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With the advance that the internet has had today, people who are not connected are far from all that is happening in the world. From banal information to important news that touch your life or where you live. But the Internet serves not only to stay informed, she is also the home of many entrepreneurs. Yes, you can undertake online and make lots of money with it. Check out this step by step how to set up a virtual store and get all your doubts.

Why do I need an e-commerce?

Would you like to make money? Well, everyone likes, but as you are an entrepreneur, is always looking for solutions on how to increase their own income, is not it? And the solution to this may be the internet.

Say you have a single physical clothing store and is managing to sell all stock coming running out parts for a few days. This means that your business is growing and needs to expand. But how?

Well, the creation of other physical stores is an option, however, you will be limited only in the region which is located at your store. And that’s where the power of the internet. You can set up a virtual store. But before setting up an e-commerce, you need to carry out various surveys, check your financial situation, they will be spending many, and especially to hire a hosting company to take care of the servers where your site will be located. In this tutorial you will learn how to set up a virtual store and other factors that include within that path.

How to mount a virtual store – What do I need?

After checking all your finances and see the need to install an e-commerce to start earning more and not lose sales because of lack of “shops”, you will need to hire some types of services and think of different tools that will get you assist in this assembly.

Domain register

For you to build an e-commerce, you need to create a website, but before creating a website, you need to register your domain name, which is nothing more than the name of your site. There are several types of domain you can register and numerous companies that offer this type of service.

What you need to take into account here is the price and what type of domain will want, as there are several such as .com, .com, .org, .net, etc. .xyz We recommend using a domain better known by Internet users, such as .com or .com. Not to use a more exotic domain as xyz go directly harm your site, but most people are not used to this kind of site address, and end up distrusting not access. And you as the owner of that e-commerce do not want this to happen because it would mean losing money. Remember that the more traffic your website has, the higher the product conversion rate.

When you register the name of your site, think about something related to your brand. If you own a clothing store, you probably already have a name, so, create the site with the name of your brand, it will be easier for customers who already know you, meet you on the web.

Once you register the domain and the chosen address, no one else can use that name or address. For online stores that sell technology peripherals and usually use names geared to technology, it is important to record this first domain.

As you already have a physical store rather than profits and its intention with an e-commerce is further increase those profits, this process of having an online store, it will be lasting. Therefore, in addition to domain registration, you also need to register your brand. It seems to be the same, but it is not.

The domain registration does not guarantee you the exclusive use of the mark, only the address of the site. So if you have a site called and someone else decides to also create a website with the same name, but in the .com and register the trademark before you, he, according to the law, can bring down the entire your site.

web hosting

After registering the domain and your brand, you need one of the most important items from your online store. A hosting sites, it has no way to mount a virtual store without that item. We recommend that you hire the services from the same company you registered the domain, but you can use these two services without being the same company.

There are several companies that offer a web hosting service, to choose the best for your e-commerce, you should check which requirements are too important to set up an online store, such as uptime, security, backups, processor, space, support and etc.

Within a hosting service, you can hire dedicated servers, shared or even a VPS (Virtual Private Server). What you choose is dependent on the size of your business. The VPS server offers more features than a shared server and it costs cheaper than a dedicated server.

It works as a dedicated service, but with a power of less processing. We have a dedicated server is a physical machine specially dedicated to their sites, but with a higher cost.

Have a shared server, your site is inside a server with many other sites, sharing the same site. It is a bit cheaper, but you do not have the autonomy that would have with a VPS or a dedicated server.

How to mount an online store will require a high-level server, a little more investment is needed and pay more, not to have regrets later.



A very important item for those who have a website that deals with customers all the time. Uptime means the time that the server remains online. Choose a web host that offers as long as possible uptime. The Hostinger e.g., has 99.9% uptime. And the time that his shop remains online and influences in your recipe, is a butterfly effect, it creates several other factors.

Say a customer is making a purchase on your site, an expensive clothing or a peripheral expensive and you will profit a lot from this sale. And when the customer least expects it, the site goes down and he has to do the process all over again. Frustrating, is not it?

This gives rise to the customer never return to your site, advise others not to visit and do not buy, do negative ads, and if the client is well known on the Internet, the damage may be even greater.

And to top it off, Google can also leave you down in the ranking of search because of the time your site is online.


Security is needed in everything we do in life, and dealing with the internet it needs to be renewed. How to mount a virtual store will give you permission to mess with important customer data as social security number, address, credit card, etc., you need to hire a web hosting that offers you a Secure Sockets Layer , or the famous certificate SSL.

