How to Add Push Notifications in WordPress (4 Steps)

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One of the hardest parts of having a website is to attract and engage visitors. Even if your content is interesting, you need a way to connect with your visitors. So when adding notifications push WordPress you have an elegant solution to this problem.

That we will cover in this tutorial. We will explain how:

  1. Install the plugin OneSignal , which allows sending notifications push WordPress.
  2. Create a OneSignal account.
  3. Create notifications push .
  4. Configure the plugin.

Before discussing about the settings, however, we will address the notifications push in general and its advantages. And then, we will introduce some other notifications plugins push WordPress you can use if you’re not a fan of OneSignal. Let’s start!

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What is Notification  Push WordPressas add-Notifications-push-wordpress

Notifications push are messages that appear on your screen telling you when something happened on your device. For example, when you receive an email, you probably receive notification  push both your phone and the computer. They are not as intrusive as popups, and can usually be configured when you want or do not see them (so they are not annoying).

In the past, notifications push WordPress were limited to applications and system updates. However, they have become more and more common among websites. Some of the reasons are:

  • They allow you to notify your users about new content. With notification  push , users do not need to visit your website to find out that you have published a new article, for example. They may receive a notification whenever you leave something new.
  • Users can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time. Unlike popups, users can choose whether to receive notifications push . This means that only interested people will receive.
  • Require less attention than emails. You can always send several e-mails informing news and offers, but notifications push WordPress does not require users to open the entire message.
  • They are very effective. Notifications push have high rates of clicks and conversions, especially compared to other marketing methods.

There are several advantages to add notifications push  WordPress. However, it is good to remember that some people are not very fond of this tool. Using too much can annoy your subscribers, which can lead them to dislike most of its content or site.

To maintain a good balance, think about how you would react if your visitor. If you install an application that sends many notifications without reason, it is likely that you will uninstall the app. The same applies to websites, then use the notifications sparingly. So whenever your subscribers receive a notification, they will know that is something worth being checked.

As more Notifications Push WordPress (In 4 Steps)

In this tutorial, we will use the plugin OneSignal . Of course it is not the only WordPress tool that allows you to add notifications push . But it is easy to start and supports multiple browsers, which makes our favorite option.

Then we will discuss other plugins that can be used for the same purpose. Come on!

Step 1: Installing the Plugin OneSignal

Let’s start with the installation of the plugin. Go to the WordPress dashboard, and the tab Plugins click Add new . Then use the search bar to find the plugin OneSignal . Now, just install and activate:

install plug one signal

The plugin will create a new tab in your call panel OneSignal Push . Click it, and you will see a new page showing the next steps to be made. We will guide you through the whole process, so do not worry too much about it.

Step 2: Creating an account OneSignal

For the plugin to work, you will need a free account OneSignal . Go to the platform site, and click on GET STARTED near Web Push :

push notifications on mobile

You can sign up with the credentials of various social networks, or your email. Set up your account now:

Creating account on one signal

You will be prompted to confirm your email. Then, access the OneSignal panel.

Step 3: Create Notification app Push

In addition to enabling push notifications push online, the OneSignal also supports applications for mobile and email services. That means you need to choose exactly the type of service you want to use. To begin, go to the OneSignal panel and click the Add a new app :

Add new app

The platform will ask the name of your app, for internal identification. We use WordPress Push Notifications , but you can use the name you prefer. So, you are asked to type of report you want to configure. Select the Web Push :

choose web push

Now, choose the type of integration. Click the WordPress Plugin or Website Builder , and select WordPress the option below:

wordpress options

Finally, scroll down and add information for your website, including name and URL. You can also set an icon for your site, which will be shown in the notification, but this step is not necessary:

Site Settings wordpress

Anyway, be sure to indicate if your site uses HTTPS or not before saving changes. When you click Save , go to the last step.

Step 4: Set the plugin OneSignal

After saving your settings on OneSignal panel, you will see a new screen showing your APP ID and API KEY :

api key - id

Keep this flap open for now, you will already need it in moments. Return to your WordPress dashboard, go to the tab OneSignal Push , then open the screen settings . You will see three fields, one for the App ID , one for the API Key , and the last pair to bookmark your app. Fill the first fields with the data acquired in the previous screen:

set key

As for the Marker app, is the name that was chosen in the previous step. In our case, WordPress Push Notifications .

After completing the three fields, scroll down to take care of other settings. Find the section Prompt Settings & Subscription Bell . Here, you can choose whether you want the plugin to request new users that automatically register:

prompt new users

further down the screen, you can change the text of your message:

subinscrição customize button

Down the page you will see the section Welcome Notification Settings . By default, OneSignal sends a message of ‘welcome’ by notification push when someone signs up for your site. In this section, you can customize or disable this message:

Welcome notification

Finally, look for the section Automatic Notification Settings . Here, you configure the plugin should send automatic notifications whenever you publish new content:

Automatic notification settings

In most cases, it’s a good idea to leave this option active, especially if you publish one or two new content weekly. However, if you publish every day, your notifications will begin to look like spam ..

