How to boost a Facebook post: tutorial and good practices

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This publication is performing better than 90% of posts on your page. Such propel it for only $ 3?

If you have a fanpage on Facebook, it is likely to have seen such an offer.

But no matter how simple it is to boost a post on the social network, is that this is the best ad format for your company?

What is boosting publications

The publications thrust is the simplest way to do Facebook ads.

Launched in 2012, it was a way to untangle the ads on the social network for entrepreneurs, since at the time Facebook was used much more to relationships than for marketing.

The idea of ​​the thrust is to show a particular publication to an audience that you set, increasing its reach.

Why boost a post

Boost posts can help you find more people you enjoy, share and comment on your posts.

Posts also boosted are a way to reach people who may be interested in your content, but do not follow him on Facebook.

The post driven may contain a Call-to-Action to get people to take other actions, such as sign up for a newsletter , make a reservation, among others.

These are some publications of boosting the possibilities:

  • Choose a target audience : driven posts can be shown to an audience of your choice. You can set location, interests and more. You can also create a custom audience based on contacts you already have, or people who have a similar profile to those who already like your page.
  • Locations: Facebook offers three locations to your posts driven to show: feed desktop news feed and Instagram mobile devices.
  • Budget: the amount paid to drive a post depends on how much you want to pay. You can select a predefined budget or customize the value. Posts boosted require a minimum of $ 1 a day.
  • Schedule posts: there is the possibility to set how long you want your ad to be in the air by choosing an interval (7 days, for example) or a date for the ad end.
  • Ad Appearance: The ad will look exactly the same that the publication in which it was based. The only difference is that the word “Driven” will appear in the upper left corner of the post and you can add a button Call-to-Action in the lower right corner if desired.

How to Boost Facebook post in 8 steps

Before starting the boosting of a post, you must have:

  • A company published page on Facebook;
  • A post that is eligible for boosting (more on the types of post that can not be driven below);
  • An administrator role, editor, moderator or advertiser on the page;

If you already have the prerequisites above, follow these 8 steps:

  • 1. Go to your page;
  • 2. Find the post you want to drive;
  • 3. Click the blue button in boosting post (sometimes when a publication on the company’s page is performing better than others, Facebook show in your news feed that same blue button thrust. It serves as a shortcut to you quickly create an ad);

how to boost publication in facebook

  • 4. You’ll see several options by clicking Hearing. Select the one that corresponds to the target audience you want to target, and click Create new audience. You can choose from gender, age, location (near certain address, region or even worldwide), interests, demographics and behavior;
  • 5. In the section on budget, set how much you want to spend on your driven post. You can choose from a predetermined budget or choose your own;
  • 6. Duration, choose how long your ad will stay in the air with a predetermined or custom option;
  • 7. Select an option for payment;
  • 8. Click Boost!

This type of advertising is usually reviewed by Facebook in less than 60 minutes. However, in some cases it may take longer.

Why can not I drive my publications?

If you can not drive the posts you want, this can happen because of several reasons:

  • You have not set a payment method;
  • Lack publish the page;
  • You are not an administrator, advertiser, moderator or editor;
  • Your ad account was closed (you can re-enable it in the Ads Manager );
  • The content you’re trying to drive may be old or have already expired, which often happens with jobs and other offers;
  • You may be announcing an event that has already happened;
  • Posts published before June 21, 2012 can not be driven;
  • Photos of old cover, which are that is not used at the time, also can not be driven;
  • profile pictures, albums, live broadcasts, notes (or posts with links to a note) also can not be driven.

Worth boost Facebook posts?

The publications thrust is something that divides those who invest in opinions Digital Marketing . On one side are those who defend the thrust as a simple way to create ads; the other, who believes there are more effective ways to advertise on Facebook.

As we said at the beginning of the post, this is a simple way to impact your followers, causing them to see their contents. Facebook has increasingly diminished organic range of posts on the social network and this can be a way to generate business results.

However, do not boost any post you publish. It is interesting to choose those with more potential viralizarem and spread, or those who have some focus on an action such as downloading a material, confirm an event, among others.

Experiment with different formats, content and public and see what works best on your page.

And if you want to go beyond boosting publications and explore other ways to make ads on Facebook, check out our Free eBook Facebook Ads: The Complete Guide .