How good Leads management can save on paid media and optimize investment

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Digital Marketing . But only attract them is not enough. We must separate the wheat from the chaff, selecting those that matter to your business. And the best way to do this is through the Leads management.

Several companies invest in paid media, they impact the user and feel that it’s gone. In Inbound Marketing , however, we can capture the contact and work conversion and relationship, not only attraction.

Thus, a good Lead management can help qualify your contacts and also save on paid media, optimizing their investments. And that’s what we’ll talk in this post:

Enables well know your contact base

Knowing well your base is a way to save on paid media and do not need to spend on ads to recover Leads you already have.

Mapping customer behavior is possible to know by what may be interested and understand what information is necessary to qualify them.

So, you are more accurate and do not have to get them again.

Enhances the skills of Leads

One way to better qualify the contacts that come to your Leads base is asking for more relevant information about them. Ask only the name and email does not work. It is interesting to think about what you can ask now that will be useful ahead.

Many people ask the post in the form of Landing Page , for example. But not for all companies this is the most necessary information.

An example is the houses in Miami , a real estate selling real estate in Florida for Brazilians. In a Landing Page that created offering an eBook and top funnel on tips to know Miami, the company asked how often the Lead went to the United States.

Thus, it was possible to direct flow to another who had never been, or who visited the country a few times, that people are less likely to purchase a property.

It allows attract and retain potential customers who are not yet at the right time of purchase, avoiding the “all or nothing”

When we talk about advertising, the first idea that comes to mind is to create their product offerings. Ie targeted ads for sale.

This is not a bad practice, but ends up being quite expensive, especially for companies with limited budget. Also, if the person clicked the ad and did not make the purchase, bye, she goes away and may not come back.

In Inbound Marketing, you can stimulate the visitor to convert into an offer that is not necessarily buying, but to solve a problem or curiosity he has.

When the time is right, since you have the contact that person, you can, through good Leads qualifying practices, send it to the sales team.

Thus, that user would not purchase your product is now ready to be your customer.

More opportunity for remarketing

So far as we speak of a good Lead management can make you invest less ads. However, this does not mean that the two can not go together.

The remarketing is an already well – known strategy for companies that advertise on the Internet. It mostly consists of creating ads for those who have visited any page of your site.

The great advantage of Leads management in this regard is that you can create optimized ads and facing Leads already in its base.

This gives enormous power of segmentation, because you not only know that he visited a page of your site, but you know which pages he visited, in which Landing Pages converted and a number of other information such as name, email, city, segment, company or any other information that he probably shared with you to fill out some form of your site.

Now that you know the advantages of a good Leads management, it’s time to understand how to generate these Leads.