How to Adopt a Content Marketing Strategy to Enhance Your Employer Branding

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The talent management process, which includes recruitment, selection and retention is a major challenge within an organization.

Many institutions suffer with a high turnover rate (turnover rate) of its employees and end up increasing your spending, because in addition to the cost of turnover there is the period onboarding , the process of adaptation and training of new employee, which normally costs delay the company’s processes.

An employer branding strategy, ie an improvement of employer brand, well planned and executed by marketing departments and people management can be the key in optimizing the attraction and retention of talent !

Many managers have the false impression that a good compensation and flexible policies are enough to attract market professionals. But Content Marketing is a key factor in building a strong brand as an employer and recognized both internally and externally.

Wondering how to improve your employer branding? Check out our tips:

Digital Marketing in attracting talent

The first application of Content Marketing in employer branding strategy is the attraction of talent.

It is important that those outside of your company feel the desire to one day join the team. The view that the general public has is usually what guides this desire.

Some techniques are:

1. Leave the page in the updated and attractive LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the leading professional social network in the world. Every day, millions of people post jobs or are looking for jobs on the network.

It is important that the organization of the page be attractive to your employer persona. Be sure to put on the page an overview of the employee profile that has cultural fit with your company.

For example, its purposes and some characteristic such as “hire good-natured people, proactive and have a passion for learning.”

2. Promote your culture code in your careers page.

The culture code, that record of organizational culture , is an excellent tool in attracting the ideal candidate for your vacancy.

With this tool exposed the careers page, you can filter the candidates who really want to be in your organization.

The number of candidates in the process that has fit with the company will decrease considerably. Consequently the process will be faster and more efficient.

3. Share the everyday life on social networks.

People spend a lot of time out of your day checking their social networks . Using the corporate profile in the networks to share the day to day business is an excellent way to show people how work there.

Using videos and photos is a great way to share visual content of daily life and to shine the eyes of those who want to be in the company.

The functions “stories” networks like Instagram and Facebook are good options to share this type of content.

Improving employer branding to reports of employees

The experience lived by employees is an excellent way to improve the employer brand.

Use employee satisfaction as marketing values ​​the work of these, as well as helping to attract others.

We can use the following channels:

1. Space blog intended for employees texts

Opening the corporate blog for employees can be very profitable.

Let them write about his career to reach the company, academic career in order to expose as its formation to his current position or other matter is a good way to inspire employer personas.

The space can also be used in the disclosure of internal performance of the organization and strategies that were used to achieve them.

2. Videos of employees

It’s a good strategy to produce videos team of employees, such as interviews, who value the capabilities of this professional and give visibility to it. In addition to enhancing the company’s brand, when an employee is featured in your area, motivates other professionals who also want to participate in future videos.

3. Improving employer branding in social networks

Social networks can also be used for staff reports.

Make posts with text or videos that talk a little about the experience of working in the organization, career opportunities and how employees feel part of the team.

Riding a employer branding strategy

Now that you know how to use content marketing to improve their employer branding, we will see how to assemble a strategy for this.

Remember that a strategy is a set of actions – not isolated initiatives, which will improve your employer brand. These actions must be aligned to the organizational culture.

Let the necessary steps so that your company generates positive results with the strategy:


Plan what can be done in the short, medium and long term is very important, because an employer branding strategy is usually long and may take to have satisfactory results.

Document planning and address factors such as channels, content types and budget.

One of the most important parts of planning is to define the KPIs suitable for measuring the effectiveness of the campaign. Some examples are: visits to the careers page resumes received, positive evaluations in specialized platforms.

Definition of strategic areas

It is very important to policy improvements and training aimed at all areas.

But it is necessary to prioritize the areas and positions that are vital for the functioning of this.

The managers of each area are leaders who should be prioritized, as well as having a strategic position in the functioning of the operation, will help in implementing the project.


To implement the strategy the marketing team must be aligned to the other teams in order to let everyone know how it is going on the project and to collaborate in some way.

The dates and targets set in the plan must be followed and every day an analysis of KPIs should be performed. constantly checking the path being designed for the project, so potential errors can be corrected as quickly as possible.

By following these tips to strategy employer branding of your company will bring good results, with increasingly skilled people and cultural fit wanting to join his team of collaborators.

This text was written by Daniel Martins , marketing analyst at Vulpi , recruitment platform and selection of software developers.