How not to lose money with your E-commerce

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The e-commerce market is growing increasingly worldwide. Only in Brazil, in 2016, the shopping e-commerce in Brazil had revenues of R $ 44.4 billion, according to the report WebShoppers.

And with the wide variety of e-commerce platforms, it has become easy and quick launch an online store. Just take a product, a platform, a good hosting, you already have a business.

But there is a difference between creating an online store and make it climb.

With a lot of these emerging services and the speed with which things change in the technological environment, often it is difficult to follow the changes and adapt. However, if you miss a few points in your business, it may end up giving more harm than profit.

5 tips to your e-commerce

See this article some errors that are making you lose money on your e-commerce, and some tips on how to avoid this to continue happening.

1. Having a slow site

When a person chooses to conduct an online purchase, generally, it seeks speed and practicality. And if your site does not offer these features, customers will be dissatisfied and may not complete the purchase, or to check for any competitor.

In a study by Aberdeeem Grour, it was diagnosed that an e-commerce visitor tends to leave the site if after three seconds could not find what they search.

It is therefore essential always stay tuned for your e-commerce has a good functioning, preventing you to lose money.

Make a diagnosis of the functioning of your site and search for a professional to correct possible errors. Thus, you will gradually improve platform performance.

2. Do not have mobile support

The trend of using mobile devices for shopping is growing more and more as soon not have a site that is responsive and adapt to the variety of devices is a big mistake. Thus, you are leaving to meet a large portion of buyers using these means to access online stores.

Google even does not show sites that are not responsive in search results made for mobile devices. Stores that are not adapted, are losing customers.

When hiring a platform for their e-commerce, make sure that it supports mobile devices.

3. Lack of information management

Not manage the information from your e-commerce is a bottleneck in your business, as it becomes more difficult to maintain an organization about the important information that revolve around your business.

With the knowledge management in your e-commerce you will have control of all the information about your business and can record all the knowledge they acquire in the day-to-day business, whether with questions, complaints or suggestions. Also facilitate the understanding of new employees you may have on your business, after all it will have available all the knowledge you need to have to do their jobs more efficiently.

Making a knowledge management , you will have more assertiveness in time to run your business. Still, it will avoid wasting time and money with frequently asked questions of the day-to-day and will avoid rework of its employees, since all procedures are previously added to the knowledge base of your business, avoiding errors during the course of your team.

There are specific platforms that can be used to develop a knowledge management process in your company, such as Pulpo , Guru and Answerhub.

4. Do not have a good relationship with the customer

For you to profit from your store, you need customers and to conquer them is crucial to offer a good service.

Generally, customer questions are similar, and not end up being exhausting the frequency of repetitions of questions, you can ride on a knowledge base – is like a little FAQ with frequently asked questions of followed customers the answers – so it will be easier to answer the questions that are sent to your support.

You still have the option of using virtual service tools, but for questions and more complex problems, it is essential to have a person available to resolve situations that arise.

5. Lack of investment in advertising

According to a study by Hootsuite and We Are Social companies in January 2017, the world population was estimated at 7,476 billion. Of these, about 40% would be active users on social media.

Therefore, it is essential that your company is active as well. But not good just to be present in social networks. It is necessary to carry out a plan based on your primary target audience, and from that determine what the best channels that you need to be part of and what type of content to produce for your audience to see.

Of course, it is also necessary to invest money to get new potential customers visits.

One tip is to invest in the production of content, because people are searching for information and knowledge, and if you offer it to your customer, will become a reference, getting in front of your competitors in mind that customer. Also, you will engage people with your brand, making it easier for them to realize a purchase in their store.

Just spread your brand and your promotions will not bring the desired result. It is important to remember that every plan should be returned to your target audience, to thus give you what search.

Seek a professional who will conduct a marketing plan together to decide the best strategies to reach your audience.


Does not meet these points are detrimental to your revenue generation. However, they can be easily prevented or corrected.

It is important to provide a great experience for your users when they’re browsing for your e-commerce, with a quick and intuitive site that provides full support for doubt.

An easy layout, with clear information also encourage the user to remain in your e-commerce.

If you devote to manage important information for the operation of your online store and your team, whenever there is a problem that could delay the improvement of its platform, it will be easier and faster to find the solution, since all the information They will be centralized in one place.

With little care in the functionality of their online store and a good management of information and your team, you’re on your way to make your e-commerce climb.

This article was written by Pulpo.