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The last quarter of the year is about to begin, it’s time to prepare engines for 2018 is the best year for sales.

Imagine that next year is over and your sales figures have been fascinating. In addition to achieving and exceeding sales quota every month, which means that overcame more than the previous year’s results also learned new skills, you consolidate those that already had and you become a knowledgeable sales representative.

It is likely that this will prove ambitious, but as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

If you want to improve and set new personal records, that desire is not enough. You need a method to guide your efforts to improve, you provide a focus and help monitor progress.

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In HubSpot we have created the perfect strategy for you 12 months. This guide contains essential items to sell in the modern market: attracting prospects, sales productivity, sales calls, qualifying prospects, product demonstrations and sales presentations, marketing in social networks, negotiation, emails from sales, creative, networking, intellectual leadership and recommendations.

These tips come from many top sales experts worldwide, including Lori Richardson, Warren Greshes, Bill Cates, Jim Keenan, Michael Pedone, Joanne Black, Heather Morgan, among others.

Continue reading to deepen the plan that will help you have your best sales year.

  • Attracting prospects
  • Sales Productivity
  • Sales calls
  • Qualifying prospects
  • Product demonstrations and sales presentations
  • Marketing in social networks
  • Talks
  • Sales Emails
  • creative sale
  • Networking
  • Thought leadership
  • References

Essential Guide to exceed your sales results

sales strategy

Month 1: Attracting prospects

John Doerr, president and cofounder of RAIN Group and co – author of  Insight Selling .

First, think carefully about the value proposition you would like to present at a meeting .

The challenge we all face in capturing prospects is to offer our potential customers a good reason to want to meet us, for example, best practices, excellent results of recent research findings, etc. Buyers will be willing to devote their time if they know they’re getting value for the meeting.

I not long ago kept the actual call with a sales representative I’ll call “Marta”:

Marta : ” Hi, I’m Marta, HR Plus Consulting. I would like to schedule a meeting with you to talk about our company. How about Tuesday or Wednesday? “

I : ” What value will I get from this meeting?”

Marta : ” I’ll show  the value we offer to work with us” .

I : ” But what value will I get to the meeting?”

Marta : ” Well … you can see how valuable our services “.

I : ” How about the following? ‘You will discover the benefits that it should offer their employees than other competing companies already provide. At the meeting I will share the best ways you can use to attract workers of excellence in a competitive labor market and also work to retain employees millennials’. You think you can offer me that? “.

Marta: ” Of course. Can we realize the meeting then?

I : ” No, right now I do not need, but surely someone else will be interested. Good luck!  

Marta did not offer me any compelling reason to meet her, so I decided to decline his invitation. If you do not provide value, you do not get join your prospects.

Your final proposal could be a specific assessment methodology, a type of software, legal advice, an operations plan or a marketing strategy, but you must prepare the provisional bids (which offer to prospects and that they accept before sharing something ) very carefully.

In addition, you must provide value in every communication that you keep with them.

The first meeting is just that: a first contact. Avoid making the mistake of following up with phrases like ” I want to know what you think about what we talked about , ” because it does not show the prospect the value you get if you continue talking to you. Eventually you will learn to sell the ideas of your company, your job and even your own abilities, but first you must sell a prospect perception idea to show that every conversation you worth it.

It’s okay to ask for comments on the topics of conversation, but you should also make sure to provide a new idea or suggestion, include an informative document that match your priorities, share more details about your research and add value otherwise.

If you dedicate yourself to add value in advance, you will increase the success of your acquisition prospects.

Lori Richardson, CEO and founder  Score More Sales

Use a segmented list of 20-100 potential consumers and send a postcard five statements that focus on them, not in your company and or services you offer. Program shipment to arrive just the same day that you call first. If you include a call to action in the written message, the response rate you’ll get could be as high as 30%. 

sales strategy

Month 2: Sales Productivity

Warren Greshes, speaker and author of  The Best Damn Sales Book Ever: 16 Rock Solid Rules for Achieving Sales Success  (The best sales book full of all time: 16 rules for success in sales)

Sales work is limited, ie you can only sell when your prospects are within your reach, something that most sales reps means they can only sell during business hours or business hours.

