How to Make a Winning Podcast: Step-by-Step Guide to Incorporate this Technique into Your Online Marketing Strategy

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You’ve been writing blog posts for some time, maybe I’ve gotten to a point where other ways are telling your story to share your ideas.

And no case have experienced other still formats content, from addition to publishing, broadcasting podcasts to start can be an excellent alternative.

One is a podcast program Radio On-Demand, usually I conducted by one or more people.

They can be focused more on personality and opinion, or even topic approach center one, or even two things. And the taxed and published will be wherever you want, or public-your target will always listen to your content power wherever and whenever you want.

Because every time more in podcasting brands bet on your content marketing strategies?

I content in are audio format being very implemented in two creative ways most in the content marketing plans premium brands by Greater. Want Some First Examples? Slack The Growth Show ).

In comparison to other more popular content formats (such as videos and you will blog posts), implementing a cycle podcasts the tactics of your content marketing strategy provides a number of advantages,

1. Make a greater scope podcasting guarantor

First, let us Deter in some statistics a few seconds. Of agreed to a report Edison Research :

  • The number of viewers podcast increased 71% last 3 years.
  • 1 in every 4 people between 12 and 54 years any heard podcast not last month
  • 21% gives population two United States (about 57 million people) listen to podcasts. Who has the same amount of users attribute to us USA? Or Twitter.


Meanwhile …

“It’s 30 million of active Internet blogs, more podcasts only 200,000 active.” ( Rob Walch )

E second will last studies of content marketing we US and LATAM ,

only 10% give are brands podcasts within their implementing strategies of Contents.


When you start to participate in a format that is not so popular, there is a greater chance of reaching your audience more easily.

Even when you podcast directories or iTunes is positioned as (we see that point later), you gain a prominent place in the less conventional engines are looking for the most common-used brands.

2. Prune podcasting Make an excellent way to increase your conversions

A raise Prune podcast improves YOUR conversions rate and bandages. Some study cases have found that or audio, for even, have power to increase or up to at conversion rates of 10.4%. In addition, you have success with podcasts, Prune offer alternative ways to increase revenue of your brand.

3. Doing podcasting will give you a position as the leader of your industry.

Through podcasts, you can share information with your public and a specialist in your area. For example, you can make references and interviews with your industry specialists on relevant issues. Even raising goes more with your confidence to talk to him public, instead to the exchange of messages be limited by emails and other channels.

Actions how are you improve your reputation, differentiate you in the midst of competition motivates at your potential customers searching on you for more information and still draws attention to new talents (even people from the press).


Slacks, who captured the attention of the Fortune, AdWeek and AdWeek Company when they debuted world’s two podcasts. Image: own elaboration.

4. Doing podcasting generates in your most public engagement

Plus one set allow deep or public podcasts with your connection.

Listening to voice someone creates a greater sense of closeness than when we relate to words in a using fabric.

With such a connection, you can gain the trust of your public and attract attention less time in what is necessary than reading a post.

5. Making podcasting keeps your audience’s attention public for more

Not that refers to Content brand, a 1500/2000 post extension words, and that Valve penalty being read, manages to keep a user’s attention for not more than 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, longer is it, it is quite likely that either the reader desisting gives reading and would only end up scanning or vertically content.  A podcast can be more or less heard for 30 minutes without your public with something else distracted.

In addition, your public beyond Prune ‘take you’ wherever you want, without having to interrupt your other tasks while consuming your content.

Unlike other content formats that demand all of our attention, you podcasts can be listened to while performing other activities and simultaneously.


Browse a book type (?)

And what is better to know? Getting a podcast requires less time, efforts and money than you can imagine. In the sequence, I’ll have you all or need to know how to raise podcast cycle for YOUR brand.

Integrate this technique into your marketing strategies:

Making a Podcast

Step One: Plan

Many people will say that or First step to buy start is a microphone podcast: #FAIL

As a first step in starting time to respond is to do podcasting (He) to a few questions:

  • What are your goals? Gain notoriety, generate more non – public engagement, value – added to provide users their …
  • Way is it possible that differed rest of the two podcasts that exist on the internet? Will there be any niche that no one is covering? Is there any subject of which the best you can talk to (or differently) from the rest?

