How do you relate to the Leads that are at the bottom of the sales funnel?

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Among the main concerns of customers who attended last year in Digital results, the nutrition of the contact base to generate sales contained in the top 3.

The Leads in the hopper bottom have won stages of learning and discovery, they identified an issue that need to solve, or an opportunity, and researched the alternatives available.

The focus of these Leads is now taking the decision to purchase or hiring that will solve your pain . Therefore, it is crucial that you have clarity of the problems that your solution, service or product solve.


How to identify Leads that are at the bottom of the funnel?

The Leads in which has already attracted the interest to hire a product or service that will demonstrate to download catalogs , tutorials , use cases , request statements , discount coupons , free trials , etc. At the end of this post, I will present some examples.

Look for these available options “open hand” through forms . The information you request visitor at this stage should be used to qualify you as a potential customer or a common Lead among the rest.

Through Landing Pages you can:

  • More information about these potential customers to optimizations in targeting them in your contact base to provide a more assertive and coherent approach to the needs and profile of your contact.
  • Log these events to better track the journey of their Leads.

Here’s an example:

leads fund sales funnel

But then, what to do with the Leads the bottom of the sales funnel?

1. Identify Leads in your contact base

All of these possibilities to get to the bottom of your sales funnel can mean converting your Leads into opportunities, ie potential customers.

So remember, throughout the strategy, qualify Leads , scoring opportunities and, as for your service model, marking a charge on your sales team so soon come into contact as possible and do not miss the timing .

In addition, it is indicated adding or removing tags and change your stage in the funnel ( Lead Qualified , opportunity , or customer) in order to segment them and move them at their base to create an appropriate approach at the time of each Lead. 

Here on our blog you will find tips on How to Use Marketing Automation to extract more opportunities for sales .

2. “Do not miss the opportunity!”

We understand that to get here, the Lead is already more mature as the interest to buy or hire, so it is possible to make a sales approach .

However, it is indicated to the seller use a consultative approach , attentive to the information that the Lead has provided through landing pages and forms, and suitable to their profile.

In parallel to direct contact by its internal team, you can create a strategy by email to contribute to closing the sale.

And how to do this automatically?

If you use a marketing automation tool , create a flow to the Lead that made the list or become the funnel bottom event with the following rules:

  • Assign a seller as the owner of such Lead;
  • Mark it as an opportunity in your contact base;
  • And email the Lead telling you noticed your interest in the solution; or:
  • Go further and create a flow of adequate nutrition profile Lead: a CEO has pain different from an analyst, for example, and both can show interest in your solution.

3. List up with Leads for sale

A generic response to receiving the message will not satisfy their Leads, or contribute to the sale. So go beyond the purely transactional email.

Take the opportunity to offer another funnel Fund content and contribute to the decision making of the Lead. For example: ” we registered their interest and soon one of our consultants will contact you . Meanwhile, why not take a look at our catalog? “. Include a CTA that lead to Landing Page download the catalog and enjoy for additional information about your contact.

Separated three models email this stage of the buying journey to inspire.

a) Use case

Use cases are interesting to show Leads how other companies are using their solution in practice, with data showing how they achieved success. See this example of Trello :

leads fund sales funnel

b) storytelling

Tell a story related to the time at which the contact is going through is a great way to engage your Leads and make the most interesting subject. Techniques storytelling can help in this work.

leads fund sales funnel

c) demonstration and free trial

In more complex cases, it can even offer a demonstration or free trial ( trial ).

If you deal with software and cloud, such as the RD Station Marketing , may invite the Lead to try your tool free or lead you to a Landing Page free diagnosis.

leads fund sales funnel

You can also offer a discount coupon , one comparative products or any other action related to your business that works as an indication of interest in Lead for your product or service.

In short, enjoy the funnel Fund emails to convey useful information to the procurement process or contract, such as:

  • Indicate a case of use of your product or a success story involving their solutions or other material that it deems relevant to Leads that are at this stage of the journey;
  • Emphasizing the prerequisites to participate in the promotion or demonstration or to effect the registration, for example;
  • Present the next steps.

Closed sales, and now?

Write down the lessons learned in this process. Note the common characteristics that bring together this group of customers and promote improvements in the qualification criteria of their Leads. Make adjustments in Lead Scoring . Ask the opinion of new customers about the experience here.

There are a number of interesting practices to work with the customer base, but this is subject for another post …

Meanwhile, download our free Email Marketing Guide , a material with everything you need to know to strengthen the relationship with Leads and generate business results.