How can I improve my off-page SEO?

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The basis of the SEO Off Page strategies are the links, one of the main providers of direct traffic to our website.

Thanks to these incoming links we get:

  • Visibility of our website, notoriety and Branding.
  • Indexing by search robots
  • Traffic to our website

SEO Off-page works mainly the creation of links that point to your Web page, this technique is called Linkbuilding.

There are numerous linkbuilding strategies that you can follow to get links naturally and improve the positioning of your website. On the internet we can find many tips on how to generate links, but we must avoid spamming. It is essential that the links are created spontaneously and naturally.

Therefore, in Marketinet, we tell you the 5 most important SEO strategies off Page Pay attention !:

  1. Internal link building
    Before starting with the external link strategy, it is convenient to pay attention to the Internal link building or internal link of our website. An internal link is a link created between two pages within the same domain. 

    The internal links help us to create the structure of the page and distribute the link juice (authority of page that you transmit in your links) Thanks to them we can navigate from the main page to the sections, subsections and other contents; thus affecting web browsing and usability.

    Optimize internal linking is as important as external, so pay attention to these links, take care of the anchor text you use and try to find a balance between keywords to position and other more generic.

  2. Generates Content of interest (we recommend reading this article )
    There is no better way to “leave a trace” on the internet than creating content that is disseminated on its own. 
    The strategy of generating natural links is reduced to the content. It is essential to create original and interesting content to earn links to our website. 

    A highly recommended practice is the so-called link baiting or bait links. It consists of generating very attractive content and information for readers and distributing it free on the internet. If it is interesting enough, it will spread through all kinds of platforms without much effort.

    But what content are of interest to users? Press releases work very well if they are relevant to the media, infographics and videos, tutorials and guides, conferences or events, reports, statistics …

  3. High in directories
    Registering in directories is an old SEO off page technique, which is still very useful today. The most important thing is to find directories of quality, with a good reputation, that are little exploited and that could have a potential impact on your positioning. 

    Some of the most recommended general directories are the Open Directory Project (DMOZ) , Yahoo or Yellow Pages for companies. 

    The Altas in directories should be done with caution, manually and progressively in the medium-long term. It is not advisable to do it through automated programs, since the search engines could consider it as an “unnatural” increase in the popularity of the web and penalize it.


    • Search for Directories that are related to the theme of your website.
    • If you use the same directory, do not always send the same page. Alternate the directions and the text of the link (Anchor Text)
    • Remember that the quality of the directory is better than the number of links you leave and a bad link can damage our SEO positioning.
  4. Help others and participate in sites on your topic
    Participate in forums and blogs related to the theme of your website and on question and answer pages such as yahoo answers . Helping others is a way to earn a reputation, while getting inbound links. 
    To achieve naturalness, try to get links from pages related to your sector.
  5. Analyze your competition
    Studying your competition and analyzing who links them and whom they link will give us valuable information for our link building strategy . 
    We can meet other websites related to our sector and link them. By correlation, Google will understand that if we link to pages related to the sector, our web property also deals with the same sector. 

    In addition, it is a good idea to get links from sites that link to your competition, because by the co-citation principle, google establishes a relationship between two sites linked from the same source. 

    Now, do not limit yourself to follow the strategy of your competitors; the best thing is to innovate and overcome them.