There are web hosting companies that in some plans offer this certificate with an additional charge. Here in Hostinger we offer plans that SSL is already included .

But for serving this certificate? Well, how will you deal with credit cards, the SSL will ensure that your online store and the data their customers put there remain anonymous. That is, everything will be clear and without risks of having the cloned card or some other type of scam that try.

This is another point where Google rankeia sites with an adequate security system there CIM. Google loves sites that have SSL. And remember, the better positioned your site is in search engines, the higher the visibility of the users more access and potentially more sales.

Another important point that should be taken care are also spam. unpleasant users spameiam comments from the website or even the institutional e-mail the company need some action. Install an antispam quality and avoid this nuisance.


Saving all your data and files. Imagine a blackout across the country, you use a hosting plan that is backed up automatically every week and after several modifications and changes you made within the site, the server drops and does not save the changes. It would be a lot of work to have to redo everything. How to mount a virtual store will make you deal with various products and creating new tabs within the site, backup is essential.

You can access your control panel and backing up any time you want, or you can hire a plane where the backup is done automatically every day, so you do not have to worry about having to access to save the changed data.

Processing and Space

How to mount a virtual store makes the site very heavy because it involves various types of programs, plugins and updates, you will need a hosting in which the processor is fast and space is great. Consider purchasing a hosting plan that offers these assignments to not have to worry about having your site locked or slow for lack of space in the future.


If you do not understand a lot about how an e-commerce or how to build an online store, do not you mount the site very well, do not know the best plugins to install and need help to do this, hire a hosting service that offers a support 24 hours.

All the things you are doing within your control panel and do not know very well how to proceed, please contact Technical Support to remove all doubts. It is very important that the support contract is available 24 hours a day, every day, for a serious unforeseen can happen and they will be there to help.


Payment methods

How to mount a virtual store aims to profit as the main goal, not to think of the payment methods for customers would be a little strange. There are three ways for you to receive money online:

Sub Acquirers: this method are the companies that carry out the middleman and distribute the money. As the intermediary responsible for the transaction, you do not have to join the banks. Examples of sub purchasers: PayPal, PagSeguro, PayU, Pagarme, etc.

Payment Gateway: to take advantage of this system, you’ll need to sign up to the banks. This is because this method is a technological bridge between financial agents and retailers. The gateway checks with banks through a system if the customer who made the purchase of a product has a balance on the card, if the purchase is authorized.

With this method you have access to all financial information within a financial control panel, as well as the entire purchase is carried out within the page of your website.

Direct integration: this method is advised to large companies and they already have a good capital. This fear is similar to the gateway, but with the gateway you do not need to take care of the integration of each customer, the system itself takes care of the entire transaction for you, while the direct integration with the buyers you will take care of each integration individually.

Creating an e-commerce

After performing all the above steps, you need to go pro that matters really to make money online, which is the creation of your online store. And for this you will need a platform to mount it.

How do e-commerce? Well, there are many platforms where you can mount your virtual store. For convenience, you can use WordPress, CMS world’s most popular and one of the most widely used because it is easy to handle. In it, you can install the plugin WooCommerce . With this plugin open source, you can turn WordPress into an e-commerce. It has a variety of functions, with payment methods, various forms of putting the product and more features.

But why choose WooCommerce? Well, it is specifically built for WordPress. Small, medium and large companies can use and there are over 1 million within the WooCommerce features. Want to know how to build a virtual shop on the most widely used platform in the world? We have a tutorial that shows you step by step of how to set up an e-commerce in Woocommerce .


Marketing is important for my e-commerce?

After performing the process, analyze data, determine which hosting services use and assemble the virtual store, you should be thinking, phew, finally over. But that is where the work really begins, because you need to attract customers to your shop. And how? With some marketing strategies.

Google AdWords

This Google tool will help your online store an immeasurable way. The research in search engines is very important, as they are on search engines that customers find you, and how Google is the most used, you need to be in the top positions it. Google AdWords serves to provide immediate reach on Google, which will generate more traffic and more results for your site.

In Google AdWords there are some types of campaigns:

Research Network

This type of research works with the keyword that you set. Let’s say your e-commerce is one of several kinds clothing store, but the keyword that you want to focus on is “women’s jeans jacket” because people are searching for it on Google. So what you do is “ask” Google Adwords to advertise the link of your store in the word ” women’s jeans jacket ” whenever a user searches for it.

And whenever someone clicks that link and access your site, you pay AdWords R $ 2.00. You can do this with as many keywords as you want and the value you want, just consider whether it is worthwhile or not.