On the contrary, the administrative work has no barriers. You can not call buyers at 3.00 am on Sunday, but you can perform administrative tasks. Sales representatives who fail to close sales often conduct these administrative activities during sales hours, while those who are more successful postpone all activities that do not require an interaction with the prospects for the remaining hours.

Also, before entering your office, you should know who to call that day. Avoid start analyzing the names of your prospects when you settle into your site, as you will be wasting 25 minutes could tap into the phone.

So every day before going to bed should organize to-do list and calls the next day, and so begin your workday with the right foot. If you can get 15 free minutes in your day you can devote to attracting prospects, you’ll probably schedule an additional appointment or make three calls over a week, which could generate more than four clients per month.

Finally, it sets a specific time limit for prospects to be delayed. My personal limit is 20 minutes. If our meeting is at 15.00, but it’s already 15.20 and we had no contact, try to schedule another appointment.

This helps you avoid losing too much waiting for prospects who may not have a serious interest time. In addition, this action tells them that they must keep in mind that your time is valuable.

John Boyens, sales productivity expert and co-founder and president of The Boyens Group

Every week you must create a detailed time plan you can modify as needed. Except for periods of crisis, try to make sure the daily problems no time postpone your strategic priorities.

Those whose crops more successes also identify and eliminate activities that are not productive for your time. Analyze your work schedule last week and ask if you could get your personal career with the same goals or time distribution.

If the answer is no, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What activities should continue doing?
  • What activities I would start to do?
  • What activities should I stop doing?

 sales strategy

Month 3: Sales Calls

Art Sobczak, President of Business By Phone Inc. and author of Smart Calling  (Smart Calls)

Too many sales representatives do not have a definite plan your calls or you might not know how to perform each part of the process process: talking with attendees, leave messages for effective voice and begin offering value calls to prospects .

On the other hand, it amazes me that with all the sales information available to us (and so many excellent indications instantly available on how to develop sales messages), most sales calls still does not contain custom value or adapted to the prospectus it is the other side of the phone. As a result, attendees filter calls, people ignore the voice messages and when a sales rep finally manages to speak to someone only gets an attitude of rejection.

Professional sales representatives should be trained, training, practice and perform their tasks as specialists. The information is already available and all true professionals invest in their training.

In addition, sales professionals must also record your calls frequently to hear them alone, with peers or instructors. we are usually our toughest critics, but there are aspects information and we do not know. Therefore, it is always useful to have an external evaluation.

I do not have scientific evidence about it, but my perspective and experience suggest that all attempts at communication, sales representatives usually ruin your first call link.

Many managers and organizations still have the misconception that their sales representatives should make many calls in the hope that something will work. This is a bad strategy, but success attracting prospects is not measured by the number of calls, but with quality.

Make 20 calls or more does not increase the likelihood that the prospects accept your offer. For that you must include a quality message in each communication by phone.

We recognize that you still make calls and talk with prospects for activity flowing. However, if you sistematizas your previous communication by telephone (collect information, prepare questions, etc.) routine you can perform many quality calls quickly. Several attempts are usually needed to get contact a decision maker, so you have to work out a schedule for each call. Just remember to check your notes on subsequent attempts to remember your initial advances.

Brian Tracy, speaker, writer, president and CEO of  Brian Tracy International

I developed a technique which I called “the method 100 calls”. This method changed my career and many sales professionals who have formed. The proposed technique is to make 100 calls to attract prospects as quickly as  possible without becoming emotionally involved with their reactions. Should not you care if these buyers respond positively or negatively, so your fear will disappear and trasmitirás a feeling of relaxation and security. This is an excellent way to get more experience.

