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Just you are careless for a few days to realize that the media a new social network was born. It seems an exaggeration, but the truth is that this boom of social virtual age is increasing, and with it comes the need for new social networking formats.

However, despite the boom of new social networks being totally true, there is one in particular that instead of losing market share because of the new networks, acquires every day more power, more versatility, greater choice and more demand: the Facebook .

Today, we have a particular statistic: Facebook has almost 2 billion users worldwide , an astonishing figure. Is not true? And it promises to be bigger.

However, we all know that Facebook is part of the most important strategies of digital marketing , thanks both to its flexibility in the public presentation and formats such as the possibility that opens to any brand or business be disclosed and generate sales.

Similarly, we know that the help that Facebook gives our brand communication is high, however, not enough to be on the network to get results, connection and engagement with users, all this involves work, method and a lot of research .

That’s right! Have a Facebook account to companies takes time, planning and monitoring, as a major feature (and any social network) is the immediacy and rapid expiration information; hence the importance of knowing posting on Facebook generating content that may remain in the user ‘s mind and continue to generate engagement, even when the publication has already left the feed .

Before proceeding, a question:

What is engagement on Facebook?

In the preceding paragraphs, we made several mentions of the term engagement, but you know what the term means when we talk about Facebook?

In most cases, engagement is translated into Portuguese as a commitment with respect to a relationship. Although the term makes sense that way, we will continue to understand engagement here, like participation, engagement or, even better, as the interaction of a user with a brand.

That’s right! On Facebook, engagement refers to the number (percentage) of interactions that you get with a publication and is, in fact, the main variable that Facebook’s algorithm  takes into account when considering whether a content can be interesting for a certain amount of people and thus make a more visible publication (or not).

Similarly, the social network interactions mean by the following:

  • Number of times a publication is shared
  • Number of responses you receive:

Contenidos for Facebook: Reacciones

  • Amount of comments
  • Clicks on links
  • image or video views

As the engagement is measured?

To measure the level of engagement of your brand on Facebook you will need the following information:

  • Reach total of a publication = # of people who saw the publication
  • Total interactions =
  1. Number of reactions
  2. Amount of comments
  3. Number of sharing times
  4. Number of clicks on the link
  5. Other interactions that were generated in the publication

And, you apply the following formula :

Total interactions / reach x 100


15 “Curti” 10 + comments + 2 x 100 shares

1400 people reached

27/1400 x 100 = 1.9%                

Now yes, returning to the main theme:

Posting on Facebook for engagement?

Before going straight to the content types that generate engagement, it is important that you know under what conditions you can create engagement on the social network.

So, know the six basic principles:

1. Post – value content   

Repeating parrots seem that we should always choose to generate quality content  and that are useful for followers. Although it is a repeated idea, it is worth highlight it as a mantra for any type of communication that you want in the media.

By posting on Facebook a useful and valuable content, you will ensure that it is consumed. And to find out if the content you are creating are quality, always look for:

–      Read the contents before posting on Facebook , to find possible errors or misunderstandings.

–      Post content focused on his followers to ensure that you will generate interactions with people who really want and who want to know you.

2. Listen and talk with followers  

By listening and talking to the public, you will not only be able to absorb and know what they want to know about you, but will also strengthen relations with the people, causing the diffusion process is also a task of the most loyal followers.  

To learn how to start a friendship and monitor what is said about you, for example, keywords or hashtags important to your market, use tools such as Hootsuite , , Twazzaup .

In addition to the followers, it is also good that you listen and follow the professionals and see everything that is generated around them to learn and put into practice if necessary.

Watch out! Not to respond is to understand the functioning of other ideas and see what is useful for you to rethink your communication.

3. Find an image and a voice  

When we talk about image and voice, we refer to the style that you will be identified on the network. Create a line, a style that talk about you, use colors and designs that become its seal of quality and the tone of the communication you also uses go against the interest, understanding and taste of your persona .

4. Be unique  

Although it looks a lot like the previous item, be unique here refers to always seek originality and transparency of its consumers. There is nothing wrong with watching what others do, but never copy them. Besides the fact that it can show the poor quality of the content that you offer, you can end up being legally punished.

Being single is to seek both how to be useful as different. Learn how to be different in marketing and a blog by accessing the following article: How to distinguish yourself from others?

5.  Use the 80/20 rule

A golden rule. The 80/20 rule is a recommendation that experts on social networks make when selecting the content to be released.

What this rule says is that you should spend 80% of the publications content that relate to your business indirectly, ie containing topics related to your business, but that part of the interest, problems and community focus it consumes them.

And the remaining 20% ​​can be focused on publishing content directly related to your business; for example, showing their products, the brand communication, the price announcement, its presence at events, among others.

6. Keep optimized

In addition to optimizing the content of your blog, it is also important, for example, optimize the key messages you want to post on Facebook.

