How to create an automatic e-mail receiving response in cPanel

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A receiving e-mail autoresponder is a message sent to a pre-defined text to the contact who sent you an email. It can be used to notify the contact in various situations.

You will go on vacation? It is unavailable at the time? You can always leave an automatic reply email ready. Regardless of the situation, you can get ahead and never leave your contact “on hand.”    

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create and manage a receiving e-mail auto responder in cPanel . Come on?

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What will you need

Before you start to follow this guide, you will need the following:

  • Access to the control panel cPanel

Step 1 – Navigating cPanel> Section Auto Responders

Soon after accessing your cPanel control panel, find the category – mail and access the section Respondents Automatic .email section in cPanel to create an autoresponder email receipt

Step 2 – Creating an automatic reply e-mail receipt

Once inside the category, receiving e-mail autoresponder can be set up on the button Add automatic respondents .button to add automatic responder to create an autoresponder email receipt

After that, a creation screen opens. You need to fill some fields. Pay attention to them, below.fill options in cpanel to create autoresponder email receipt

  1. Character Set – A defined list of characters recognized by a hardware or computer software. Unless you have specific needs, leave this field marked as utf-8 . Most internet users find the character set utf-8 .  
  2. Interval Specifies how long the receiving e-mail auto – reply will be sent to the contact. If you put 0 (zero) in this field, the automatic response will be sent to each new received from the same contact email. Some hosting providers have a mail sending limit. So it is not recommended to leave this field to 0. To prevent the mail service is interrupted, it is recommend that you have a range of at least 1 hour (depending on your needs).    
  3. Email – This field requests the name of your inbox. For example, if your email is , just the word test must be placed there.
  4. Domain – This field lists the available fields. If your domain is , only the terms @ should be used.   
  5. Of – this field will the name of the person who is sending the e-mail auto responders (you in this case).more fields in cpanel to create autoresponder email receipt
  6. Subject – Field you place the subject of automatic responses. CPanel also lets you use the tag % subjetc% , which will match the subject of the sender. For example, if the sender set the matter as Question and automatic response is set to re:% subject% , it will appear as re: Question . To understand the points 5 and 6, here is an automatic response example receiving e-mail using the configuration specified in the images above .Response example received to create autoresponder email receiving in cpanel
  7. This message contains HTML – Marking this field, automatic reply will be sent in HTML . Otherwise, it will be sent in Plain Text . HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language . It’s the way Web pages and template models are emails are programmed so that text and images are displayed on the screen. The Plain Text is the common text without formatting style, special characters and special layout options.
  8. Body – Space to put the contents of the automatic response.
  9. Start – field that lets you choose a specific date for when the receiving e-mail auto responder is enabled. Also, you can check the option immediately for instant activation.
  10. Stop – field lets you choose the last date on which the receiving e-mail automatic reply will be sent. Also, if the option Never is selected, sending messages is always active (unless you remove it manually).

Once everything is completed, you can click the Create / Modify  ( 11 ) to confirm the settings. You will see the following message on your screen: Auto responder creation confirmation message to create autoresponder email receipt

Congratulations! The automatic response tool receiving e-mail is now working.

Step 3 – Testing the automatic reply email receipt

Automatic replies can be easily tested by yourself. You simply send an email to each other using another email account whatsoever.

Depending on the messaging server traffic, it may be it takes a minute or two to get the mail. And if the tool is not working, your hosting company should be contacted for assistance.

Step 4 – Editing and Removing an autoresponder email receipt

An email receipt autoresponder can be changed at any time. You can do this by pressing the button Edit in the section Auto Responders in cPanel.  edit option to create an autoresponder email receipt

And if you do not want to use an autoresponder, you can remove it by pressing the Delete . Then click Delete Auto Responder to confirm the action.option to delete to create receiving e-mail autoresponder in cpanel

option to delete auto responder to create e-mail receiving automatic response in cpanel

When the auto-answer option is removed, you will see on the screen a confirmation message like the image below.confirm the deletion of the automatic responder

robot sends several messages after creating an autoresponder email receipt


Creating a receiving e-mail auto responder is a great tool that you can use for various purposes. In this tutorial, you saw how easy it is to create, edit, manage, and remove a receiving e-mail auto responder in cPanel.

More information you can find on the official site of cPanel . Here’s further explanation that you use to create an automatic email response. And if by chance continue with any questions, be sure to ask in the comments box below.