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Is SEO alive? Are you still successful?

As the gossips say, “SEO has died or will die in a few years.” From the other side of the barricades I oppose that no, that there is still going to be a long time between us. The truth is at the tip of the barricade given that the difference is in the different interpretations of the term Search Engine Optimization.

From English, the word  SEO  is usually translated as  search engine optimization . It is not a perfect translation but over the years we have become accustomed to this term. We will now try to explain to users that it is not just search engines, that search engines are really a small part of  Search engine optimization . It is mostly  Internet users  who are looking for something, and we strive to  offer search engines the best answers to their questions .

SEO optimization without future

Today there are a lot of people, whether  freelancers or agencies,  who are still trying to create a reputation that  SEO (optimization)  is something magical, something that the normal person can not understand, so you have to hire a ” Guru ” to help you to be in first positions with the desired keyword.

These often use methods that  search engines do not like . Of course … if I were the owner of a  search engine , I am sure that I would not like to see how sites that hardly deal with the topic appear at the top and are full of  texts that nobody really reads  with a “pile” of  words repeated key and with tons of  “rare” links pointing to the web,  usually from some semi-automatic systems to generate links from hundreds of thematically incompatible sites.

Let’s see below, SEO properties without future:

  • Links from web directories
  • Monstrous texts that can not be read, full of keywords
  • Creating news in article directories
  • Promise of 1st place in any search engine  (it produces laughter, especially if it’s Google …)
  • Purchase links

Now, knowing these points previously exposed, the problem of SEO optimization without future is that they take advantage of the temporary deficiencies of the search engines, so the results achieved are usually very short term. The search engines are trying to improve continuously, and gradually eliminate errors and websites that use the undesirable methods that sooner or later will take their toll.

… then what is quality SEO?

The bandaged SEO, what we could call quality SEO, is one that tries to get your  site can be found with the largest number of keywords that are somehow related to your business . SEO are web pages with quality content.

Search engine optimization seeks to get people to talk and write about your Website, but not in a directory of articles, but in your community, in the forums and on the websites that thematically complement yours.

Keep in mind that “SEO is not science”   and in fact the principle is very simple …  offer a  search engine  – and the one you are looking for – the best answer of what you want to find .

The typical characteristics of SEO

  • Keyword analysis  – know and understand how people are looking for your products or services
  • Web with an appropriate structure  – creating landing pages that will respond to all types of queries that users are looking for, and the content they seek
  • Useful content  – the specific objective must be that the content helps the user regardless of whether it is a text, video or image. So that the page can be created, what we need is to know our users …. What content are you looking for and what are you waiting for on each page? What is it that interests you?
  • Association with other pages  – it is not the classic  Linkbuilding  but it creates links with other websites that are related to your clients or services.

It is a long-term SEO method and it is more efficient, especially because it does not take advantage of search engine errors, but use its strengths.