Google Shopping

This research serves to advertise their products in image forms. It is as if Google would become a virtual showcase of your merchandise. But how does it work? We will illustrate below:


See the ads with image (Google Shopping) appears first than the paid links below. Not to mention the striking question, because I show everything, like image, price, store site that is offering.

There is still the ” Shopping ” over the side, as you can see below:


tutorial-google-shopping-printscreen-2-hostinger ,

Realize that you can filter the price within this option, and several other features. That is, a real shopping spree. But for your product may appear there, you need to pay to Google, and that is where we enter the issue of the budget.

Budget for AdWords

You should invest in AdWords is a bit obvious, but you do not need to invest lots of money. You need to set a daily budget you want to spend. This amount need not be astronomical, it can be simple R $ 20.00 per day. After you establish the amount that will pay Google to advertise their products, you need to set the charging models.

Can be cost-per-click, which Google receives each time a user clicks on your ad or else the cost per purchase, where the fee is charged only if you made a conversion of your product thanks to the link.


You know when you’re visiting a computer store, look at that computer gamer with all the parts you always dreamed of , but soon leaves the site for not wanting to dream too much, or simply have not had time to buy right now? Yeah, it happens a lot. And after that, you ever notice that ads appear on the product you’re interested in every corner of the internet? This is called remarketing .

It serves to remind the customer that the product for which he was interested is still there waiting to be purchased. You can use this strategy through AdWords on Google partner, like facebook and other social networks.



Or optimization for search engines. This technique serves to improve and increase its position in search engines (in organic results). Do not confuse SEO with paid ads from Google Adwords, for SEO are several techniques and take some time to see if it’s working or not.

But why is it so important to worry about SEO ? Because basically you will be doing the “same” thing Google Adwords (and positioning), but with its own efforts without spending any, ie all the results that will come to you, will be profits.


This is a very important item in SEO . Keywords (or keywords) are the main item of a search. Are the doubts of customers and users. Are the words that people type in search engines sites to find what they are in need.

You as an e-commerce owner needs to know how to use these keywords. But how can you know what people are looking for? We explain. First you enter the and go on the ” Keywords Explorer”


Now you will look for words that users are looking to find a product. Let’s say your technology store wants to make a mega promotion with video card and you want to impact on that keyword. You should put “video card” in the box below. Do not forget to put Brazil in the time to look.


After clicking search, all about how users are searching on “video card” on Google will turn up.



If you are in ” View all” at the bottom on the left, you get access to all searches that are made on related Google with the word ” video card “.


Based on those words, you will ride your main keyword and secondary keywords. The more you use them, the greater the chance of Google and rankear your site.

Write quality content

If you own an e-commerce on technology or any other area that gives to build quality content, do it, because it attracts many readers and potential future customers. Moreover, focusing on SEO , you can work your keyword to appear in the first searches Google . And the better your content is, the more views it will receive more hits, more sharing, to your blog become a reference in the market.

You can also explore YouTube to spread their content. If your shop is technology, you can do reviews of equipment such as mouse, keyboard, monitors, video cards and etc. This gives many views and helps your brand to be known.

Optimization is everything

In addition to producing quality content, you need to have a well optimized site, easy access to goods, easy to read, so you have a pleasant experience when browsing within your page. Imagine entering a site and you takes to find what it was looking for, do not see the options and get lost. Probably you will not like and will not access your site.

Google checks all these features to classify your site as good or bad, being able to rank in a great or very bad position.

Title, meta description and URL

These three combined are essential to please Google and also the user. The whole web page needs a title and description, and within that, needs to be the keyword you define. Of course not have to be a very robotics description, just fit the keywords.

You should produce a natural description, and strategically put all these ” keywords” in the meta-description.

The URL of your website must also contain your keyword, remember that Google sees all that your site adds and shows, so the more keywords you manage to fit in certain areas of your site, the better.

How to mount a virtual store with the help of Content Marketing

If everything you do with regard to content, SEO, optimization, for high-level, you will get a better position in Google, authority in the market, cost savings because customers will come to you; relationship with its customers and sales.

For the work content marketing, you identify what the persona needs. Let’s say it really needs a computer and are looking for the best of the market, digging all kinds of configuration to buy one. How does your company have this computer, you will produce content explaining why she really need this machine and how it will improve her life.tutorial-success-in-internet-hostinger

And this can be done through blog posts, product reviews on youtube, which is helping in pain persona, the better. And how your content will stand out from all the rest, people will publish their work, making your company earn authority , customers and more sales.