How important is page speed optimization?

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The loading speed refers to the time it takes a page of your site to load completely. This factor has a direct impact on the experience of visitor use ; since we all hope to receive the information we need as quickly as possible.

Some studies show that people expect to see your site’s information in a maximum of 2 seconds; After this period of time your users begin to doubt the legitimacy and security of your site. On the other hand, search engines measure the speed of your site by the time users receive the first byte of information; This factor is directly related to the speed of response of the server where the information of your site is stored.

Why is loading speed important?

User experience

In general,  users relate a site that quickly loads with the quality of the information they will find in it and the security of it. Therefore, a site that loads very slowly begins to create doubts in the users. If your site takes more than 4 seconds to load all the information it is very likely that they will abandon it. If we take into account that when we are looking for information on the internet we open several sites at the same time, logically we will start navigating the one that shows us the information first.

Conversion on site

In an e-commerce site the speed of loading is an even more important factor since the users link it with the shopping experience . Most buyers will leave a slow site; They will not return to this in the future and many of them will talk with their friends about a poor shopping experience. If you take care of this detail, your potential customers will be able to obtain all the information of your products in less time; They will have more time to review other products that you offer.


In 2010, Google announced that it would take into account the loading speed of a site as a factor that directly affects the ranking of its results . The reason is that search engines in general want to offer their users sites that offer quality content and a good browsing experience.

What factors affect my loading speed?

Bad programming

You must take care of the quality of programming on your site , for this the obsolete codes, WordPress plugins without optimizing and javascript applications are important factors to take into account. It is advisable to review this topic with your web developer to solve it.

Poor hosting

It is advisable to choose the hosting of your site according to the needs of it . An informative website, with a couple of sections; It does not receive many visits per month, it requires much less server capacity than a shopping site with hundreds of pages and thousands of visits. In the second, applications that require sending information quickly are probably used; but also that activities on the server are processed as queries to databases.

Many ads

If you sell ads on your site, filling them with these will make you have more images and therefore more information to upload. On the other hand, if you belong to an ad network like Google AdSense, the ads load from a server independent of yours over which you have no control whatsoever. Having too many ads on your site, in addition to hurting the user experience, will cause you to have blank spaces until they finish loading.

Videos and heavy images

The videos have taken more relevance in recent years and are a great conversion tool; However, if you store them on your own server, you will increase the load of the server until it saturates it. The recommended thing in these cases is to embed the videos in dedicated sites like YouTube . In the case of images; use design programs such as Photoshop to compress images as much as possible without affecting the quality of what your users see.

How to improve my loading speed?

Use the browser cache

Browsers that users use to visit your site have the ability to save versions of your pages ; thus when they return for the second time to the site, this one loads a part of the information from a copy stored in the user’s computer; and another part of the server reducing the loading time considerably.

Improve your hosting

A server is basically a computer that stores the information of your site. With the help of your web developer you must determine the load of your site and choose the hosting service that best suits you.

You can check the following post for more information on  how to choose the best hosting option for your site .

Use a CDN

A Content Distribution Network is a network of servers distributed around the world that stores a copy of your site. The advantage of choosing a hosting service with this feature is that it does not matter from which country you visit it; the information will be sent from the nearest server geographically.

Tools to measure my loading speed

There are many tools to measure the loading speed of your site, although most of them offer good reports. I recommend you use the one provided by Google in your Google Webmaster Tools1` application , it offers very reliable results and you can compare the performance of your site in different periods of time.


The loading speed of your site is a determining factor for the experience of your users ; and also has a direct impact on the time they will spend on your website and the conversions you will get, it is worth spending time and resources to improve it.