How to generate more sales for your ecommerce with the use of chatbots

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Who was the chatbots .

But if you did not, no problem! We decided to share with all our knowledge on the subject and market information to guide this matter.

The chatbots come revolutionizing the way companies deal with their audiences. Be available to consumers 24 hours a day seven days a week is now a reality for many companies thanks to the bots .

Programmed to perform numerous calls simultaneously, they drastically reduce the time waiting for an answer or solution to a simple problem – which typically account for over 70% of cases. This makes the relationship team solve only more complex cases that really require human interaction, and reduce costs.

Today, the biggest challenge is not in the decision to deploy or not a chatbot , but the planning and positioning it on the range of possibilities it presents.

Bots are part of one of the best strategies to generate Leads and boost sales. And you know that a well attended Lead becomes a customer and a satisfied customer becomes defender of the brand, touting it voluntarily and making new purchases.

Selling online has become easier with the help of bots

The automated answering scale is already a reality – and also points us to the future.

The study ” The Future of Jobs ,” the World Economic Forum, released last year, points out that, thanks to robots, artificial intelligence and process automation, more than 5 million jobs will be in charge of bots by 2020.

You may be thinking, but how effectively a bot can help increase sales?

In fact, systems with artificial intelligence can be used in different situations to improve customer service. Among them, answering questions, the streamlining of interactions, directions, complementary offerings and forwarding most urgent and complex problems.

The automation of service with chatbots made major retailers of electronic commerce, as Netshoes and Fast Shop, adopt virtual service as the primary interface for communication with your customers.

Today, more than 60% of so-called Netshoes, for example, are retained by the chatbot , that is, are still locked in conversation with the robot.

Check out other opportunities:

Optimize the product demonstrations

During the service, the Lead reports that would like to buy a particular product.

As consumers explains the characteristics and preferences of what you are looking for, the bot will tapering options for goods or services that best fit the customer’s expectation.

So you deliver exactly the carousel of products that consumers crave, so that increases the possibility of conversion.

Assistance in navigation

The customer browses through your site and the bot, who is accompanying his actions, has the autonomy to target this consumer to the pages that are more of interest in the search, from the preferences informed by it.

Thus, the bot makes the browsing experience faster, simple and pleasant customer.

The Netshoes , for example, implemented the assisted navigation at the time of the World Cup. Consumers informed the bot that was interested in purchasing the official shirt of the Brazilian team, and from that moment, the site changed colors to green and yellow, creating surprise and improving the user experience.

Recognition and repurchase

There are niche markets where the buyback is extremely relevant.

personal care, pet shops, supermarkets can take advantage of bots to “train” his assistants to recognize repeat customers.

So when he enters the site receives an offer to repeat the previous purchase or complement it with related products.

Streamline the buying and avoid abandoning the cart

Think of an ecommerce and his greatest challenge: the dropout rate stroller.

A well programmed chatbot can help work around this issue following the customer journey and intervening in those stages of the sales process that have the highest rates of abandonment.

Thus, the client may feel more secure and well-informed, and well attended, which will reduce the chance of it let stand and not finish the purchase.

Options and ease for payment

The customer can complete the purchase in the environment where you are (as a social network, for example), with the bot offering multiple payment options like cards of various flags of debit and credit, bank transfer or online systems like Paypal or PagSeguro.


In the application submission stage the bot can offer other products or services that might interest related to the consumer.

Querying the database, he knows exactly what else can offer that customer and also use features like maps for easy location, sending images, videos and more to make the offer even more attractive and further increase the chances of conversion.

Improving the customer experience is key: count on a bot

As we have seen, the implementation of a bot can increase sales, but mainly to improve the customer experience with your brand.

And today, when we name the consumer as the absolute master of the situation and see that he solves his doubts and objections independently – whether in social networks , official brand pages, forums or blogs – make the journey this consumer a really satisfying experience is everything that brands want.

Research conducted by the institute Gartner pointed out that, from 2016, 89% of companies would be mainly competing within the consumer experience, and the forecast indicates that in 2020, 85% of the relationship between businesses and consumers happen without interaction with humans .

So if you consider how much interaction with a bot can make the experience of its customers even more satisfactory, you realize that this is an excellent alternative.

A few market figures:

  • Companies that offer some type of automated attendant increase by 30% the average ticket;
  • These same companies have a conversion rate up to 10x greater;
  • They get up to 75% retention in care, and generate immediate responses to multiple clients at the same time and is available 24 hours a day;
  • And the best, with a cost per call up to 38% lower.

Therefore, to establish itself in the market as a reference as to actually win the public is directly related to the good experience that is provided to the consumer.

This action today has much more than the product or service offering and chatbots are there to help.

Why, then, do not have a chatbot that meets and make sales for you even while you sleep?

This entry was written by Mayara Cristine Wandall, growth hacker company Hi Platform .