How to Generate Leads on Every Digital Marketing Channel

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When it comes to digital marketing , it is impossible not to mention Lead generation and Lead. This is the main strategy to create business opportunities for your company.

Here at Digital Results, we talked a lot about how to create content for generating Leads. We even have two well-focused posts it:

  • 5 types of lures to generate Leads
  • 17 creative ideas for yourself produce its rich content

If still “missing arm” in your company for the production of content, be aware that this is not an impediment to start generating Leads today.

The proof is in the eBook Generate Leads no headache , a material with 15 offers ideas for your Landing Page that are fast, easy to make and you probably already have, but still do not know!

Okay, we talk a lot of how to produce content for generating Leads. But how to promote this content? How to use different digital marketing channels for users to access your landing pages, change and become business opportunity?

That’s what we talk about in this post. In summary, we show how your company can generate Leads via social media , paid media, email marketing , blogs, videos, co-marketing and SlideShare.

To go deeper and know the best techniques for each channel, I recommend you download the eBook Definitive Guide Lead Generation , produced in partnership with the expert in Digital Marketing, Neil Patel . To download, click the image below:

Below you can see a summary of the eBook.

How to Generate Leads with social networks organically

Over the years, social networks have evolved a lot. More than just a way to make friends, they became a means of doing business.

More than a relationship channel and traffic, there are also numerous possibilities to use these networks to generate Leads.

In the eBook, we show how your company can generate Leads these media without boosting publications. We have a separate chapter for each of the four social networks below.

  • Facebook: in Facebook groups and posts on fan page for your business;
  • LinkedIn: generating content in the LinkedIn publishing platform and groups in the social network;
  • Twitter:  using visual elements and interacting with experts and influencers;
  • Instagram: using #hashtags and creating stories to show their products.

How to Generate Leads with paid media

While many companies still twist the nose for paid media, saying they do not generate big returns, the fact is that it is becoming increasingly important, since, unlike the organic range, have faster results, which can help give that “push” start to generate Leads.

In the eBook there are many tips on how to use:

  • Facebook Ads:  With ads that focus on conversion and remarketing Lead Ads.
  • Google AdWords : Using the Search Network and the Display Network.
  • LinkedIn Ads Sponsoring content published on your Company Page or Show Case and highly targeted ads.
  • Instagram Ads : with strategic hashtags, CTA’s planned and responsive Landing Pages.

How To Generate Leads With Email Marketing

Email Marketing has unique and very valuable features. It is a channel that is more alive than ever, with much improved technology compared to the past.

In the eBook, we show some types of emails you can send your contact base to make them advance in the purchase journey. Are they:

  • newsletters ;
  • Promotional campaigns;
  • transactional mail;
  • Lifecycle Email;
  • Marketing automation .

How to Generate Leads with videos

According to a recent study, 50% of all mobile internet traffic is already composed of videos. The number is really impressive and shows an online audiovisual content consumption trend of massive way, either for leisure, shopping or work.

So it is no wonder that the second most used search engine in the world is YouTube, and is the third most visited site – trailing, of course, Google and Facebook. This means that the demand for videos is a significantly large portion of search engines.

Some tips on generating Leads with videos that you find in the eBook are:

  • How to direct people who see your videos for Landing Pages;
  • Using notes, mid-roll links and calls to action videos;
  • How to Generate Leads with some platforms like Youtube and Samba videos .

How to Generate Leads with a blog

The blog is the main way in which B2C and B2B content providers can generate Leads. According to statistics from WebDAM, blogs have taken professional B2B marketing to generate 67% More Leads than others who do not use blog .

But, after all, how a blog can generate Leads? In the eBook, we discuss the main ways you can use on your blog for visitors to convert, they are.

  • Pop-ups;
  • CTAs;
  • internal links;
  • Guest posts.

How to Generate Leads with Co-Marketing

Simply put, co-marketing is when two companies come together to hold a joint marketing action.

It is a very advantageous way to leverage the results. Including, as I said in the introduction, the eBook Lead Generation Guide is a co-marketing with Neil Patel.

In addition to eBooks, your company can join another to produce posts, infographics, webinars, kits, tools or any other form of content.

How to Generate Leads with SlideShare

With over 60 million unique visitors, SlideShare is a content delivery platform that can not be ignored.

You can take advantage of the platform to put their presentations there, get more Leads and bring more traffic to your site. Some examples are:

  • Use your presentation on SlideShare to stimulate the conversion on a Landing Page;
  • To perfect the calls to action used in the presentation;
  • Create a Form Leads generation within the presentation.

This is just the beginning. Dig!

Above you can check out some Digital Marketing channels that your company can use to generate More Leads and have more business opportunities.

But that’s not all we have to share with you. In Lead Generation Guide deepen each of these channels showing practical tips to help your business in this strategy.

There are 47 pages of content ready to help your business get more results with Digital Marketing.

What are you waiting for? Download now and for free here .