How To Make An Effective SEO Strategy

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How To Improve Your SEO Positioning Strategy

An effective SEO strategy is based on organization and discipline. The steps to achieve it are very specific, are you ready to start your campaign as soon as possible and meet its objectives?

It is necessary to solve crucial questions before starting

The main ones includes the following:

What is the general mission of the company? Knowing the answer in advance guarantees the development of a healthy and successful strategy.

-What are the objectives that seek to be fulfilled, in what term and with what tools? Each of them must be logical, congruent and measurable.

-What is the current scenario of the brand in terms of what SEO refers? Since we basically talk about content optimization for search engines, it is necessary to analyze the results of the recent strategies carried out.

Knowledge of the audience, product or service offered and the relationship between both

Your company must keep in mind the concepts and relationships between audience and product / service. Imagine that you sell a line of electronic spare parts for fixed computing equipment, such as graphics cards and RAM. Since you have defined what you want to sell, to develop your SEO strategy you need the following information:

Know exactly the needs of your audience: What are the terms you look for in the engines? What problems do you want to solve? What are the digital media through which they access your content?

The product you offer seen in terms of your SEO campaign: That is, you must know perfectly how it will stand out in the search engines. According to the previous example, here are some suitable terms to shine on the results:

* Incorrect form: RAM memory several capacities.

Correct form: 2 GB SDRAM memory.

* Incorrect form: Internal CD unit.

Correct form: CD / DVD burner unit with 8X speed.

How to know exactly what terms are appropriate? This brings us to the next point, one of the most important point to build an effective SEO strategy.

Research on keywords and their importance for your SEO campaign

Knowing the precise keywords is the basis of any high-altitude SEO strategy. For example, if your company sells male personal hygiene items, your interest should be focused on each and every one of the terms that will help them win the largest audience possible. If one of the most important searches for your brand is “deodorant for men”, then the search and documentation of keywords should be as follows:

  • Deodorant dry effect for 24 hours.
  • Discreet fragrance deodorant.
  • Spray deodorant for less than $ 5 dollars.

This search will help to separate the generic keywords from the long tail terms, that is, those that are very specific, represent little competition and therefore offer greater probabilities to stand out in the search engines.

For this purpose, Google Keyword Planner is a tool that will help you to fulfill these objectives in an appropriate way. Also, a platform like Ubersuggest helps you to delimit your keyword ideas until you define exactly that will be useful in your strategy.

Content optimization based on your keyword research

Subsequently, the use of such keywords must be present in all aspects of the work developed:

In blog posts: keywords are an integral part of blogging. The organic distribution of the same in the body of the text, as well as in the headlines and meta tags, is essential for your campaign. Determine its density according to the number of words of each article.

On your eCommerce platform: the descriptions of the products or services must contain the appropriate keywords. Each one of them must accurately and timely inform the main characteristics of your catalog, in such a way that the search engines can differentiate properly some products from others, even when they are similar.

In your Video Marketing work: if you include video content, take advantage of the potential keywords to make them popular in the platform where they are hosted, also allowing users to locate them quickly. To achieve this, the terms must be included in the titles, description of the videos and subtitles.

The effective SEO strategy that you carry out should consider a perfect knowledge of the market, of your clients and their needs, as well as a wide investigation of keywords and their variants. Thanks to this, your content will shine in the search engines, helping at the same time to strengthen the power of your brand.