This does not mean you should wipe with a list of 100 prospects without prior investigation or take a break. All sales calls need to be customized, so gather enough information so you can convey to your prospects a sense of familiarity.

Stop using scripts on your calls, as they are often impersonal and prevent conversations flow naturally. The process calls (and sales in general) should be customized to meet individual and specific needs of each client. Never try to sell your offer on the first call; Instead, focus on gathering information about the prospect.

Unless you sell something cheap that does not require much attention, ask questions to find out more about the new potential customer. Take notes and report that you’ll never call you will improve the relationship and convey a pleasant and friendly image.

 sales strategy

Month 4: IMDb prospects

Michael Pedone, founder and CEO of

To better qualify prospects, avoid moving too quickly or delete your pipeline agreement until you can answer these three questions:  

  1. Do they have a problem that I can help them solve?
  2. Are they part of the decision-making process or budget?
  3. Can you find a solution if they decide they need?

It is also important to know the difference between a script and a sales process. Sales do not have to memorize a series of statements, because the real magic happens when you are authentic. However, you need to prepare an overview of your conversation before it occurs.

You must know the basics of each question you do and how it relates to the next question. So, besides being much more prepared for unexpected responses or face the resistance of your prospect, you also know if your questions are really fulfilling their purpose.

If your sales manager asks you a question, make sure you know what should happen first to ask this question and what to expect after doing it. In addition, watch out for manipulative questions like  “why do you think this deal will not work?” .

Prospects will realize you’re setting a trap. In this case, the sales rep does not really seeks to understand the problem, but information that can be used against the prospect.

sales strategy

Month 5: Product demonstrations and sales presentations

Jim Keenan, CEO of  The Sales Guy, Inc.

Never offer a demonstration or presentation without first making a call discovery. All you present it to the prospect in your show depends on what you have learned during this call: you must know your current situation, how does business, how your product or current solution, among others. Use that information to compare and contrast the before and after using your product.

I also recommend to sales representatives who calls discovery and demonstrations are made separately. It is impossible to fully understand the process and the buyer’s needs and then create a personalized demonstration with information in a single call.

If you follow this advice, as well as offering a more convincing demonstration you can also spend your time more productively. Some sales representatives are quick to offer a demonstration as the prospectus shows signs of interest, however, this strategy upset customer if the product or service is not what you need and waste time and resources sales staff. Remember to qualify your prospect before the demonstration.

To improve the effectiveness of the shows you should stop making assumptions. I often hear that sales representatives communicate with messages like: ” If you outsource external design services, then this feature might be interested … ” ” If working with [name of jurisdiction] …” or “If you make your customers record … “.

These expressions are problematic because they make prospects think you do not know your company. Making assumptions sends the wrong message: ” I do not know what they do, so I do what I can in the hope that something works .”

Instead, it establishes clear connections between what they learned in the call of discovery and what your prospects samples. For example, you could say: ” He previously mentioned that outsource external design services, so we could start by showing the template creation tool .”

Now your prospect know that you heard and you are focusing on specific problems or opportunities, increasing your credibility.

Also, it avoids including more than five features in your show. Most buyers only faces three or four problems or priorities simultaneously; If you show six or more features probably you’ll include some situation beyond their control functions.

Colleen Francis, president and owner of  Engage Selling Solutions

The biggest mistake sales reps is that they are unable to align the features and benefits of your solution with some compelling reason you might have the customer to purchase the product or service. Sales presentations should always start with a discussion of business objectives that have client for the project or purchase. When reach an agreement on the objectives you can inform the customer how to help your solution with the following formula:

  • Shows the main feature of your product .
  • Talk about the specific value that this feature offers the customer. Use expressions like ” The benefit you get your company is … “.
  • It provides examples or evidence. Use specific phrases like: ” For example, XYZ Company achieved …” .
  • Ask questions to make sure they have understood the information.
  • Asked if the company is ready to purchase your product or service.

On the other hand, remember that you should never start the presentation with an apology, because it sets a negative tone for the meeting.

