How can videos help an online course take off?

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As videos can help a digital product to take off?

Imagine you had an amazing idea for a course online , but when you begin to map out a strategy, end up having a lot of doubts. What is the best format for the product ? How to become authority on the Internet? And how to ensure you will sell well?

It’s no secret that the answer to such questions usually is: use as many videos in both the product itself and in the marketing and sales stage. But why does this happen? Is it really that important?

In this post, we will clarify doubts 6 common among digital entrepreneurs, for you to understand that the products that sell more are increasingly using videos in its strategy. Let them!

1. How to gain authority on the Internet?

Would you hire a buffet to launch the year of your company, if there were several entrepreneurs and investors present without having a good reference or proof that they are really good at what they do?

This situation is analogous to any product or company , and also applies to online courses. That is, if you do not convey confidence will not get good sales, simple. And a very effective way to achieve this effect is becoming an online authority on the subject.

There is no single answer to reaching this goal, but the way perhaps most widely used is through Video Content Marketing , or produce videos on the subject that is their specialty. As always we speak, deploy Content Marketing Video is no big deal.

Also, when you are actually selling your product, the fact itself be video (a course, for example), as automatically generates more authority. And you can even provide free passages, still spending more confidence about what you have to offer. No wonder, it is estimated that the Internet one minute video is equivalent to 1.8 million words .

To find out which is the best way to publicize your videos check out this list on the subject.

2. How to convert curious leads?

Strategies that use videos make their communication channels such as website or social networks are much more accessible and well – ranked in search engines. To give you an idea, an event with video are 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google. To learn more about videos attract traffic here has a comprehensive guide to Video SEO .

Videos have received great preference in feeds from social networks, especially Facebook in the family (which also includes Instagram and Whatsapp). As summed up Mark Zuckerberg in early 2017 on your website:

Our biggest focus continues to be putting first video across our family of apps.

Mark Zuckerberg / Feb-2017

(Translation: “Our main focus remains prioritize videos in our family of applications”)


As you will create a base of followers who follow you, you can ask for email or the person to follow you, which is usually done through a Call to Action or through a rich offering, as an -book or a useful tool for that public download in exchange for your email.

But the preference of algorithms for video is no coincidence or quirk. The big question, of course, is that people just love videos , so these tend to have 43% more share on Facebook and attracted 200% more links from other sites.

Nothing better than a well Users ranked site, with good presence in networks and that people share, is not it?

3. How much convert more sales?

You could earn online authority and many people have watched your videos? And now, what to do? The answer is simple: convert them into sales.

To transform your sales base you need to create a supply of a product and use ads on videos to direct the public to the sales page, this in turn also work much better if you have a video.

To give you an idea, pages with videos tend to have 80% increase in conversions, since 90% of people understand that videos help deciding on a purchase.

What is your digital product? How does it work? What will be available to the customer if he carries out the purchase? What advantages it will buy if the digital product? Information are thus decisive for the purchase and you need to convey the best possible way.

With a good video you can explain all this much more clearly and without bore you because you can use all audiovisual features such as recordings, animations, soundtrack, and so on.

A very important tip at this time is to use storytelling , or tell a story about you or your digital product, which will activate mental triggers on the audience and thus facilitate sales. For inspiration, you can look at these incredible examples of Storytelling .

Regardless of the strategy, videos are also often used to answer questions and ask questions that take place throughout the sales funnel. It is very common digital producers use videos as they are identified questions at its base.

4. How to value your digital product?

If you got this far, you should have understood that videos are very appreciated by the audience throughout the marketing and sales process.

This is no different when we speak of your digital product itself. Products using videos as the main format tend to have a higher perceived value, it denotes a more careful production and also increased investment at the time of product creation.

It is important to note that the production of your video content requires more planning and investment than would record an audio or make an e-book. However, an online course most complete and elaborate can achieve better results. This can be the difference between a modest business and the turning point of your business.

In addition to the perceived value on the production, of course, people actually prefer videos over other digital formats, so if the product is not on video, regardless of the value, it may be that they just do not buy and entire strategy go by water below.

5. How to build customer loyalty?

Think about it, you have several customers who have already purchased your digital product. Would not it be cool to continue contact with them for when you launch a new product?

Therefore, it is important to keep your hot base.

Again, there are several ways of doing this, one of them is simply to continue investing in Content Marketing Video, as we have explained earlier.

Another way is to relate to the base through newsletters, for contacts who already know will have a high chance to open the email and click on links.

In this case, again, the videos are very important as they tend to increase the click-through rate by about 200% to 300% , setting a very valuable tool. We made a post just about using videos in email marketing .

5. And then, how to find an ideal partner?

Some digital producers achieve results working at home , keeping the low cost of production.

But increasingly, digital producers really want to take your seriously venture have realized that finding reliable and quality partner makes all the difference to your business success.

In addition, perhaps the creation of digital products is not their primary occupation, at least for now, and you would like to turn this possibility into extra income. In this case, it is almost mandatory to find a video producer – oriented results that meet both marketing oriented digital products as the production of videos with high quality standards.

Make sure that the video production company can help you in the following aspects of your digital business:


  • Help you choose the ideal format for your video. The producer has a great knowledge of styles and audiovisual techniques. You can then present the benefits and applications of each option for effective and within a reasonable budget production.


  • Make production with required speed. It is common to small producers who have good will, but simply can not meet demand a complex and extensive as that of a digital product.
  • Use the right technique for each case. The producer is fully responsible for the entire production process, recording and editing of video, animation, finishing, and so on. However, not every producer has the technical capacity to make the whole process with all the necessary variety. Therefore, make sure that the producer has a portfolio demonstrating their expertise in various styles of videos. Just so you will ensure the success of your digital product.

See how videos are essential to a winning strategy for digital products?

We hope this article will help you improve your strategy for digital product and, of course, that has a lot of success in sales! If you like, you will also love to read about Distance Learning with videos , plus a big trend in the audiovisual field.

To the next!

* Guest post produced by Matilde Movies content team.