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Learn how to create a successful Facebook page to increase your sales

The most important social network of our time in terms of size and relevance is Facebook. For that reason, all businesses that want to take advantage of digitization  we live now to grow, they must include in their strategies Social Media . But  how do you create a successful Facebook page?

Give that you talk about in this blog post ! Today we will know what is the importance of Facebook for Digital Marketing , we will review the advantages of having a website and finally we will give you 6 Practical tips and highly effective to build a significant presence for your business on Facebook . Here we go!

How important is Facebook? A look at the statistics

Creating a Facebook page

For many people, spending time on social networks is part of their daily routine, and in that context Facebook is one of the most commonly used. In addition, a study  recently showed that 75% of Facebook users check the site every day.

So that, where your business can count on a Facebook page greatly increases the chances that your brand is present in the daily lives of users. Now we know more about the statistics of this network, to understand its importance in terms of Digital Marketing:

  • Worldwide there are more than Creating a Facebook page to promote your brand
  • Until December 2016 Facebook had more than 1100 million daily users active from mobile phones , an increase of 23% each year.
  • Per second are created on Facebook 5 profiles .
  • The busiest time on Facebook is between 1 and 3 PM .
  • On Thursday and Friday, the engagement on Facebook is 18% higher.
  • Each day, a total uploaded to Facebook 300 million photos .
  • The average navigation time on Facebook is 20 minutes .
  • Every minute , posted on Facebook 510,000 Comments , 293,000 US and 130 thousand photos .

As you can see, Facebook is not only continuous growth but has an excellent engagement by their users. And because of its expansion worldwide, and has offices in major cities , including Berlin, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Madrid.

What are the advantages of creating a Facebook page for your business?

Taking a look at the statistics you can understand that Facebook is an excellent tool to reach your audience, both for its size and the level of interest and loyalty demonstrating its users. Now let ‘s look more specifically what benefits it can bring to create a Fan Page for your business .

1- lets you build a brand identity

Creating a profile for your business on Facebook is ideal to transmit your brand identity . From your profile picture to the tone that you use in your posts or type of content that you upload, everything speaks of style and values of your business . Take advantage of all that to build a positive image !

Creating a Facebook page for companies

2- Increase contact with your audience

As a social network, Facebook is an ideal opportunity to interact with people interested in your proposed space . Generate these dialogues strengthen the relationship between your business and users, and humanizes your brand. So remember to Likes, respond to comments and reply to private messages you receive.

3- It helps to know your audience

Be present on Facebook and interact with your audience is the practice more convenient for interiorizarte with the profile of your audience , and this in turn will enable to refine your digital and sales strategies, get feedback on products, meet concerns of your customers, etc.

4 is a highly effective advertising tool

Since its inception, Facebook has refined its tools for advertisers , including refined segmentation system and the ability to create custom ads (ie, the option to display your advertising alert for a list of people) stands out. This decreases the maximum investment risk.

5- It is a great search engine business

When they want to know more about a business they liked, people turn to Facebook . There they can learn the location of the store, their hours and even communicate with their managers. For more accurate results, Facebook offers search filter (such as location, type of activity, etc.).

Creating a Facebook page for your business

6-SEO brings great benefits

Facebook profiles always appear among the top Google search results. For that reason, to establish your brand in the most used search engine, nothing like creating a Facebook page. 

7- It is a good place to sell

Finally, Facebook is an excellent place to sell , as evidenced by Tupperware and Avon resellers every year. To learn more about this topic, check out our article on how to party sales on Facebook .

10- lets you provide Customer

More and more companies opt to Facebook when choosing the channel through which they provide customer service (p. Eg. Movistar). This is largely because the social network offers practical tools to perform these tasks, such as the ability to create automatic responses or app mobile management .

How to create a Facebook page effective? 6 foolproof tips

Creating a Facebook page to sell more

Now that you know the advantages of having a Facebook page to promote your business, we will share with you 6 Effective Tips for your Fan Page grow steadily .

1- Optimize your profile

Once you’ve created your brand, it is important that you fill up your profile to show a professional image . To do this you must use photos in the appropriate resolution and add a precise and brief description of your business proposal.

Also we suggest adding your location and hours of operation of your business . Finally, do not forget to include your contact details so that the audience can contact you. You can make all these adjustments through the menu Information / Edit Settings.

Creating a Facebook page - Step 1

2- Promote your page

After completing your profile, it’s time to promote your Facebook page to attract new followers and generate your community . In this sense it is very advisable to carry out promotional activities so much online as offline .

E.g. You can invite your friends and family to your Fan Page Like , both through Facebook and via mail, adding links to your site, promoting your website on your business stationery, etc. And now Facebook allows you  to add your website to your personal account , so your contacts see it close to visit your profile.

Creating a Facebook Page efficient and beneficial for your business

3- Define your communication strategy

Having done all this, it becomes essential to have a strategy for social networks (in this case, Facebook). This will allow you to determine the type of content that will share, how often, in what tone and other factors that will simplify your task.

In this regard, it is highly recommended to analyze the profile of your audience to understand what type of content will provide added value , and then create a publication agenda. You can learn more about all this throwing our post on how to create a social media strategy in 6 steps .

Creating a Facebook page to connect with your audience

4- Enjoy videos on Facebook

The videos are the star content in Facebook and this is demonstrated every day, to the point that social network competes at present in terms of quantity YouTube videos generated by its users. Alongside this, if your business is aimed at seniors 50 years post videos is the ideal strategy to reach them .

Thus, besides publishing entertaining, informative and promotional videos everyday , we advise you to change your cover photo for a video to maximize the appeal of this type of content. You can p. eg. create a video presentation of your business (with a minimum duration of 20 seconds and a maximum of 90).

How to create a successful Facebook page

5- Transmits live video

For the same reason cited above, the live video report a huge success on Facebook. Thus, we recommend planning Webinars, exhibitions, consultations with the public or cover your business event and transmit them via live streaming .

To do this you simply use Facebook Live , through the publication type buttons on the panel editing posts, as shown in the image below. Remember to promote your live days or weeks before carrying it out, to create expectation in your audience.

Creating a Facebook page step by step


6- Optimize your publications

When publishing there are a number of practices that you should take to maximize the exposure of your posts . Among them is included r edactar short postings, place mentions other users whenever relevant, add the location of your business and to label people or your brand in the pictures (without abusing).

Alongside this we recommend reviewing your website statistics to find the time in which your posts are most successful and publish at that time. After discovering the most convenient time of day, you can schedule your posts with Postcron , to automatically share at the time you specify.

Creating a Facebook page to help you sell more

To conclude we can say that Facebook is and will remain for some time the world’s leading Social Network.  It’s why your business should be present in it! Create your Fan Page, follow our advice, And then tell us!

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