Customers prefer to work with successful people, not martyrs, so in 99% of situations, it is better to stay silent instead of apologizing.

If you’re late for a meeting, do not ask for extra time, just adjust your presentation to make up for lost time. If your brochures are not yet ready, it carried out the presentation as if you had never planned to show them at the meeting and then offers to send the materials that mentions the end.

The only thing worse than starting a meeting with an apology is apology implicating others: ” I am sorry for the delay, but need full time for the meeting … ” or ” I apologize in advance because this presentation will take a long time, but I need cover much information . ” We know that nothing good comes after the ” but “.

An attractive presentation complements your message, not the message itself. In addition to avoiding convey a sense of concern in your presentations, it is even more important that your customers never see you read the information on your slides. Slides should only contain key points, no statements made, nor should say the same as your speech. As you create your slide show follow these six rules:

  • Avoids showing more than three bullet points per slide.
  • Each bullet point should be maximum one line.
  • Use a font size 28 at least.
  • Avoid cover more than five slides per 20 minutes.
  • Use pictures or diagrams rather than text whenever you can.
  • Do not send slides until you have completed the presentation. The goal is for people to interact with you, not printed slides.

John Sherer, director of sales at  Appcues

All prospects must have a unique product demonstration. Demonstrations should focus on the main issues that prospects need to see, not every detail of your offer.

I’ve noticed that often sales reps on calls progressing well but do not know when to stop, start closing a deal or guide prospects to the next steps. Instead, they show more information about the product and talk nonstop. With this only risk the potential customer loses interest, wasting precious time and cause product characteristics seem exaggerated. Some of the best sales calls in which I participated not even came to show the product.

sales strategy

Month 6: Marketing in social networks

Kurt Shaver, an expert in social media marketing and founder of  The Sales Foundry

Some sales representatives intimidated by the idea of ​​sharing content on their social networking platforms. If this is your case, I recommend using a three-step process so you can gradually improve security in yourself.

  1. Begins  sharing the content you create your company, including materials such as blog posts, ebooks, newsletter updates, etc. This step is very simple because all content is already adapted to the interests of your prospects.
  2. Add content industry. It provides a good reason for people to follow you rather than having to subscribe to the RSS feed of your company or blog. Good sources could be: magazines, publications that your prospects read, relevant information papers, research reports, etc.
  3. Create original content. This step is quite advanced, but has many advantages: if you are alert, you quickly identify common trends experienced by consumers.

I also suggest that sales representatives pay attention to their individual metrics interaction in social networks. Are some times of the day tend to generate more comments, I like or number times something is shared? Do certain types of content perform better than others? If you are using LinkedIn you can monitor your score on social media marketing with SSI Index , which measures your performance based on four main references.

Viveka von Rosen, founder of  Linked Into Business  and author of  LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day  (LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a day)

Sales representatives should stop sending messages too long introduction LinkedIn where only talk about themselves and their product or service. It is impossible to count all generic messages I receive on LinkedIn and they have nothing to do with me or my business. Even if they were related to what I do, these messages are too long and dense, so I do not read them.

If you send a message through InMail or LinkedIn, remember that you must first know your prospect. For it:

  1. Analyzes their profile.
  2. Identifies whether it is actually a good prospect for your product or service.
  3. He talks about a specific aspect of your profile or content.
  4. Seize the message or InMail to propose carrying out a phone call or meeting, but remember to do it with simplicity and tries to include value.

Maybe it will take a couple of minutes, but the likelihood that the prospect actually interact with you and you try your product or service increases if you spend time to investigate .

Another practice that sales reps should forget 2017 is automatically added in a newsletter or email list to all prospects with connecting on LinkedIn. When we form connections on LinkedIn only we accept part of contacts the other person. Connect on LinkedIn is not an implicit permission to fill the inboxes of consumers with irrelevant emails.

Share updates is fast and can be very helpful to direct traffic to your LinkedIn profile. Install the bookmarklet to share on LinkedIn , with which you can share any item on LinkedIn within seconds.

