How to earn subscribers on YouTube

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If you got this far, you’ve probably wondered, “How can I make my channel on YouTube my main source of income?”.

Surely, you have seen that youtubers most successful, that make their channels a serious work, have millions and millions of members of your videos.

And as it costs nothing to follow in the footsteps of the successful, if you want to be like them in the future, or at least gain more popularity, it’s time to start thinking about how to win subscribers on YouTube.

If you do not even know where to start, do not worry. Keep reading because we will help you!

But first, take the time to check the tips Leticia, marketing analyst here in Hotmart gave about how youtubers work and earn money:

Why is it important to get subscribers on YouTube?

To generate income with YouTube, simplifying enough, you must have an attractive channel, ie well known. That’s the key to give visibility to your videos and get advertisers willing to pay to advertise their products or services.

Besides being important to get sponsors and advertisers, have followers help you strengthen your image to participate in events and even make money from online advertising .

3 youtubers with many subscribers to inspire you

It is not an exaggeration to say that YouTube is one of the most popular social networks of today and one of the best sites for profit (provided you offer original and quality content to users).

We selected three famous youtubers of Brazil to earn money from their channels for you to inspire.

1. Felipe Neto

gain subscribers - Felipe Neto page image on Youtube

In April 2010, Felipe Neto began to post videos on YouTube and his comic and sometimes even aggressively, in just over two years, reached 1 million subscribers, the first channel in Portuguese to reach that number.

Its visibility as youtuber led him to get other jobs, such as advertisements and television programs.

Your videos are composed of skits, comments on the pop world and many memes.

2. 5incominutos

gain subscribers - 5incominutos page image on Youtube

The Kéfera Buchmann channel 5incominutos, which now has over 11 million subscribers, is also on the list of one of the first channels to reach 1 million followers.

With parodies, reviews and videos about behaviors, youtuber won a great wave of fans, expanding your career to the theater, television, and even publishing books.

3. Whindersson Nunes

gain subscribers - Winderson Nunes page image on Youtube

Whindersson Nunes has the second channel with more followers in Brazil, with nearly 30 million subscribers, behind only KondZilla channel.

Your channel has videos of humor, full of parodies and comments on just about everything.

The most interesting of Whindersson trajectory is that he decided to make videos to YouTube when he was only fifteen, and worked hard to achieve success.

20 tips to make subscribers on YouTube

Now that you know the importance of having enrolled on YouTube and has seen some success stories, check out our tips and start putting them into practice right now:

  1. Offer the best content possible
  2. Make an exceptional edition
  3. Get organized with an editorial calendar
  4. Upload videos with a preset frequency
  5. Choose profile pictures and flashy cover
  6. Create playlists with different themes on your channel
  7. Create attractive thumbnails
  8. Create an introduction that is unforgettable
  9. Include a full description and useful in all your videos
  10. Be aware of trends and tags the moment
  11. Enjoy the controversy to position
  12. Use SEO strategies to YouTube
  13. Partner with other youtubers
  14. Parts to people who subscribe to your channel
  15. Encourage viewers to interact with you in the comments
  16. Use the cards and end screens
  17. Promote your channel on your blog and social networks
  18. Use YouTube Analytics to improve your results
  19. Learn from other youtubers
  20. Include surprises at the end of your videos

1. Offer the best content possible

It is undeniable that there are thousands of videos uploaded every day on YouTube.

If you are a big pessimist, you can even use that excuse to fall into the typical comment that “everything has been created.” But remember that there are thousands of people searching for content on YouTube all the time, so there is room for new videos.

While it is true that you have to be creative to succeed, producing quality content from the start is a great start to win its place among those who already have many subscribers.

2. an exceptional edition

When it comes to producing quality content, we are not suggesting that you are the new Almodóvar of the digital age.

While it is true that you do not need to be a professional in the area, be sure to make an issue that causes envy even in yourself.

3. Get organized with an editorial calendar

The frequency of the videos is the key to securing new subscribers and be close to those who are already part of your audience.

Knowing the issues that you want to share the goals we want to achieve are essential for you to continue growing.

