How do I know if my Email Marketing metrics are good?

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However, one of the most common questions from those who work with email is whether your metrics are good.

After all, how much is a good rate of opening? And a good click through rate?

And even if you identify an acceptable average, a second question comes up: this average corresponds to my market segment?

A software company has different means of an ecommerce, for example. And that is why it is important to analyze the Email Marketing Metrics according to its segment.

But how do I find this data? The answer is below.

Benchmarking tool Email Marketing

The Benchmarking tool Email Marketing will help you to compare the performance of your email campaigns with the companies operating in the same industry as yours and find out how you can improve your results.

What the tool does:

  • It indicates what is the open rates and click the companies in its segment;
  • Find opportunities for improvement in the metrics of your campaigns Email Marketing;
  • It shows how to optimize these rates and increase the engagement of your email campaigns.

Log in to Benchmarking Tool Email Marketing and compare your metrics Email Marketing with companies in the same industry as yours.

After making the diagnosis, the tool provides a simulation option to show what the potential to increase the results of their campaigns if the metrics are optimized according to the average of their market.

If your metrics are above, congratulations! However, do not settle. It’s time to optimize your actions and try to improve them even more.

If your metrics are below, do not panic. To improve them, there are a number of good practices that should be adopted as long as your mailing list is built to optimizations in the email campaign itself. They are strategies that can not only improve the results of your campaigns, but may also help to bring more traffic, conversions and sales for your company.

In this case, we strongly recommend that you download and read the Email Marketing Guide, available for free at this link .