Not all the articles you read online have a button to share on LinkedIn, something you can easily achieve with this extension to share valuable and relevant content you find. The organic nature of the content you share tends to generate more visits to your profile and interactions with other users.

Download the LinkedIn application for mobile devices if you have not already done so. This application has better analytics on shared that the version of the browser, which in addition to showing how many people interacted with your update also cleaves visits for his job, geography and the top three companies updates. This information can be extremely useful, especially if you come to realize that several people from one of your accounts are some updating.

sales strategy

Month 7: Negotiations

Ray Makela, CEO of  Sales Readiness Group

I recommend avoiding use negotiation tactics that might be perceived as manipulation or attempts to “trick” the consumer to make a commitment to you. Many trading courses focus a significant amount of time in negotiation tactics, but the collaborative negotiations go beyond the tips and tricks. No tactic will be more effective to do a great job to understand the customer and sell value.

If you sell the imitation of a Rolex or a used vehicle, these manipulative tactics could make you get the deal, but in the world of B2B sales, manipulative tactics are ineffective and often counterproductive. We all know and have probably had bad experiences with manipulative tactics such as using artificial deadlines, threats and distractions that seek to force the consumer to make a decision.

The most important step you can take sales reps to improve their skills in this area is to make a conscious effort to plan trading activities. Planning is synonymous with power when it comes to negotiating. If you perform simple activities, like knowing your strengths in the situation and the limitations of power of the consumer, you can improve your trading skills when the time arrives this meeting. Elaborates key questions to understand the interests of the consumer established position and use of the time of the planning phase to generate several creative options that meet the interests of both parties.

The time and effort that sales reps invest in an agreement must be proportionate to the risk of losses that could have and can not afford to squander. If the agreement is more strategic, has a long – term plan, has a top margin and is valuable for business, then you should spend more time in the planning phase. A simple checklist to negotiate (such as that shown in How to Prepare for a winning sales negotiation  (How to prepare for your sales negotiation to succeed) can be helpful to know if the sales rep is ready to go in action. A checklist can also be an excellent tool for preparing for the managers to identify gaps and weaknesses in a trading plan.

It is very important to have a plan for the start of negotiations, like when you get ready to start your sales calls. Paves the way for a joint and successful negotiation in which you can expose all the problems they will face. Below is an example of a vision trading:

Value proposition : you We are excited to work with your company to provide the best care to their patients thanks to our innovative technology .

Collaboration vision : We both share a strong interest in reducing risk factors for their patients and improve their overall health .

Value proposition : According to information provided to us, we believe this program will improve the results and reduce by 20% the total cost of ownership over the life of the product .

Main problems : We both like to launch this program at the end of the quarter, but we must first agree on a cost per unit, the duration of the contract and payment terms .

Proposed approach and answer : Is there anything else we should try to realize our agreement? I would like to propose that we look at a couple of options that might help us resolve these differences. Is this proposal aligns with your needs? 

sales strategy

Month 8: Sales Emails

Heather Morgan, founder and CEO of  Salesfolk

It is essential to conduct an investigation of your target audience before contact. Let’s say one of your consumer profiles is the marketing director of a company (CMO). First, you must develop a message to CMOs, not for CFOs and marketing analysts.

To make this ideal consumer research finds profiles LinkedIn marketing managers. Create a list containing 12 to 24 people in these results. Get an overview of its key performance indicators (KPI), problems and priorities while reading the biographies on their websites, tweets, job descriptions of others who are in the same industry and have the same position, as well as analyze their profiles on LinkedIn. The “recommendations” LinkedIn is also usually a goldmine for information, since it is a clear representation of how they see and appreciate others, also showing the image they convey.

After I finished writing a new email campaign, put aside the task until the next day to identify the main messages and read them aloud. This exercise puts you in the shoes of your recipients. Ask yourself if some aspect confuses you, if the message is boring or if the information is misleading. Also be sure to correct any grammatical error

Remember to constantly monitor the results of your email campaigns , and to send messages without analyzing its performance is not smart because it will be impossible to know whether they actually work.

