How to choose the best website domain?

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The creation of a new business part of a purpose, a plan and the realization of choices that become crucial to the future success.

Among these choices, they are the mark and, consequently, the address at which this business will be present online, or your domain. The area has great influence on the visibility of a web business and therefore choose the best available is essential to attract customers potential you want.

Register a domain means ensuring an online home address, even if you do not have or want to have a website at this time.

From the decision of the name of your business, any time is ripe for you to register your domain. Whereas the possibilities for domains available for registration are increasingly limited (more than 3.5 million domain names with the .com extension are already registered), the best scenario is you even check the domain availability before to define the name of your brand and, if not available, find another.

Registration requires one of the smallest investments you will hold (compared to making a website , for example), but bring important results. With your own domain, your business can be found through Google searches, may have access to your page in a facilitated social network allows you to have personalized emails, a blog, and still use Marketing Automation tools responsible for generating leads and sales.

No matter what stage your business is; it is still just an idea or an established company for many years, follow the tips in this post to understand how to choose the best domain, what are their characteristics and what impact this decision.

At the time of seeking an available domain

Every domain must be generated from the same assumptions used to generate a brand: meaning, simplicity and availability. If you already have a brand, your domain should preferably be your brand.

For example, if your brand is “Express Market”, prefer to register the “” domain. Alternatively, you can also register domains that relate to your product, if available, such as “” and “”.

Time to seek an available domain also seeks its mark or expression you want to use as a domain on Google and social networking research, to find out what already appears on the term in the search results.

That way you can possibly know about other companies that may be using the same brand (or some very similar spelling) as well as anticipate what will be their competition for that the in searches. A unique name has greater impact, and prevent ailments and intellectual property, the lower their early competition for the term of your brand, the faster you will gain the best positions in the searches .

Think of memorization and dissemination domain

Best practices that apply to the generation of business names also apply to the choice of areas: easy to remember, simple to talk and type. Remember that you may disclose your domain in many ways: your business card, the signature in your email, an ad in a magazine, a phone call, a radio or television channel etc.

Simpler still, you will tell your friends and family what is the address of your site to access, does not it? Shortly before confirming the domain name registration, do a quick exercise with known counting that address them in an email, by phone, or in a conversation. There were difficulties in understanding or memorization? Then test other options.

In addition, many of your customers will access your website directly by typing the address in the browser, so it should be simple to be saved and entered. It is recommended, therefore, that a domain has no more than 15 characters. It is the exact size of our example: “”.

Anticipating possible typos or spelling, it is desirable that similar domains or small typos are registered for you as well, in addition to your primary domain. Following the same example, it would be interesting to note also “”, “”, “”, and the like.

free areas cost more to your business than you might think

There are free options available online to have an address or create e-mail accounts of your company. However, you should be aware that not registering your own domain and creating their personalized e-mail accounts , you are leaving space for others to register the domain with the same brand as your, thus less protected.

The same goes for e-mail accounts: If you use a free email (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Live, etc.), any person may attempt to impersonate someone from your company.

In addition, there is a high probability since they chose the name you want, and you will have to choose a major address, with other numbers or letters, making it difficult to memorize. A professional email (with your own domain) conveys professionalism and safety.

The cost of a domain of R $ 30.00 per year record. Thus promote another brand along with your company (as with @live emails, @yahoo or free subdomains as “”) just to save this amount may go out much more expensive than you plan. In addition to improving your position in Google, your own domain will much more seriously and leave his business less exposed to fraud.

different domain extensions

More recently, they appeared domain extensions and email alternatives to the traditional “.com.” In addition to international extensions like “.com” it is now possible to register domains with generic endings like “.top”, “.site”, “.club”, “.online” and many others. More than a thousand options.

In the case of our previous example, we could register, besides the main domain “.com”, even “” or “” as the relevance of an ending like that.

Both international endings, such as “.com” as generic extensions can be registered if you want to increase security so no one else going to use the name you chose for your domain, as well as increasing the chances of memorization or mitigate typos of its customers.

Investment in the domain registration with these extensions may be slightly higher as the chosen termination, so before leaving logging all available, decide how much you are willing to invest for the sake of its credibility and the relevance of each variation you want to register.


With these tips, we hope you can choose the best domain for your site, be it about your business, an online store or a blog. Once decided and checked the availability, choose a reliable company to register domains that can assist you in managing your main domain and other areas to be singled out for this, the creation of your email accounts, and support you in settings and renewal.

This entry was written by Livia Lampert, Marketing Manager & Products of KingHost .