How do I find easy to rank keywords?

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How to choose your keywords and rank them?

You create your website? Learn how to choose and rank your keywords to be effective at SEO.

keyword is a search term used in an engine such as Google or Bing to find information on a topic. Ex: cheap shoes.

Once the query is typed into the search engine, relevant results are proposed. Your goal is to make your website appear prominently (1st page) when users type some keywords related to your industry.

But then how not to be wrong in the choice of keywords and how to prioritize them? Here are some tips to help you sort your keywords.

Heart of a good SEO of keywords: the organization

Your keywords should match the theme of your site

To better understand, let’s put ourselves in situation. The time of this article you will be real estate agent.

Your activity as well as the city where you are located are obviously the most important keywords for you but also the most competitive ones: it will be much more difficult to be well positioned on ” real estate agency Marseille ” (very competitive) than on ” apartment ground floor terrace Marseille 9 “.

Why ? The longer the expression, the more precise the search and the fewer results.

However long queries are also sought and they should not be neglected. On the contrary ! Working the so-called long tail (expression and semantic field around an activity) is positive for your SEO and especially to distinguish yourself from your big competitors.

This is what the site Terrasse en Ville in Marseille has had the good idea to specialize on real estate with terrace or garden in Marseille: on the Internet, SEO will therefore target less competitive expressionsalthough sought .

Key words / phrases: how to choose and organize them

Sort keywords: where to start?

In the example of the real estate agent, your keywords will turn around the sale of apartments, renting real estate, etc.

But that’s not all ! If you are a local company, your geographical location should also be given special attention in your list of keywords: if you live in Marseille, this keyword is crucial, as well as possibly Bouches-du -Rhone, 13, Aubagne and all localities around the Phocaean city.

Now that you have established this inventory it is time to start.

Make an organized and relevant list

This is the first step in organizing your keyword SEO. Make a list of words according to a specific scheme. Be careful, as this list can not expand to infinity, discover a ranking tip made in 3SC!

  • Open an Excel document or make a table of 5 columns in Word.
  • Name these columns:
Action rubric Product Type Place
  • Start by filling in the columns Item and Product , based directly on the tree structure of your site.
  • Next, go to the Action column , which will consist of terms such as buying, renting, buying, renting, selling, reserving, and so on.
  • Type will include adjectives / adverbs like cheap, with garden, bright etc.
  • The place will be as its name indicates a city, a district, a department …

This type of ranking allows you to combine the “keywords” to compose “key phrases”, see what you have already worked and what you have to do.

A real estate agency will obtain for its site a table like this one:

Action rubric Product Type Place
Rent / rent apartment T1 With terrace Marseilles
Buy / buy House T2 With parking 13
Sale / Sell loft T3 DRC Bouches-du-Rhone
studio With a pool In prison

You can start composing your key phrases : “buy house with garden Aubagne” or “rent apartment T2 with terrace Marseille” or “loft marseille 2 nd arrondissement” etc.

How to find keyword ideas?

To find the best keywords that fit your business, doing an Adwords advertising campaign remains the most reliable method.

Developed by Google, AdWords are keyword-buying auctions where you can view the best keywords around your industry.

If you do not want to do paid advertising, rest assured there are other ways to find relevant keywords:

  • Free limited software like SemRush

By logging in only a few minutes and for free you can enter a keyword and discover the results of some key phrases.

  • Google’s suggestions

Look at Google’s suggestions when you enter a query! Google has implemented the Google Suggest allows you to complete your entry in the search bar with relevant expressions.

But beware: this technique can sometimes be corrupt if you have gone many times on specific pages.

Google Suggest Google's free tool for keywords

See also the associated searches at the bottom of the page after entering your request for ideas.

  • Calls from your prospects

Pay attention to the questions your clients and prospects are asking because their frequently asked questions can effectively guide you to find relevant and interesting key topics and phrases. For example :

” I am a first-time buyer, do I have advantages? “

“How much will the price of this apartment go up once all the fees have been added?”

“What are the neighborhoods of Marseille with the lowest local taxes? “

  • Online tools

Some online tools are available to find the most suitable keywords according to your field of activity and your objectives.