In my case, I monitor open rates and response. If your open rates are very low, probably due to a problem with the deliverability of your emails, your subject line or the list itself. However, this number is not completely accurate: you may get false positives and false negatives by privacy settings and analysis performed on Google inboxes.

Now that you know this information, I suggest you focus your attention on the positive response rates and quotes. If possible, monitor the results you get in the path of the funnel to the closures you managed to win and you lost. What emails help you close more deals more quickly? What most revenue?

Lately I’ve noticed that many sales representatives include bulleted lists or numbers in their emails. Our research, which we tested with bulleted lists and numbers 12 times with more than 100,000 reference data shows that this is not a good strategy because its performance is less than emails that do not include them. Our theory is that these messages appear to be part of a lot of marketing emails rather than an individualized strategy.

Michael Pici, direct sales HubSpot

Get your prospects interested in your product or service and get a response is a constant battle. Many sales representatives have difficulties that still use the traditional approach, which basically becomes your sales pitch or elevator pitch : ” Hi, I’m Mike Pici and then inform him how I can help .”

Instead of communicating this message you must start with some information you know about the prospect; it could be a problem you have, some internal motivation of your company or an event that will be held in your industry. When you learn to relate that information with the unique value you offer as a sales representative you will get more wins than losses.

The first statement must set the context: ” I know your company is going through this situation and would like to help .”

The second line must establish a connection between the information you have discovered your prospect and the method you usually use to solve that kind of problem; You could even include some previous experience.

The third sentence should contain a question that generates interaction to continue the conversation.

sales strategy

Month 9: Creative Sale

Brent Adamson, executive senior advisor  CEB  and co – author of  The Challenger Out  (The Defiant sale) and  The Challenger Customer  (Defiant client)

To get started with creative sales you need to answer three questions.

First, what aspects ignores my client about your business, but you should know? In other words, what problem has not yet identified or not profit opportunities for improvement?

To answer these questions, make a follow – up question: “What does my client thinks about your business today?”.

Your response should revolve around their priorities, objectives and plans, and should have nothing to do with your solution. Often we are concerned about the perception that customers of our businesses; we want to know if they really know who we are, what we are capable of and if they know the value of our offer, but the best way that we use to understand is to decipher how they understand themselves .

It focus on the real interests of your customers will help you identify solutions or strategies they can use to achieve their goals more quickly, efficiently and successfully .

Finally, ask yourself this question: “Which member of the organization would be interested in my client’s know the answer to the first question?” .

So you can identify the person who you should contact. You need someone who is willing to act and create consensus about your creative selling strategy.

Since buying is an incredibly complicated process today, everything we do and to achieve facilitate the process increases the likelihood of reaching an agreement. Instead of asking prospects to assist them in selling, top sales representatives help customers purchase.

When they manage to draw the attention of their contact with the help of compelling information, you may try to communicate this message: “By the way, I recommend talking to these people in your organization and prepare to answer these three questions. We also recommend using this term to Person 1 and is another word for the person 2. In addition, I think you should use this graphic “.

One of the biggest mistakes made by sales representatives when using the method of creative selling is trying to start their own solutions. Avoid start the presentation with a speech about your company, instead, try to start talking about the client company. Sales representatives usually think they can not come up with ideas if the customer has never heard the name of your company and are concerned that its credibility is insufficient in the eyes of the consumer. However, customers were excited to hear how you can improve your business, do not know how many awards you’ve won.

David Brock, CEO of  Partners In Excellence and author of  Sales Manager Survival Guide  (Survival Guide for sales managers)

Ideas should always be specific to the situation and enterprise as far as possible. Sometimes you can be very specific, either because account information or experience you’ve gained from working with the client or data you got on your performance.

