How to Find Strategic Insights When Analyzing Reports in RD Station Marketing

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Since the popularity of social networks and search engines, who works in marketing had to adapt. The digital media has changed the way of doing marketing (or at least revealed another option). Anyway the great gain that the digital medium was brought to measure marketing results.

Paid campaigns and other platforms (RD Station Marketing, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads etc.) never provided much data on their results. And this evolution has just bringing another reality: what to do with that information and how to improve my marketing strategies with these reports?

The idea of ​​this post is to bring some strategic and practical insights by analyzing the dashboard RD Station Marketing and thus help you in the planning and execution of actions for your company.

If you’ve accessed your account RD Station Marketing, you have seen the dashboard home screen with a lot of information. If you still not a client, make here a free trial !

Dashboard RD Station Marketing

Well, in the dashboard, your home screen to access the platform, you will have access to the following data:

  • Number of unique visitors;
  • More pages accessed;
  • Number of Leads generated;
  • Number of qualified leads;
  • conducted opportunities and sales;
  • Performance of his last published Landing page;
  • Performance of his last campaign Email Marketing.

What’s up? How to turn all that data into new marketing strategies? And how to identify points of improvement in its operation? Come on!

Sales Funnel

Is the name of the first block of information available. It is possible to track the number of daily visitors, making a comparison with the Leads generated numbers and identified opportunities and sales.

The pop-ups , banners, new links over the text, verify the integration of forms now available. Anyway, you take all this hearing and encourage it to be converted into Leads.

If you have a good traffic, a good generation Leads, but check your conversion rate into opportunities is too small, this can be a bottleneck of your operation. Did you actually qualifying the Leads? It has clear criteria on who is your opportunity or not? Or this criterion is too high, making it impossible to contact your business?

Or worse, you even generate good opportunities, but are not selling to them. This information in the dashboard may indicate flaws in the sales process. And having this analysis you can review their processes, the engagement of your team and training, all to not have more missed opportunities in your CRM .

Dashboard RD Station Marketing

most accessed pages

This information comes because of the integration with your account Google Analytics . Simply you see which pages of your site visitors more access, how long they stay in them (on average) and that the rejection rates of each.

Analyzing this report you can identify which pages more visits to your site, which may indicate on what subjects you must create content. After all, if a large number of people consume it on your site, there are certainly more interested in the network.

You can still see good pages to use very specific pop-ups, putting the assets on pages with higher rejection rate. That is, since in certain page people stop browsing your site, a pop-up may be the one “last chance” to capture this Lead.

Try to use an appropriate language to your audience, plus personalized messages like “before you go, be sure to receive our catalog,” or any other provision of content and promotion.

Dashboard RD Station Marketing

Last Landing Page created

Here you will see the performance of just your last Landing Page published. Ideal for a quick analysis of how it is generating Leads of his last broadcast material . You can observe the number of unique visitors and the amount of Leads generated on the page, as well as the conversion rate.

A quick insight that should be extracted from this analysis is to understand how is the promotion of the material in question, because if you have a low number of visitors is a sign that is not impacting your audience. This can happen by the absence of promotional activities (social networking, paid media and other channels) and is thus generating few Leads.

If your LP has a high number of visitors and a low conversion rate, most likely there is some inconsistency in the promotion. How to write something (in advertising, post or email) that has no relation to what is being offered in fact. Thus, people even impact for their action, but to access the Landing Page and have more complete information, see that is not what they expected.

It is always important to be clear with your audience as to what he will earn when completing your form. And the more you know your persona and target their ways of promotion, more assertive will be your conversion.

Dashboard RD Station Marketing

Last email campaign

One of the most common ways to spread some content and relate to their Leads is by sending Email Marketing. To assist as is their performance in the entrance of the Leads box, the RDSM brings key metrics of success of his last campaign sent the dashboard.

In this chart you can quickly analyze how many emails were sent, their percentage of deliverability , open and click. These data are extremely important for you to note several factors, such as “health” of your chosen list (deliverability) and Leads engagement levels (opening and click).

Low levels of openness may mean that you are sending something to a list that does not make much sense. For example, exercise tips for a personal training list. Or that the chosen subject is bad! Avoid very large issues, or very promotional words (free, discount and win) because this can put your email in the box spam . Here ‘s 50 tips Email Marketing !

The central idea is that, through your sent email, Lead be redirected to some Landing Page or point conversion. That is, the higher your click rate, the better! And if that number is low is important hypotheses, such as your email is too long? Entered the link correctly? Your button is with an accent color? It has more than one link (can be the same) over email? Your CTA is at the end of your email?

So you can look better, a successful email campaign reaches the following rates: 95% deliverability; 15% open; 2% click; up to 3% of hard bounce up to 0.1% marked as spam and up to 1% descadastros.

See 10 reasons why your company uses a strategy of Email Marketing!

Dashboard RD Station Marketing

Success Plans

This is a newer feature of RDSM dashboard. For it to appear in your view it is necessary that this plan is created. Go here to learn how !

Anyway, when you access your account you can control how are pending activities and the next to be executed.

Such monitoring is important so that it followed the planning, carrying out dates, identify who is responsible for each action and observe a logical sequence of actions until the chosen goal.

The RDSM offers a range of plans ready with type goals “continue generating Leads”, “qualify and sell to My Leads”, “Marketing Automation” and a dozen more for other purposes. Many of the plans make sense to walk in parallel, and through the fast-track you’ll know your deadlines and what actions should run on.

Learn more about successful plans and related strategies in the post Managing tasks and have better results in Digital Marketing .

Dashboard RD Station Marketing

To complement, stress the importance of higher menu “Analyze”. Tracing marketing strategies without analyzing your past performance is like shooting in the dark. And yet, wasting a chance to identify opportunities for improvement and new possibilities.

Imagine you invest most of your budget and Facebook ads, but to analyze your reports, you realize that your conversion rate is much higher in Leads ads AdWords . Why not allocate more resources to the channel that brings more Leads?

In short

By accessing your account RD Station Marketing, you have a lot of very rich information for the development of your business. Are comments on specific actions, as well as bottlenecks in their sales process. Make decisions based on data brings security to the path to be followed, and contributes to the proof of return of each share.

The important thing is to look at what you have on the screen and control the progress of the actions, in addition to interpret productively and creatively the available information. So you identify improvement opportunities, problems to be corrected and new ideas to new results.

If you do not use the RD Station Marketing, try a free trial and tell me what you think!🙂