How to do a 5-step social network competition review (follow-up worksheet!)

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Certainty you’ve heard that famous phrase Al Pacino film The Godfather II in ” Keep your friends close, more your closest enemies yet “. Well that’s right you have to do on social networks, and yes, we’re talking about your competition. A no you are not required that you see the enemy allies and yes; are exact to you that will boost your business direction to Success .

And what is the best way Near fying two competitors your on social networks? Attending, see or Ls and analyze-do carefully. That’s right: analyzing is essential to competition within your strategies in social networks .

You know how your social media marketing strategy is working, do not you know your competition to walk doing?

And even better: can you make intelligent decisions to help keep your current and attract new customers are you know nothing about your competition?

This in your head boat: the closer two competitors to yours, the more you have of knowing chances are the ones in your social activities Media are right way or not something that has to be potentiated, removed or Magazine.

Now, how should you conduct an efficient competition analysis? What given should you analyze and what are the tools that can help in the process ?

Details on everything I have to finish when you already read this article feel have to be true specialist in a review of the competition even without having in the experience area. In addition, one will share you can download model, so you can now do start competitive analysis of yours. And then, the best spy will turn all the time you ?

analitics gives competition

Should you do that analysis one of the competition? 12 Reasons that will make you say ‘I want’

Asking is you that it is so important to do analysis of the competition , will see all answers below and will no longer need to think Nessa question.

Because analyzing your competitors will not only serve know-the-bottom , know or I are doing is ‘m giving right or prove is they grow more or less , more will also help you namely in which aspects you are better than they . At the same time you are allowed to take decisions that will help you improve your potential social media strategy . And there’s more, more .

So, you are asking that you should invest one of the part your precious time in analysis do two competitors , I am going to give some Reasons for you want to start even today (and the good news is that in truth, you can start this way to finish this article read ). Paper and pen hand?

Do an analysis that gives competition? 12 Reasons to Say “Yes”

analitics gives competition

  1. Provides a general view of your bouquet of performance;
  2. Help namely the competitors Its is communicating with or public;
  3. I know at all times or that competition is doing , wherever that is;
  4. I identify strong Points and weaknesses of your strategy – and give Deles;
  5. Know better to have your customers and one more their solid idea two habits ;
  6. Inspire af azer new things and implement potent actions more;
  7. Detect something you had not into account had taken but me and relevant;
  8. Know or is doing right you and what not   – so to act with needs as agreed;
  9. Surprises avoid already know you that moves gives you all competition;
  10. Go out on the front, already that will know the context or you and your Podera provide Behavior;
  11. You allow monitor activity to evolve from competitors and their to compare performance with yours;
  12. Avoid or stagnate and encourage permanent improvement to position itself as you a your in Sector Reference.

Definitely see or will others are doing to help you improve your own policy of social media and make your business that Cresca.

analitics gives competition

Most importantly and have you not in mind is ‘spy’ competition, Analyze is required to pull or benefit from your greatest strategy. basically:

The analysis of competition is either not to spy copy, but rather to have an ideas and identify competitive advantage.

So, you should now make know that constant competitive analysis, want to make a know also the analysis and the competition that needs to be considered? Just follow reading!

To do an analysis in the social networks competition in 5 steps

1. Identify who your competitors are

The first step in analyzing competitors is to know who they are and where they are . The first step is to try not Google and in Social Networks, met your competition hair and choose least four competitors. This form you will already have given sufficient to begin or study.

So that competition analysis is complete, we pay attention types of competitors:

  • Direct competition . Your direct competitors Find, that is, the Enterprises that make the same market share in you and offer the product or even service , for example: Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Samsung and Apple .

analitics gives competition

  • Competition indirect subsidiary . On the other hand, I found its indirect competitors, that is, the parts make companies of their Sector and even have or public-target, more than they sell a different product – even that they meet the same demand, as the case gives Red Bull and gives Starbucks . Both offer, more or public- or even Target and different Products. Try a Prune Portion of consumers choose between or an energy drink coffee – people that want to take something that “shake”.

analitics gives agreement

2. Define given you that you want the competition to analyze

Once you have your competitors identified, you need to define which ones you will analyze says.

For example, in which your social networks are competing ? How many daily and weekly posts do Facebook, Twitter and channels in all social media? How many have followers ? That kind of content publish ? How many interactions are generated with likes, shares and feedback? Do they respond to public messages ?

In short, everything or you think that can help you learn more about your competition and analyze your behavior more effectively.

And you do not know where to start or which dice incorporate two above plus mentioned NAO worry, because in step 4 I’m going to share a model for download to know which ones you gave need followed.

analitics gives agreement

3. Have the best tools always

We are in the Internet age where everything is easier to do than ever, this, he is you not known to analyze your competition, do not worry: there are tools specifically bred to help you to do analysis two competitors a more comprehensive shapes possible.

And, eventhough is a find’re given that you can do thing with ease – reviewing profiles Rivals you – here I go some tools that can be quite useful:

  • Quicksprout . It lets compare up to four competitors at the same time and shows how much of the content they share in their social networks.
  • Fanpage Karma . Check the presence and its of your competition in the social networks. Or free map gives Possibility of analyzing will last 90 days of all accounts as and for comparing or performance , or growth , or content more used or number of fans Interactions, a frequency of publication and engagment , depending on the day, and much more.
  • Audiense (formerly SocialBro ) . And its measure allows competition in the brand at the same time Twitter. The tool has compared its actions with its two ace competitors.
  • Twitter Counter . With this possible make is a comparison tool of Twitter followers and tweets, although to allow free version only display no more than six months.
  • Like Lyzer . This is great. Make a complete analysis of Facebook fan pages of the only inform you URL : Analyze from basic to the most information yield of the publications.
  • Quintly It is similar to Fan Page Karma and allows monitoring social networks (such as Facebook, for a free period test). Provides information about you KPIs or two fans Behavior users activate more response time and Interactions with users and location, among others.

4. Gather the given and analyze information

It has come to the team of truth: the team of Do to competition analysis , identify what is the competitive advantage of your (and thus work for PROMOVE it) and see what are the useful information that you can extract two competitors your to improve or performance in their social networks strategy.

All this to analyze, is a lot essential that documented you or where it goes scoring dice tells you clearly and groupable . It is to make this important and dedicated follow-up the necessary time for analysis.

And for you do not perch that time with task – and, obviously, to save work – we raise an excel with you says you need to include time in a two competitors analysis. For access or document, download directly to your computer .

Regardless of the use, spreadsheet is already very practical you just need to fill required fields.

analitics gives agreement

lique in the image to download or not your computer model.

5. Make decisions and create strategies

Once you have gathered and analyzed your competitors’ two information, arrive at either turning point: take decisions as that will move or your company’s direction .

He has not found this to be true reason what is for your competitors you analyze: to make your business improve . So, you already have that given you all at your disposal, deciding is to do with them or.

Take advantage of the opportunity to make your brainstorming and strategy to redefine social media , more also go Alem and Enjoy to you potentiate actions as you know they worked, let do All that is not running or never let of proving new ideas. This is how you will find that formula that allow you to grow and grow while small competitors stay on your mirror.

Make you a good review two competitors and take measures as appropriate, no one is going it.

analitics gives agreement

So, did you find these 5 steps for analysis to make a two competitors ? Go implement? Useful information are? Leave your comments!

Oh, and as always, do not share. Leave of this Article in social networks so that all you undertakings of small and medium can porte take advantage of these tips! And you get to know of any of your competition’s claims, remember again Al Pacino and says ” it’s nothing personal, it’s just business“;).