How to improve your image and your company on LinkedIn: check out the expert tips Cristiano Santos at Studio RD Summit

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Will to be on LinkedIn just post your resume and wait to see what happens?

The consultant of social media and specialist in the largest network of professionals in the world, Cristiano Santos , believes not. On the contrary, he sees LinkedIn as a way to make contacts, gain reputation and become more relevant to their area of expertise.

“LinkedIn is far beyond what a resume is a network content, and it is this content that will bring a little more digital reputation for the person and professional reputation,” he explains.

Similarly, Cristiano Santos says the Content Marketing as the ideal strategy for businesses that want to gain relevance in the social network. Also comments on the importance of post relevant materials to its market segment, talking about the products in a way that provides value to customers, without forcing the sale.

Personal pages and professionals are: employees of profiles of certain business should be updated and optimized by aligning with the company. This helps to pass an image of business confidence and attract potential buyers.

The company and personal profile need to talk to people, disseminate quality content and generate conversation. The worst mistake is you make a post, people comment and the company even enjoy the comments or answer.

See how was the interview in the video below:

The video has subtitles in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. Just click to activate them!

Some points commented on by Cristiano Santos were:

  • How to produce content in the social network;
  • Tips for companies to gain relevance on LinkedIn;
  • How employees can help in the dissemination of the company;
  • Common Mistakes LinkedIn company;
  • Trends in social network for 2018.

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