For example, some years ago I learned that a customer lost $ 40 million in revenue a month because they faced some problem that had its organization. When I focused on this missed opportunity and the prospect showed the origin of this situation, I immediately caught his attention and cause began to take action. Our average sales cycle was 9 to 12 months, but this process only lasted about 2 weeks.

If you do not have such specific information about a company and just have more general data that are relevant to the person, despreocúpate, as this is better than having empty-handed. Many sales representatives think that if they provide certain information to the client that made the purchase immediately, but in fact the information transmitted correctly generate conversations. For example:

  • “I would like to know more about …”
  • “How did you come to this conclusion?”
  • “For us, that’s not a problem” . This objection really is a great opportunity to engage in conversation.

All these expressions generate deeper conversations and interactions and make the customer identify the problem. Therefore, we must think about “what is the best way to interact with a customer in this conversation?” .

Sales representatives need to be able to guide a conversation and addressing specific customer questions. Many fail to realize that initiates conversations and information are not prepared to support your argument.

For example, a year ago, a sales rep told me a call: “We think we have a 25% yield below its expected potential.”

To which I replied immediately: “Do you have more information about this? We want to know what we’re doing wrong. “

I did not expect my answer, so your next message was: “We help companies improve their performance in X areas. Some of our customers have obtained improvements of 25%. “

“Earlier I mentioned that our performance should be 25% higher, what do you think we are doing wrong?” I asked.

This conversation ended up being a huge by the sales representative error because it failed to establish a specific conversation about my work and my concerns. Actually it turned out that the sales representative was just reading a script and did not know how to advance the conversation, so he missed a great opportunity to convince me.

sales strategy

Month 10: Networking

John Corcoran, an expert on trade relations and creator of  Smart Business Revolution

Adding value is always an easy task, especially when it comes to connecting with someone recognized. The first thing you think is: “What could offer this person?” . However, they usually have a one – dimensional mentality when it comes to the professional industry.

Anyone can take the help of others in various aspects. Normally you only need to have a conversation or conduct research to find creative opportunities that add value. For example, maybe that person loves Thai food, so you could suggest a Thai place that has recently opened its doors near where you are. Maybe your daughter will ask to join an academic institution of postgraduate studies in Southern California and could bring it into contact with an alumnus of one of the specialties you have selected or provide information about the area.

Thanks to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, you can find information on almost everyone. Who are dedicated to creating professional connections are those that track, not the people who have the best first impressions.

If you want the relationship with the person you just met take the right course you should make sure contact.

In this situation, deliver value is critical because it represents one more reason to communicate with you and others difference between generic sending sales messages.

Also, you should not be afraid to attend events and new places, but if your efforts do not have good results, changes course.

For example, perhaps you are part of the board of a local organization. Find out how many customers has helped you acquire that position during the previous year and if you find that has not generated any, then you know that if you decide to stay on that board will be for personal reasons; It is useless to try to trick you convince yourself that will help you improve your business. If you try to increase your client base, get involved in another organization.

Matt Heinz, president of  Heinz Marketing

Be more proactive and make connections with other people. Every morning analyzes your calendar the day before and add new contacts to your network LinkedIn. This does not mean you should be your best friend, but you need to customize your friend requests and make them genuine.

If you manage this become a daily routine, your professional network will grow significantly.

Also, be sure to add value consistently. This could translate to publish relevant content to present to others or offer your volunteer work experience. This method takes more time and effort to send emails selfish about your product, but the only way to form strong relationships is being secured before asking something in return.

sales strategy

Month 11: Intellectual Leadership

Dan Tire, sales manager at HubSpot

Before trying to become intellectual leader you must discover what skills or experience you can offer. There are three levels of experience that determine the problems or issues to be addressed by sales representatives in the content they create.

Beginners : Sales Reps with less than 6 months experience. These are characterized by youthful enthusiasm and willingness to help. His lack of experience and offset additional work hard. His inexperience is his greatest weakness, but its only value is the rookie mindset they have.

