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Some companies have discovered how to harness the benefits of a blog, but many others are still skating while maintaining a content oriented sections  press releases , company values, business jargon etc. Do not make your business blog more of these.

The best blogs companies are those that give the audience a more personal contact than that feeling of impersonal corporate feel. They are those that offer a form of interest and real dialogue that create a base of loyal readers.

Let the “corporate” out
Forget that thing of “corporate”. The blog of your business should be interesting, impressive and.

Dave Kellogg, CEO of Mark Logic, comments: “I’m not sure ‘remarkable’ and ‘corporate blog’ belong to the same sentence. Notable corporate blogs are blogs in reality dedicated people working in the company. ” And still adds: “Rather than to aim at a ‘corporate blog’, you should think about having many great bloggers within the company.”

Who should write for the blog? All!
Giovanni Rodriguez, co-founder of Hubbub, comments: “Whether your business is small or large, you need to understand that social media are tools for everyone, not only for public relations or press officer.”

With different people in the company acting as blog authors, more content and different areas and issues will arise, making it easy to capture readers and also increases the discussions on the issues commented.

Your content should go beyond “your business”
Always speak your company will get boring. Contribute interesting content areas that may be of interest to your target audience flows more smoothly.

Discuss issues and topics that your readers are interested, present market trends and industry comment on the opinions that gurus and experts in the field are talking about.

Blogs should not be focused on marketing (though end up generating this result)
have commented here on the blog Digital results that blogs are important tools of digital marketing , but should not be used to sell directly your product or service. It works best to keep in touch with your audience and hold it to your brand.

Focus on your audience and that will add value to it, instead of just want to sell your product. Share stories of use, for example, generates curiosity in people.

Personal contact
A blog is a closer form of personal contact with your customers away from the impersonal atmosphere of the company’s official website.

Keep interactions and encourages
dialogues are always good. They bring more dynamism to the blog. Some things you should do to keep them:

  • Write encouraging comments, for example, by various questions;
  • Stay tuned to dialogue and to respond quickly Comments (wait 3 days to answer them is not pretty for your readers).

Commit to

  • Focus on interesting content;
  • Escape the marketing manjadas maneuvers;
  • Be creative and let aside the boring stuff of a company
  • … or else do not create a blog.

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This post was based on the text How to Make an Awesome Corporate Blog – Entrepreneur .