest in it allows extend the relationship with customers and potential customers, increase the number of Likes on fanpage of sponsored posts and comments, for example, and generate Leads.

A Facebook’s advantage is the custom audiences, which make it easier for your company to work with a certain segment of users and bordered by you. They can be your active clients, Leads or several other options that come from your contacts. Learn more about this post in 5 killer ways to use custom audiences in Facebook Ads .


LinkedIn is the largest social network focused on professional matters. Therefore, it may be the best option for B2B companies working with a business and public decision-making positions. This social network is great to know well each user’s profile, because it has access to information such as title, company (size, sector etc.), experience in the position, education etc.

Thus, you can target well and find highly qualified profiles that would hardly be found with such precision on other channels . So it is great to attract qualified visitors and generate more prepared Leads to know your product or service. Check out the step by step on how to create a campaign on LinkedIn here .


Instagram has one of the largest audiences on the Internet with over 400 million users. This shows that many of your prospects can be in this network. Create ads in Instagram brings visibility, attraction and recognition of your company.

The short videos, photos and images in “carousel” are great to help in the dissemination of methodologies and differentials of their products and services of your company.

To do ads on that network, you should use the Instagram Ads, which can be accessed directly in the Facebook Ads Manager. This tool can be used to generate clicks and conversions on your website, application installations, more video views etc. Check out the complete walkthrough of how to advertise on Instagram ads .


Waze is a mix of collaboration application and social network. How to use Waze app and what are its benefits? It can be a great ally for local companies in large cities because its ad system works like a billboard that appears in a 5km radius from where the drivers are, and they can click on its icon to learn more about you or navigate directly to your location. 


Twitter is the social network more accessible via mobile devices, and can help your business to be discovered or increase the number of followers, increase brand reach through the subject of topics and generate traffic and Leads with sponsored tweets.

At the moment, Twitter ads in Brazil are available only via direct contact and larger accounts. So if your business is still small, not worth investing in paid media that network. But to learn more about how to work the Digital Marketing on Twitter, go to the eBook Introduction to Marketing on Twitter .


If your business has an audience that is interested in video content, in addition to bet in this format for own production materials, worth trying the ads on Youtube for disclosure of your brand and to generate Leads. Note that the Youtube video ads are linked to Google AdWords . After creating an account, that’s where you’ll manage your ads and see the results.

Native Ads (Native Ads)

Are ads related to the context in news sites and content. The main market platforms are Taboola and Outbrain. They have the inventory publishing partners (publishers) portals such examination, MSN, Time, CNN, ESPN, Mashable and others. They recommend links to your content next to or below the articles appearing in these news sites in order to drive readers to your website. In other words, these native ad platforms (sponsored articles) help your audience to discover new content they were not looking.


Be sure to distribute your content through media buying; develop a strategy to make weekly and monthly distribution campaigns.

The displayed channels are just some of the many existing media buying, across multiple platforms at your disposal. Decide what you will use to implement your campaign will depend entirely on where your audience spends more time and especially of alignment with marketing objectives.

Do not limit yourself to only media channel paid. Extend your creativity to others, observe and to measure the results of which channels work best for you and your audience.

We recommend testing enough in the beginning, as there is a cake recipe for success. Remember that if you make a mistake at the start, the damage will be less.

First, make a test only in a campaign, with a goal. If it works, you can start a next or even replicate the model. It is easier to have a management with few campaigns earlier than running all at once, because then it might be difficult to know what went right or wrong.

Finally, be sure to test new targets, monitor the results every day, and especially actions to optimize always do (it’s possible!).