How to install Putty

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In this tutorial we will teach how to install the software Putty. The whole process is simple and fast, and you have your software installed in minutes.

What is PuTTY

PuTTY is a software used to make SSH connections to the shared hosting of Hostinger and also with the VPS, and its characteristics such as light weight as well as investment, which is zero for being free, makes this the most essential system

Created to connect remotely via SSH and Telnet protocol, the program was developed by Simon Tathan for the Windows platform but also runs on Linux.


Search software on Google, and you will find PuTTY. The first option is to find the official website of the software developer, click it.

Installing Putty

When you open the link, click the field indicated below, which means “You can download PuTTY here.”

install putty

Note that two versions are available, with a 32-bit version and one 64-bit PuTTY Windows installer.

Putty 32 and 64 bits

And then find another version, which is only executable within Windows, does not require the installation to be exportable. In this option you can add on a flash drive and use it on any machine.

putty exportable

But in this case we will proceed with the 64-bit installer version. Click the location shown below.

Installing putty

The download will be done automatically or you should select the folder where you want to be added, this will depend on the configuration of your computer.

When the download is complete, with two clicks you will be able to run it to start the installation. Click Next (next).

installing step by step putty

The next screen refers to the software installation directory. Click to continue.

installation directory PuTTY

Here we suggest that you change the pre-installed settings and then select “Will be installed on the local hard drive” to allow a shortcut is added to your home screen. Putty shortcut
Click Install and Finish to install and finish. So Putty software will be available to create SSH connections.


Something did not go as expected? Watch this step by step in Hostinger YouTube channel and if you need more help count on our support team.