How do we get our blog to reach 300 thousand visits per month (in 30 tips)

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Before you continue reading this article, we give you the THANK YOU! Being part of the reader HubSpot Spanish community that helped to reach 300 thousand monthly visits. 

Our goal is to seek marketing professionals and sales footprint stop doing things better and grow your business at the same time. 

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You’ve accompanied by a couple of years and now we want to share topics, articles and resources that make up our content strategy, so you can implement the same advice for your blog and get more readers. 

How we manage our blog reach 300 thousand visits per month (30 tips)

It all starts with correctly identify who your audience, for this we recommend defining your buyer person with the following resources: 

1.  What are they and how the “buyer persons” are built?

 2.  What are the people and how to create buyer [Free Templates] 

3.  The buyer persons: the first step of your marketing strategy inbound

4.  Maps Content: What are they and what are they? Find out with these free templates.

The next step is to define purchasing processes for your buyer person to identify what type of content they need at each stage:

5.  The 4 stages of consumer buying decision

6.  Creating content for each stage of the purchase process your customers in 3 steps

If you create your blog and writing for the first time, no problem, whether you do it with talent within your company or you hire outside writers, we recommend these items to start: 

7.  simple formula for writing a post in 9 steps

8.  10 ways to get ideas for content from your blog

9.  How to write the best titles for your blog

10.  Do you have to worry about comments on your blog?

It is not writing to write, we’ve learned that quality matters more than quantity, design a robust marketing strategy content with these guidelines:

11.  Marketing strategy content [Essential Concepts]

12.  What is content marketing?

13.  What is content marketing and how to implement it for the first time

14.  How to manage your content marketing in 30 minutes a day

15.  The secret behind a successful Blog

When you create content you must consider the potential for conversion into this. In HubSpot Spanish, all our products have a CTA (or call to action) to encourage the conversion of visits to contact: 

16.  8 elements that your blog needs to convert visitors into leads

17.  How to create a blog oriented to conversion

18.  5 Tips to improve your conversion process leads

Optimize your articles for search engines (SEO). In HubSpot Spanish we focus on optimizing for readers first and then to Google. The happier is your audience, Google will be happier. These resources can help you to create your SEO strategy: 

19.  [Free Guide] Introduction to search engine optimization (SEO)

20.  How to Learn SEO in 30 days

21.  10 Steps to search keywords and improve your SEO

22.  18 SEO Myths you should forget 2018 [Ebook]

23.  SEO page: tips for optimizing keywords with the most important sections of your website

After creating quality content focused on your audience and optimized for search engines, the next step is to distribute on different channels. We share the guide we use to create an effective strategy for your blog:

24.  Create an effective strategy for your blog [Step by Step Guide]

25.  Create an editorial calendar for your blog [Free Templates]

Readers of your blog come from different sources, one of the most important will be the total of your subscribers. To increase the number of your followers interested we recommend the following items:

26.  [Ebook Free] How to get more readers of your blog

27.  4 tips to increase your blog readers

28.  10 ideas to increase subscribers to your blog

Finally, once you find the topics that interest your audience, looking for ways to reuse content in different formats, for example, a popular item, you can turn it into a computer graphics or video, making it more digestible and easy content sharing :

29.  9 Ways to create recycling items from your blog content

30.  5 Creative Ways to reuse existing content

These are the 30 resources and tips that have continued to implement our strategy content for HubSpot Spanish, tell us what has served you more.