The best way to not forget anything is being organized with an editorial calendar .

4. Upload videos with a preset frequency

The frequency is very important to update and maintain your subscribers aware of the updates to your channel.

Set a schedule that is according to your time and trouble: one video per week or every Tuesday and Thursday, for example.

5. Choose profile pictures and flashy cover

It is a mistake to think that only with quality content can get a substantial number of subscribers.

To achieve our goal, we must also begin with the most basic: the profile picture and cover. These two will be the first impression that users will have on your channel, and invest some time in the creation and composition of them will bring good results.

As you can see, all youtubers have a cover with photos of themselves or a logo to identify them quickly.

Make your images are as attractive as the content you want to take your channel.

6. Create playlists with different themes on your channel

Sort your playlists with different themes help your subscribers to see the videos of interest more easily.

7. Create attractive thumbnails

When we speak of thumbnails or thumbnails, we refer to the preview image you choose as the cover photo of your video.

This works to generate engagement for users who are on YouTube, especially to attract them to view its contents. In addition to a good title, you need a good thumbnail.

8. Create an introduction that is unforgettable

It is important to have a good introduction, for this is a way to put your signature on your own videos.

It is what differentiates you from other channels and, in addition, will give his own identity stamp that will make YouTube users to easily identify you to start viewing your content.

9. Include a complete and useful description convert videos

It is important that your videos have to prepare a brief synopsis users about what they will see, but not counting much, as this will generate a loss of charm and will become predictable and boring content.

10. Be aware of trends and tags the moment

Try to take advantage of all the tools that YouTube offers.

Tags help users find you more easily as suggested video. The main thing you need to know is to use the most popular tags and be sure about the gender sorting your videos, such as video tutorials, humor, sports, movies, comedy, among others.

11. advantage to position the controversy

Whenever something happens in the world we can opine. This is great especially when we ran out of ideas to generate new content. However, it is always important to be careful not to offend anyone.

As an example, the scandals or events, whether sporting, political or celebrity.

In addition, you can also find something interesting in the ordinary people everyday videos and give an opinion without being offensive, not to generate misunderstandings with platform users and thus protect your image as a youtuber.

12. Use SEO strategies to YouTube

Use SEO strategies to Youtube will give a better position compared to the other channels, providing the possibility that your videos are the first to be displayed after a user to use the search engine.

This will not only give you more visibility, but also more opportunities to gain subscribers and views on your videos.

13. Partner with other youtubers

Partnering with other youtubers is very important: it can cause you to multiply your chances of getting more subscribers and also expand their creative level.

So if one day you have the opportunity to make videos with other colleagues, do not think twice: go straight.

14. Ask people to subscribe to your channel

If what you want is to win subscribers, be sure to leave a note or warning at the end of the video reminding visitors to do this.

15. Encourage your viewers to interact with you in the comments

Make observations or warnings encouraging viewers to interact with you in the comments is a way to get feedback, whether positive or negative, as well as suggestions for further improving its content.

16. Use the cards and end screens

Why not leave a message invitation cards and end screens?

In addition to attractive, this is a good way to communicate with your visitors and ask them to subscribe to your channel.

17. Promote your channel on your blog and social networks

Make your most visible channel possible, be sure to promote it in their social networks : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all the networks you use. It may be that many people find you in these channels then do not miss this opportunity!

18. Use YouTube Analytics to improve your results

If you are taking this seriously, be sure to use YouTube Analytics to your advantage to improve your results. By using it, you can better define its strategy with recitations of navigation on your channel.

19. Learn from other youtubers

Find out what the big youtubers do and the advice they have to offer to those who dream of being like them one day. also a registered them and be sure to catch up on your news.

20. Include surprises at the end of your videos

Include something unexpected is a way to make your content even more attractive. We all like surprises, and if you do it at the end of your videos, they will be even more impactful.

All that said, it made clear that it will not help if you do not have good content ideas to spread. So check out our post with 15 video ideas to win over his followers .

With our 20 surefire tips on hand to get subscribers on YouTube, we can only wish you much success. See you later!