They can create basic content such as “Beginner’s Guide X” and write publications to answer questions about your company’s products.

Intermediates : Sales representatives who are between 6 and 24 months of experience.

Have a fundamental knowledge of the sales process, they do the right questions consumers (also know some of the answers) and can explain the basic principle of the value proposition. They have little experience and are limited by a small list, but have the advantage of being familiar with its people and offering buyer of your company.

Intermediate sales representatives can create articles to post on the company blog on how to take the first steps in a process or product, the most common mistakes prospects and other issues that require certain skills.

Advanced : Sales Reps with more than 2 years experience.

They have extensive experience in all commercial aspects and have faced a wide variety of sales situations that have successfully resolved. As you become more familiar with their role they are more likely to get bored or neglect their work, but who can offer more value to your prospects because they have great knowledge. The more experienced a sales representative, you will be better able to produce content of real intellectual leadership.

Nobody begins as an intellectual leader from day one. All sales representatives start to write some information with the intention of helping your prospects. Then start typing for more specific or explore diverse contexts to create a consistent message and get followers audiences. Being a true intellectual leader involves hard work. You must know well your specialty, be consistent, have a good editor, publish in the right places and be patient lie you gain reputation. There are many leaders, but only a few intellectual leaders, why they are so valuable.

To measure your success, monitors visits your blog, how many times your content is shared, your sales opportunities, customers and external invitations contribution (as participations to give a lecture or guest publications on the blog).

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Month 12: Recommendations

Bill Cates, speaker and sales expert recommendation internationally recognized

Announces your prospects you expect to get any reference in the future and let them know you know you should win them. When you contact for the first time a consumer you could say: “We have met many of our customers through referrals because these see value in what we do. I hope that in addition to meeting their needs as well we can exceed your expectations so you can recommend us to others. “

This not only shows a potential customer that you will do a good job, also planting the idea of ​​suggesting a reference to someone else.

In addition, remember to contact your customers frequently. You can ask questions like: “How does our performance? What works well and what does not? Can I help you with something?”

Instead of hiding behind a survey or email contact in person or by phone whenever possible. This personalizes your communication and creates a sense of commitment. If you have relationships locally, uses the power of social marketing or organizing client appreciation events where they can create new contacts and strengthen their goodwill towards your company events. Recognize and appreciate those who see value in your products generates references without having to order them.

Tony Alessandra, author, entrepreneur and motivational speaker

A sales professionals are taught that they should ask for referrals immediately after the sale, but usually this is not the best time to do so. The client has not yet had enough time to use your product, so it is not yet feel comfortable to give a recommendation.

Waiting until the customer says you had a positive experience with your product or service.

In my case, when I get the reference name I begin to gather as much information as possible about the consumer as soon as possible. The last thing I want is to contact him without understanding his personality, preferences and backgrounds.

Maybe I could ask my client: “Tell me about [the reference]: How is that ? Do you prefer to get down immediately or first know the person? Do you prefer working at an accelerated pace or more systematic? You know if you have ever had any experience with [a company / product / a purchase] like? “

Then ask some data, with questions like: “Would you mind if I use your name? Even better, do you think you could [set up a meeting for coffee or lunch where all three can be present / make a call on my name / email them before I contact them ]? “

Joanne Black, founder of  No More Cold Calling  and author of  “No More Cold Calling: The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust”  (Say goodbye to cold calling: the innovative system to outrun your competition)

Existing customers are the best source of recommendations for colleagues in their companies and other organizations.

To start selling for referrals, sales representatives must:

  • Create a list of all people who meet each customer companies.
  • Putting people who know best the top of the list.
  • Identify members of your company who have the strongest relationships with your prospects.
  • Start asking presentations by reference, not only names and contact information, but actual presentations.

Remember to always start your search for references to stronger relationships and ask for references to people who know better, not those who think they have the best connections with your assigned accounts.

If you focus on each element of the sales process on, you will become a better sales representative. Get ready to exceed your sales quota!