How to Design an Updated and Effective Social Media Plan

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social media plan

Hundreds of companies and businesses have an interesting presence in social networks . However, many of them still not clear what is your strategy in this regard. That is, do not yet know exactly why or what do what they do.

There is a lot of improvisation. An example of this would be to observe the large number of channels IGTV that brands are creating. New tools, new toy. Why does this happen? Basically for two reasons: the need to ride the wave of trends and the absence of a Plan of Social Media solid.

In this article, we will see how to deal with this issue so important to achieve the objectives of Marketing established.


social media plan


The steps do not fail to make a plan of Social Media Updated and Effective

First, let ‘s define what a Social Media plan : it is a document describing the main points of a strategy on social networks . You must be aligned with the objectives of Digital Marketing and business plan.

And something fundamental that often goes long: must be comprehensive. That is, the social media plan is structured in parts. Each of them must be chained to the others, have a relationship. It is a team that should play in harmony.

STEP 1: Diagnosis of the brand, the Web and platforms

To make a diagnosis is necessary to analyze, investigate. You’ll have to ask many questions. Let’s list a few here:

  • Does the brand have a general plan or marketing communication?
  • How is it working that plan? Are the problems are Where?
  • Already you have a social media plan in progress? Why do you want change?
  • What is your target audience?
  • How do you sell your product or how your service contract?
  • Already we have implemented a sales funnel?
  • What has made the Internet so far? Has this worked?
  • Do you talk about it on the Internet? Where and what it is said?
  • Who is the competition?
  • What does competence in social networks ?, What ?, How do you use it? 
  • What is different about this brand relative to other industry?



And missing a question that is essential to create a social media plan effective: What are the objectives of the company or business? You should always check this point and update planning with focus set on this issue.

Suppose one of your business goals is to increase its market share in a specific area. The marketing plan needs to be developed social networks in order to go after that goal.

Needless to say we are only putting some questions here, but chances are asking other things on the Web (if the brand already has site) and social paltaformas. The Web, is it prepared to fulfill what is expected of her? Is it okay worked at the level of SEO? What keywords should be included? What user experience offers ?, What social networks should be present the brand, why ?, and so on

STEP 2: Design Strategy

Made all the necessary audits, it is time to set goals that are SOCIAL MEDIA SMART . The acronym stands for :


Source: Question Pro

Need nurture communities ?, raise awareness (awareness) ?, get leads ?, learn more about the audience? It is important to be specific when defining your goals Social Media. Also be realistic, ie, they do not pretend things almost impossible (even in relation to the time in which you propose to reach them), attainable, measurable and within a period of time.

According to an article by marketers of Social Media Examiner ,

The goal you decide to pursue will determine the strategies adoptarása and performance metrics that should follow. After you have this overall goal, you can begin to identify relevant metrics, design strategies and create content.

Now it’s time to define the content plan. The first issue is to decide, according to several factors, in which social networks will be present the brand. This is the time to think about the news and put together a plan as current as possible.

Look at this chart Statista , one of the most important portals statistics Web:


It is a ranking of the most popular social platforms in the US until April 2018 according to the number of active users in the millions.  The podium takes him Facebook with 2.2 billion users . FollowedYouTube with 1.5 billion, with 1.3 billion WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger 1.3 billion. Are all messaging applications.

Only in the seventh position appears Instagram 800 billion active users. Perhaps you expected to appear earlier. Anyway, these statistics do not reflect all realities, but show a trend.

At least, we used to know that Facebook has to be within the social networks you will use for your brand. You could also think of a strategy by Whatsapp or YouTube channel. It all depends on the objectives, the public and other factors related to the product or service.

If your audience does not use Instagram, then discard it from your plan. You do not need to be there just because all brands use it. You have to be where your customers or potential customers are.

Once you have chosen the social networks that are going to include in your plan, you’ll have to build the strategy or plan in an organized manner. To do this, we recommend our article: downloadable Checklist for defining your social media plan step by step . If you want can download this cheklist directly from this link .

What are the trends that are going to consider for your plan up to date? 

  • Social listening. Keeping track of what is said about your brand, your products or services. Also competition. Reply all comments, good or bad. This is not new, but there Most users and a large number of networks, we must not overlook this point.
  • Live broadcast and video. Undoubtedly, the current trend is set to the video content and live. Back to say: you have to evaluate the use of YouTube or video use resources Facebook or Instagram.
  • Influencer Marketing. This type of marketing is growing despite poor forecasts. You need to know more about it and start applying.
  • Facebook used to set the pace . The great Neil Patel simplifies as follows :

“It’s easy to see Facebook past its best. It has existed since 2004, a lifetime in the digital realm, and news and trends often focus on new and emerging.

That’s a big mistake. Facebook is the platform to govern all plataformas.Fue, is and will remain. If you only participate in two platforms should be Facebook and another. Three? Facebook and two others. You get the idea. “

  • More commitment messaging platforms. If the use of messaging applications is increasing, then we have to commit ourselves more with them. Why not think about the possibility of incorporating a strategy Whatsapp?
  • Instagram stories. Use this tool (if Instagram is incorporated into your plan) is almost mandatory. Being in the stories is repeated at the top of customers, it is to increase the number of followers and even get any sales.
  • Augmented reality. This is perhaps the future of social networks. Only with a smartphone, users are able to enjoy this experience. Lens Studio Snapchat already is opening the doors to brands to create experiences of RA.


STEP 3: Metrics and Evaluation

You are implementing your social media plan. It not all ends there. To find out what are the results and to make the necessary adjustments will have to make a close follow – up of some metrics . This is also part of the design of a plan of Social Media.

How to do it? In this article we will briefly review the most important indicators (KPIs). For that, let’s turn to another specialist in Digital Marketing, Juan Carlos Mejia . According to their assessment, indicators Social Media can be divided into categories.


In this graph you can see a resument of the three categories of indicators: Conversion and results, Interaction and Outreach, Community and Management.

The purpose of this article is not to dwell on this issue, which deserves much deeper. But let’s see an example.

Scenario: Your goal is to increase awareness / knowledge ( “awareness”) of your brand. The reasons can be many: you’ve lost a significant amount of market share, or are trying to reach a new target market or you’re launching a new product or service, among others.

What metrics you are going forward? For there will be a mixture of all categories of indicators:

  • Midrange by post
  • Traffic from social media websites
  • Number of followers
  • Number of brand mentions
  • Levels of engagement (likes, shares, comments, responses, etc.)
  • Voice percentage (coverage of the mark in relation to competition)

Many of these metrics are accessible from free tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. Monitoring should be organized to be effective. When there is a mismatch, we can solve immediately. Therefore, it is very important to have perfectly clear what we measure and how often.


We have reached the end of this article! What do you think if you tell us your experience and methodology to design a Social Media Plan Cash? We look forward to your comments!