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How to create a pinterest board Campana Halloween Pinterest

October is coming to an end and Halloween is getting closer. 

Scary how fast time flies! Those who have not yet planned his disguise have few days to do so. Those who have not bought sweets  for children, should also hurry. And those who have not yet planned marketing activities related to Halloween definitely have to start now. 

<< Download images and royalty free photo to use in your campaigns according to the season >>

If you are a B2B brand, maybe you wonder how marketing on Halloween could help you achieve your goals. The answer is simple: take advantage of Halloween is like using the newsjacking technique to a story in your industry, but has a reach even greater .

In fact, according to the Federation of Retail Sale United States , about 1 in 10 people (9.3%) explores the attractions Pinterest boards to copy costume ideas (as opposed to 7.1% last year). Since there is such a large audience interested in the theme of Halloween on Pinterest, you have a very valuable (and easy) opportunity to plan some marketing activities last moment on this platform.

Extra point : You will not have to put aside everything you are doing not increase the budget of the campaign; we have all the resources you need to create your board and show you how to do it in this publication. When you finish reading this article, you can easily prepare your Pinterest campaign. 

Resources to create the best Halloween board on Pinterest

As we love to walk the talk, we decided to develop a Pinterest board with all the resources you need to create Halloween boards on this platform. Let us see below.

How to make a board on Halloween

If you need help to get going, you should just follow these steps:

1) Choose a theme (note crafts is a subject that works for all brands)

It is not necessary that you are a B2C brand to succeed in Pinterest. The good news is that users of Pinterest are raving ideas for making your own creations (and this is what you provide with inbound marketing).

For example, if you have a financial company, it is likely to write in your blog articles on how to make a budget. Why not go a step further and create a Pinterest board about that? You could include a free online calculator, free budget template of your website and some users that your audience can follow on Twitter and receive advice on budgeting (but using some references to Halloween).

Want to see a real example of how to do this practice? Our friends AmeriFirst created a fantastic board on Halloween called Business Real Estate For Zombies . As you read: real estate company took Halloween and taught them something new to their Pinterest followers. 

The moral of the story: you unleash your imagination. There are numerous ways to incorporate Halloween into your Pinterest board; Whether you choose to create a list of supplies for the Halloween party at the office or create a tenebrous guide gardening supplies.

2) Make your content

You get the idea to the board. Now it's time to decide what content to include going. Is it only blog posts and marketing offers your business? ¿Publications influencers? I content of your community? Images and articles ¿random?

You should combine all these options, but the amount of content in each category will depend on your goals.

For example, if you want to attract sales opportunities with this board on Halloween, you should have more content generating sales opportunities. If you try to strengthen ties with influencers, try to include more content from them. Do you want to interact with your community? Share more content from them. And if you want to get more followers, the best option is to include random images and articles that are relevant to the theme of your board. 

Decide which will combine content, find all the links you want to add and organize them somehow. It is recommended to use an Excel spreadsheet or Google. That way, it is easier to observe the balance of sources of content you're trying to achieve. 

Halloween Pinterest Excel bell

3) Find or create ideal images

Already you have the topic and links; Now you must ensure that the images are amazing. You can not always trust that you include the link showing the right image; perhaps the content of the link was not written specifically for Halloween, so you may not have relevant images on the subject. Images are the essence of your Pinterest board, so you must ensure that each is the best

But how do you do if you have a budget that allows you to purchase high quality photos or design time? You only need to know what resources to use. There are a lot of useful materials, tutorials and free tools that can help you create or find good images. We offer the following:

  • Crash course on creating visual content for marketers . Get some useful tips on practical design with this crash course.
  • Photographs of stock on Halloween . As part of our collection of stock photos, we have a number of specific images of Halloween to help you create the perfect environment for your pin. We also have a series of photos of stock issues general or business that you can use if you wish.
  • 135 free icons . Improve your graphic design with these cool icons. Use them in your favorite or just copy and pastein PowerPoint to create original graphics to your followers Pinterest design program.
  • follow the steps in this blog post to quickly create an infographic that you leave your gawking fans.
  • Change the colors of Halloween for your board . Wantchange your images and graphics to have the colors of Halloween? Here's howdo it in PowerPoint.

4) Place a watermark in the original content

If you elaborate graphics options, do not forget to place your logo or website URL of your business as a watermark. Unfortunately often steal images Pinterest. So if you want to defend your content, be sure to place a watermark. And it's very simple: just add text or a logo on the bottom of your image. If you want to keep with the theme of Halloween, you can wear black and orange colors for the font.

With a watermark, users will always know that your brand created the content, which could generate direct traffic and sales opportunities for your business. 

5) Add a URL shortened with UTM parameters to the description of your pin

Editor 's note: since this publication was made, click here .

Now that you've anticipated content thieves Halloween, what's next? Can progress and publish?

No. You have to take one step before posting on Pinterest. If you want to add UTM parameters to track the success of that campaign.  

The URL you add a description is different from what you add to the pin (the URL in the description found in the text below each pin). Not need to include an abbreviated URL in the description of the pin, since the URL included in the pin will not allow you to use shortened URLs or UTM parameters.

Since not everyone will click on the link to the description, this additional link gives you an opportunity to gather more specific information on your Pinterest campaign on Halloween.

6) Add relevant keywords on Halloween to descriptions of your pin

It is very important that users find your pin easily, and for that you add popular and relevant keywords on Halloween.

No need to be hashtags (although they help users discover additional content when viewing individual pins). Which one should you start? #Halloween could be the first. Just make sure you do some research on Pinterest keywords before posting, so your pins can attract more users through search terms relevant and popular.

7) Publish your pin strategically

Yes now; we are ready to publish. To be honest, many people recommend adding a pin every hour in order to have greater exposure in sections latest news from your followers. That strategy might work if you have all the time in the world and you have no obligations meetings during the day.

Definitely my day to day is not, and probably yours either.

Because of these limitations of time, you must have a realistic and strategic vision of your Halloween campaign. Think about your ultimate goal before you start posting. Are you going to link or embed this board elsewhere ? If so, do it all at once, since the board is the center of your campaign, not individual pins. 

If you're not going to embed elsewhere, mark 3 periods of the day to post: once in the morning, once before lunch and once in the afternoon. You could also set up a calendar invitation as a reminder. Since we already have planned the content, you probably will not take too long.

Why would you want to advertise how often you publish if you do not link your publication elsewhere? Individual pins have to do with how you want your fans to discover your content. Makes sense?

Notably payment tools are programmed pin for you: Curalate and Viraltag are two main options. 

You decide if you want to spend money on a single board Pinterest on Halloween, but remember that there are other free ways to do it. 

8) Show your success with your boss Based on the data

Published your panel and you watched the visit of followers, website traffic and sales opportunities through your closed loop analytics. Amazing! Make sure your boss knows you achieved success with your campaign, in an objective manner. 

Prepares a brief campaign report documenting key metrics and successes of the campaign. Be sure to mention your overall growth numbers (followers, repines, comments, your website traffic and sales opportunities), but also considers metrics include individual pins that stand out.

For example, suppose a pin prompted a large number of sales opportunities. In that case, you might want to explain why you think this pin had good results.

If you want a simple way to show this season and the rest of your monthly metrics your boss, we have a free template you can download here

That is all! Once you have metrics at your fingertips and proud to have achieved your boss, you'll reuse the next time. It is never too early to start making plans for next Halloween.🙂

Create a campaign pintástica Halloween! You can share your boards in the comments. We'd love to see them!