How To Increase Your Sales Using Business Marketing

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The marketing is gaining more space in the world of business and entrepreneurship every day.

This fact is a reflection of a merit that did not happen overnight, as the field of marketing has taken on an increasingly key role in any company.

This is happening due to a strong movement that made the marketing is increasingly allied with the digital world, causing it to commit more and more with objective results for the company (bringing potential customers, for example).

Another great merit is that, today, the field of marketing is understanding the consumer’s head more efficiently, through a strong performance in their buying journey!

And in this context, much is said of Digital Marketing , but often the marketing business has been left out. Ledo mistake of those who think that one excludes the other, they can and must go together! Indeed, this union can be the perfect combination for the success of any business!

In this post, let’s talk about the marketing business, in order to leave no doubt of how it works and how it can be aligned with the digital strategy of your company.

What is marketing business

marketing business is the set of all marketing actions that are applied in everyday life of a business, in order to attract new customers and also meet the demands of today’s customers, employees and society.

These actions can be considered as a tool in order to find strategies and solutions for continuous improvement in company performance. For this reason, it must be combined with the search for innovation and commitment of all employees who are involved in these actions.

And speaking of commitment to employees, business marketing depends heavily on the union between them so they can achieve their main goal, as it has a complex structure and its implementation will only work with the action of everyone involved.

The marketing business is proving increasingly necessary for many reasons. Among them we have globalization and changing the way consumers interact with businesses, regardless of its market.

So it is necessary to plan all business actions always taking into account how marketing can act positively to achieve their goals and objectives, demonstrating its importance, as well as play a key role within any company.

Developing strategies to business marketing

For the company’s strategies are formulated to meet the best practices of Corporate Marketing, one should take into account what is called the 4 Ps: Product, Price, Place and Promotion .

In the next lines we will provide more details about each of them:


The first P is related to what the business will sell, regardless whether it is a product or service.

Here is the time to show that the company is not only selling a service or product but a solution or a way to solve the problem it purports to solve.

It is very important to convey this clearly, in addition to highlighting their differences.


The price is nothing more than the monetary value that the company is worth assuming the exchange for their services.

So it is important that it be considered fair to both parties, both for the company, both for the consumer.

Businesses that expose the product pricing so transparently associating with its advantages, gain greater credibility by your target audience .


Traditionally, the Square is considered the commercial point of the company. Going further, actually it means the way the product or service will be distributed.

We know that businesses mostly do not distribute their products only through a physical point, then there are several ways to do this. We can cite as examples catalogs, resellers, partners and the Internet.


The last P refers to the promotion, which is nothing more than the disclosure of the product, ie, what are the channels in which the company will invest to exhibit and demonstrate to the world its solution.

Therefore, it is important to consider what the best distribution channels to find your target audience, how will invest in them, and after that, how will the sales process through them.

Increasing sales to business marketing

Now that you have a sense of what is considered in the marketing business, how about using it as a tool to increase your business sales?

The secret here is to use the four Ps as ammunition to treat consumer purchasing journey in the best possible way and that’s where the Digital Marketing can enter and become a great ally.

After all, the channel of the internet is being increasingly used by any consumer to find any product or solutions for your needs.

Therefore, we have prepared some quick tips to increase sales using business and digital marketing as a tool, check out:

Use and abuse of social networks

Given the current scenario where much people are taking advantage of social networks , it is necessary that the company is present in them as well.

It is important to remember that the presence on these networks should aim professional practices, both to better exploit the disclosure of the business and to meet customers who bring their demands there.

Bet on Content Marketing

More than selling anything, every business needs to show that it is a reference in its market and its professionals are experts in this area.

So create content for the purpose of informing and educating your market is the best option in this regard. This strategy is an excellent choice to strengthen the acquisition and trust of its customers.

The content can be offered in several ways: on the company blog posts, videos, webinars , eBooks, practical guides, free tools etc.

Use email as a relationship tool

In a world where we are increasingly bombarded by unwanted emails and spam, the company uses Email Marketing wisely has a great advantage over the other.

Take the previous tip to also relate email with your contacts based on their interest (as the content they consumed you), showing that your business is interested in helping you move more and more toward the solution is looking for.

Make your site a great showcase

If on one hand the internet is a great dissemination channel for any business, on the other it is also very conducive to distract and disperse anyone, that is, the chance of your consumers come to your site and leave right then for some reason distraction is great.

So let your site attractive, favoring the user in navigation. Try also leave it as “self-service” possible.

Another important tip is to take advantage of this “window” to display all the information of the pricing of your product in a transparent manner, favoring the achievement of the client’s credibility.

Is a company that delivers solutions

Finally, the last tip is something that we talked about a few times, try to spend an image that your business delivers solutions and is willing to solve problems.

The world is full of similar products and services to yours, so if your company does not position yourself as an expert as well as the one with the most suitable solution on the market, it will be just one more like the others.

Mistakes you can not make by using the marketing business

The marketing business appeared to be an interesting way to develop business strategies for your company, right?

But there are still a few more points you should pay attention not to make some errors using this tool.

The first point is to strengthen something we have talked about here: Do not forget that the business marketing and digital go together and their union just have to add the company’s ability empowerment to acquire more customers.

The second point is the question that their actions are not only in the sphere of customer acquisition and maintenance. They should be geared towards the domestic environment as well, seeking to satisfy the needs of company employees.

They are the main asset of the business and their satisfaction, results in providing quality service even better for its customers. So be sure to look for strategies endomarketing this process.

And lastly, a company that values ​​the society and the environment is very well regarded by all. So be sure to take into account the use of marketing actions for the social and environmental aspects to impact society in a positive way.

We like to understand how business marketing can help your business reach more customers? So why not study a little more about the 4 Ps of marketing ?