The same way you plan your content and blog your social networks have with your one planning two podcasts will leave you productive more easily. In addition, it will have one more help to clear idea on all that is necessary for each episode.

Therefore, it is important to define:

  • Name and Logo
  • How many EPISODES will you have?
  • What is the periodicity
  • What are the topics
  • That format will have (a driver, several CONDUCTORS, DRIVERS guests, interviews …)
  • How much is going to  take  every episode?


Studies affirm that 22 minutes E or magic number, but as long as, or magic number goes you are Discovering finish. Image via:

Be your podcast for organized and professional:

  • Make a lists two tentative titles for each episode and create a calendar to continue a logic order
  • It’s not a must have you exhausting script. Simply a do guide where they are indicated main blocks two programs and topics you treat you want . So will you want to know where direct talks and how many minutes each block in exceed Prune.
  • Practice before or will say to be prepared at the most time press or REC.

Second Step: Taxing


Many blogposts related to this subject that you INVISTA recommend resources to buy a good microphone, clap to open and dating episodes will acquire the rights each music … E to infinite list.

No I mean you’re important (very contrary hair, contribute to make higher quality podcasts), more hairs are not least beginning elements, you can open some mao items.

At that time, you must INVEST only to raise a Minimally viable podcast with the elements in your house or office (as in Art Attack , just that truth) and your test reaction to the public.

From there, you can make some adjustments and start to invest USB microphones in, graphic or logo Design of your podcast and a speaker to do the podcast intro.

In your time to tax or podcast, you can follow this simple recipe:

  1. Call them or co-DRIVERS guests via Skype or Google Hangouts.
  2. Its serious conversation using software a type Call Recorder for Skype , Google Voice or Pamela .
  3. When finished, edit or audio file with GarageBand or Audacity.
  4. It is you want to schedule your combo-podcast, make a good post production with Auphonic .
  5. And try music and sound effects in Freesound or Free Music Archive.

Some advices:

  • Make sure you are connected to quiet environments .
  • You have been co-conductors, consider that a serious one to talk not your own environment. Have different files and audio-joined the post in production face with that Audio cleaner or SAIA. 

Step Three: Make or Upload

One has Once finished you tax, edit and post Produce your podcast, you can do in or upload different directories . Some of the most well-known platforms are:

Step Four: Promoting or podcast

Doing is not a difficult podcast. The most is to make that difficult people or listen. –   Marc Maron

For your be consumed, accurate podcast is promoting your content gives same way it promotes when a one or video post.

  • Create flashy titles for each of your episodes and optimize them with keywords.
  • I invited you interviewed to share  or via e-mail episode and social networks.
  • Spread or podcast using the newsletters .
  • In your multiple schedules social publications using Postcron so that you can earn more traffic permanently.
  • Create a special category section or your blog and feed that add not iTunes.
  • Create a blog post for each episode with or audio embed . Here I go Three options:
    • Make a briefly summarize (the Victor Martin )
    • Key Points unwrap you and you said in the podcast resources (such as Social Media Examiner ), or
    • Make a complete transcript (the Moz ).

A creative way to promote is a podcast preview show in a Multimedia format, redirecting to the page for that listen or full audio.

Fifth Step: MECA

With measure, I do not mean to record all numbers to infinity hair only love of art to complete spreadsheets not Excel.

By following the effectiveness of your podcast, I mean that before anything, you are asking what you want or target to achieve with your podcast . From that, choose no more than three metrics that will help you be defined as your you it’s fulfilling goals.

Some of you may use metrics:

  • Quantity of reproductions
  • Quantity of subscribers
  • Quantity download
  • Quantity of shares
  • Quantity of unique visits to section of time podcast and Permanency
  • Amount of traffic that you attract is to your page from directories where two of your indexed podcasts are

Unclusive, you can:

  • Include, in the Description of your podcast, a unique URL subscription to your newsletter and measure How many people actually from your podcast using subscribed.
  • Or you can provide code for listeners only their discount and then measure how many have actually used or resource. As are endless possibilities.

To make a podcasting is in the excellent alternative to innovate in raising its Contents for a brand that has potential for big one to arrive Quantity of potential listeners.

Whether you dedicate yourself or due time to plan and prepare each episode, invest in sound quality and, above all else, you have a good promotion strategy of Contents, you will have in powerful hands a tool to complement your arsenal of content marketing.

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