By optimizing your messages with their hashtags, keywords, etc., you will have the possibility that the social network also appear in search results.

This is called Social SEO . Learn more by visiting the link!

In short, these are the six pillars so you can post to Facebook content that manages engagement. In other words, what these six pillars seek is that their content create interest, answer real problems of his followers, is flashy, go against the ideal, image and brand personality and always meet the basic aspects of content marketing : quality, usefulness and originality.

Content types that generate engagement

Finally, the long awaited moment: the content that generates commitment when you post on Facebook. Before telling you the 10 ways to make such content, remember to never let the 6 pillars of hand, as they should always be applied.

Now yes:

1. Images and videos 

The classical forms to post on Facebook are the images and videos. That’s why we put in the same category format. By these two ways, there are many other content do they attract.


Images are the main complement any action on Facebook may have. It was found that the publications that have images fit better and play more than those who bring only text.

So, join forces, and if you plan to publish a good text, add to it with a compatible and attractive image, or dare to make your text, an image. There are different types of images that you can use: photographs, illustrations, vectors, assemblies, among others.


The videos are the format that we can post on Facebook that more can be shared; especially when they loaded directly on the social network.

Venture to create scripts and ideas for fun videos, informative and related to both your business and with the interest of followers!

2. Lists

Lists are the type of content on Facebook that most often cause interactions. This is a demanding format, as always asks at least fulfill the promise. If you talk about 10 tourist destinations in Latin America or 15 ways to gain followers on Instagram , you always expect to find the quantities promised.

3. Questions

This type of content is intended to generate conversations (comments) and makes the audience feel important from the moment that your opinion and knowledge are taken into account.

You can post on Facebook questions both in written form such as images, and can be used in different ways. For example:

– Questions to receive feedback for the company

– Questions about trends

– About relevant knowledge

– Or questions about a particular topic that you can respond instantly

Example of a Facebook post of Rock Content with a question to generate interactions with the public

Rock Facebook Content

Another way to make this content is that instead of asking questions in text or images, create sentences with blank parts so that users have the opportunity to fill those spaces in the comments.

4. Infographics  

You can choose different types of infographics: from the most complex to key information summaries that you can supplement with a link that points to other sites of interest. Here’s an example:

Infographic explaining excited about the 4 P's of marketing

Facebook Marketing Contenidos

5. Wake curiosity 

Lance incomplete content, or through texts or images, start counting on something interesting and just as just lacking a given vital, stop and invite the user to access a link to satisfy your curiosity. With this you will attract more clicks.


This type of active content sharing action. Quotes are those phrases of renowned authors and connoisseurs of their area that inspires.

You can use thoughts, epigraphs, a book phrases; always try to reconcile with the theme of your Facebook.

7.  Research on interactions

To encourage interactions, you can post to Facebook content that followers participate leaving your opinion with a “like”, “loved”, “wow”, “sad”, “grr”. Let the user know that you search your answer through these interactions.

An example is when brands publish messages such as:

take a enjoy it (option A)

loved or if (option B).

8.   News and trends

Make use of the news and trends that appear daily on your market and is always among the first to disclose. To be about news, look closely at the big events, news in the most authoritative sites, subjects that generate controversy. You can use Google Trends and similar tools; Become a researcher!

–    Share of publications other pages

As a point B, you can also share profile publications from other blogs or content of other profiles that address similar issues to yours and that are of interest to your followers.

Many managers see this with suspicion, but it’s really very useful when you do not have much time to create your content or when you feel that the contents of the other really worth. First, your users will appreciate it because you’re meeting your information needs and other sites will thank you to the point of the day when the offset doing the same with your content.

9. Create stories

Although this is a specific type of content, it can be inserted with the others mentioned. Create stories (better known as storytelling in the marketing world), it is a very special way to generate engagement.

Users who like to know stories, enjoy this feature and tell users about your company in a way that they are pleasant. See this example from Lego:

You can also use the feature showing people that you work with, reveal interesting cases, anticipate the news that are coming to you to your audience; and all this can be counted with text, video, images or any other format that you find interesting.

10. Ask to enable notifications

Not everything you post on Facebook will reach all followers. However, you can ask to activate notifications of your Fanpage so they can be sure to find in your feed , the contents that are of interest to them.

In Content Marketing, we take many of the features we mentioned earlier to ask our followers to activate your notifications and create that content that not only benefits us, but also teaches.

You can use this idea to create their strategies to attract users and thus enable their engagement in the social network.


In this article, we review the concept of engagement, which are the fundamental pillars and content formats that can post to Facebook to increase this interaction. Although it is a lengthy article, we still have many kinds of extra content, but extend the invitation to tell us which other fundamental principles and types of content to generate engagement you know!

This article was produced by the Content Marketing , Content Rock.