If you leave this setting off, you have the option to send notifications by WordPress editor whenever you publish a new post. So, you have full control over which posts or not to send notifications.

Remember to save the plugin settings, and will be all set! When someone visits your site, OneSignal the registration request to receive notifications push will appear. By refusing, the message will not appear again, avoiding bother not interested visitors ..

5 Alternative Plugins for more Notifications Push   WordPress

If you do not like OneSignal, you can choose from several other options. We will list five alternative plugins, and features that each offers.

1. PushEngage Web Push Notifications

push engage plugin to add notifications wordpress

The PushEngage Web Push Notifications allows you to add notifications of your website for Chrome and Firefox. It is similar to OneSignal to be necessary to create an account on PushEngage for the plugin to work.

In addition to basic reporting features, you can use the service to focus on specific segments of your subscribers. It is also schedule advance notifications, which may be useful as a reminder to future events.

Key Features:

  • Add notifications push your website to Chrome and Firefox.
  • Set up automatic notifications for new posts and updates the RSS feed.
  • Include action calls within notifications.
  • Schedule early messages.
  • Focus on specific segments of your subscribers.


The plugin offers a limited free plan as well as a variety of paid plans.

2. Push Notifications for WordPress by PushAssist

enable push notifications wordpress plugin with the push assist

The Push Notifications for WordPress by PushAssist allows you to configure notifications push for most browsers. You can configure the actions that start notifications, and even send fully personalized messages, if desired.

Overall, this plugin stands out due to ease of use and the attractive interface. It is a great alternative if you are looking for a simple, straightforward plugin to set up your notifications. However, your free plan is limited to 3000 subscribers, which can be a negative if you are not willing to pay for an upgrade.

Key Features:

  • Send notifications to the major browsers.
  • Configure which actions generate notification.
  • Customize the style of reporting.


This plugin is free up to 3000 subscribers. paid plans are also available, starting at 9 US dollars / month.

3. Push Monkey Pro

enabling wordpress plugin notifications to push monkey

So far, the plugins we saw were all similar. The Push Monkey Pro is a little different, as it allows integration with WooCommerce. So you can focus on users with abandoned carts on your site and try to persuade them to complete the purchase.

In addition to integration with WooCommerce, Push Monkey Pro also supports notifications push the publication or update a post. What’s more, we are big fans of the plugin status screen, which shows several useful information. The only downside is that the plugin itself is relatively new, so we can not guarantee its quality. However, seems to be quite promising, then it is worth testing on smaller sites.

Key Features:

  • Configure notifications for the forgotten WooCommerce carts.
  • Configure notifications for publication and updating posts ..


Push Monkey Pro is free for up to 100 subscribers, more is needed to buy a plan.

4. Smart Notification WordPress Plugin

plugin to add notifications wordpress

Smart Notification WordPress Plugin is a complete plugin that allows you to send notifications via more platforms beyond the browser. Along with the basics, like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari also supports Facebook Messenger notifications and operating systems for mobile phones.

The disadvantage in this case is that you need to perform various settings to make all these features work. What is even more real with the integration of WooCommerce or bb Press, also offered by the platform.

Key Features:

  • Add notifications for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
  • Add notifications for Facebook Messenger users.
  • Integrate and plugin to WooCommerce, bbPress, and others.


This is a premium plugin, which will cost $ 59 for the license.

5. Free Web Push Notification Tool by iZooto

plugin to add notifications wordpress - izooto

The plugin Free Web Push Notification Tool by iZooto is different from other plugins that show so far. It does not allow you to configure notifications for new posts or updates. Instead, it was done to help in publicity campaigns through notifications push .

This application can be useful if you have an online store and not a blog, for example. This is not the only plugin from the list that offers promotion campaigns, but it is unique in offering this free tool. Plus, it provides a wide variety of styles for your notifications WordPress. The only downside is that the plugin is also new, so may have a few tricks to make it work.

Key Features:

  • Create and promote campaigns via notifications push .
  • Work with the major browsers.


The basic plugin is free, as the name suggests. But also has premium plans available.

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Notifications push  WordPress are a great way to update your visitors. The problem is that WordPress itself does not offer this feature. But it’s nothing that you can not make the correct plugin. We are more inclined to use the OneSignal , which is very simple to set up. But other excellent alternatives are PushEngage Web Push Notifications and Push Notifications for WordPress by PushAssist .

Do you have any questions or tips about using WordPress push notifications? Let’s discuss in the comments below!