How to Do Content Marketing for Local Businesses

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Many local businesses are unable to see in the middle of Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing . The reason? Thinking that are incompatible with their methodology realities and the benefits are clearer for nationwide business.

However, many local enterprises have started to invest with this mindset had concrete results, proving that the model works.

Examples of companies that operate locally and generated results with Content Marketing

Results in Digital, we help thousands of customers in transforming their business predictable and scalable growth machines. Many of them are even supplied the local market.

We have some cases of local companies that used among the various strategies of Inbound Marketing, the auxiliary content marketing that economies of scale:

All the above companies have blogs and do marketing content, and the use of the RD Station, our marketing automation software to trigger email campaigns, lead generation, among other features.

Interestingly, and you may notice is that all companies are different niches. Photography, law, dentistry and wine trade have confirmed that it is possible to generate great results with practice. Other segments are also possible, just invest money and time wisely.

So even if your business is a local business that depends on the presence of people visit, make use of content marketing can generate very impressive results. In addition to being a viable strategy for SEO site also serves to nurture an audience, creating a community of loyal customers.

Why the investment makes sense

The practice of content marketing, applied by Digital Income by partners and by many of our customers, brings excellent results within the Inbound Marketing methodology we apply.

It is a method explored in more depth in the eBook “Content Marketing Results for: aligning content to the sales funnel” , produced by us in partnership with Rock Content .

But briefly, we can say that content marketing works for:

  • Educate the audience and potential customers;
  • To be a reference in particular subject related to your market;
  • Influence the buying decision.

If you value your company has an online presence, it is desirable to found the largest number of people. Occupy the top positions on Google is a difficult task which requires extensive work in SEO and content.

Basically, Google needs authority to identify which sites are to be displayed for the first, and that’s where the content.

If your company produces expressive content for your target audience and generate engagement, comments or backlinks is a sign that your site is relevant, and so will gain in authority and, consequently, will rise in the rankings.

Google robot shows what he believes are the best sites. And in addition to a well optimized site for SEO, the high volume of qualified traffic is also an influential factor in these results, since this condition is regarded as an important signal.

Having a blog on topics related to your business you differ from your competitors as well as brand. As in such cases the market is more limited, it becomes indispensable customer loyalty and make them come back more often. Deliver free content to a consumer is a form of approach.

How to mount a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Local Business

Write and publish what you know will not ruin your business. On the contrary, it will make your visitors to create respect for you – or your business – and take as a reference on the subject. In the post “Why produce quality content and reveal their secrets will not kill your business” explore better this dilemma.

If a person seeks, for example, “barber shop in Curitiba” and finds a site that in addition to showing the service also has a blog with tips for taking care of the beard, the chances of such content gain public increases, it generates not only more relevant in search results as well as an identification with people, and spend a larger image of professionalism for the company.

Check out some steps you need to take into consideration to start thinking about your content marketing strategy.

1 – Position yourself!

First of all, you need to think of the persona that your company wants to achieve the desired positioning and the type of content that makes more sense to be published.

Your client needs to learn about the subject? This is the case often in health, wines, law, fashion, among other areas. People have doubts and curiosities about subjects they are interested, and like to get tips on these topics.

His work is interesting in itself? Often, pictures of how was the weekend in a club or bar already help generate interest and comments.

If you do not is none of the above, what it is interesting and is around your market? The events calendar in the week for a taxi cooperative? The latest news from football for a sports bar? The latest releases clips and music to an alternative club?

2 – Try to capture the contact of visitors

Create forms to collect the emails of their users. Whether through the blog, Landing Pages, or contact forms, keep in mind that these users who are entering their email somewhere in your site are potential buyers of your product or service.

There are endless ways to convert your visitors into Leads. In blog posts can have a field for subscription to a newsletter. This can be at the end of posts or even in the blog sidebar in a popup or in the page footer.

Another way to capture these contacts is creating rich materials and making them available for free download on a Landing Page. If you have a garage, you can create a checklist for the driver to the car before a trip. If you are a nutritionist, you can create a healthy eating guide for the summer. If you are a language school, you can create a quiz to test your knowledge of your visitors.

In addition to rich materials, another source of Lead generation can be the own email entry field. You can create a call to action like “Let your email and get a discount on your first purchase,” among other alternatives to encourage users to sign up.

3 – Invest in ads to target the exact audience and get initial traction

Does not mean forgetting to work other techniques such as SEO your blog, for example. But investing in ads will give a draw, at least initially, for your business.

Campaigns in Google Adwords or Facebook Ads has an incredible factor of targeting, which is crucial to your business if it is local.

If you want to further their education in ads, we recommend three materials we provide free access to our archives:

  • eBook “Facebook Ads”
  • Webinar “Introduction to Google Adwords”
  • Kit “Generating Leads with Google Adwords”

4 – Keep active accounts on social networks and promote your content

People often look for stores in social media. This usually happens after they already know your business. So create accounts using the name of your company, or if not possible, as close as possible.

Social networking for local businesses may be important to do various actions such as sweepstakes, contests, putting information (menu, available courses, etc.), address and other things. In addition, of course, be used for you to share the content produced.

Stats 2015 show that “Introduction to Marketing on Facebook” .

5 – Relationship

With a consolidated hearing and Leads generated, you need to think about how will this relationship between your company and your customers.

One of the advantages in using marketing automation is able to create different streams for different audiences. That is, you can have a flow for sending informative newsletters and one for sending offers, coupons and promotions.

The important thing at this stage is to follow good practices in email marketing to get the most out. To maintain this good relationship with your clients, we recommend three important readings:

  • eBook “Newsletters Email”
  • eBook “The Email Marketing Guide”
  • post “18 fantastic tips to make your super attractive emails”

6 – Plan measurement

Measure the online actions efficiently is one of the biggest advantages of Digital Marketing . But how to measure when sales are offline?

This is a very common question on developments to face sales, but there are some existing solutions to lighten this nebulous question. Therefore, we recommend reading the post “5 Ways to measure the impact of online actions in offline sales , so you know how to measure the impact of their digital strategies are causing in your local business.

Put into practice!

Following the steps above, your company will be prepared to start working with content marketing.

The possibilities are countless. With patience and a good work done, the results should appear organically for your company in a few months.

Always remember that when you start a content marketing project you are planting the seeds of your business in the digital sphere. The land is fertile, but the results can only be harvested after a certain time, not immediately.

To learn more about the practice and to take the initial steps, free download of the eBook “Content Marketing for results” . And if you get any questions or if you have any experience to be shared, use the comments below!