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If you follow some blogs may have noticed that occasionally is common to see some posts written by others as guests.

That’s an interesting practice for those who publish, since it is difficult to maintain a frequency of good posts, but it is also very suitable for those who write.

So our recommendation here is that you, on behalf of your company, do it well.

In this post we present the benefits of writing a guest post, to show how to find vehicles to publish and how to create a suitable container for the occasion.

The benefits of publishing guest posts

We have seen some companies to question the reasons to invest time in producing and publishing content on another site, generating traffic to it instead of posting on the blog itself and reap the rewards.

It is certainly a relevant point, but that can be explained by a number of advantages:

Reach a new audience

The work to form a community and have a good number of people around your brand is hard and the numbers usually grow slowly.

Only this time, there are other vehicles doing the same thing and who already speak with your audience. Writing to one of these vehicles is to reach a new audience, with a great chance of reaching people who have never heard of your company before.

Position yourself as an authority

Be present in various vehicles speaking as an expert on a particular topic offers a great value that is to give you – and consequently your business – the authority.

You can position this image in the minds of readers and make your name comes to mind when thinking about it.

Get good links

It comes to  SEO , get links from other sites is one of the main factors for improving organic positioning.

The more quality links your company receives, the greater the chances of achieving the first of the positions in Google keywords important to the business.

Publish posts as guests on relevant blogs on the market is a guaranteed way to get some of these links.

Getting published

There is a process that is not always easy to find between some options and get the ok for publication.

So we bring some tips that can increase your chances:

Find good targets

The first step to publish a guest is to choose a good blog or website.

Prioritize those who already have a relationship with your theme or at least have an audience interested in your domain issue.

Follow some market experts in social networks and see the content sources they use. This is a great way to find good vehicles. Google searches can also help you find some results.

There is also a Google Chrome plugin that indicates similar page and can help you find more options.

Then, try to identify it really worth publishing that vehicle. See what effect (share in social media) the last posts or how the blog has followers on Twitter and / or Facebook.

Another option is to use Open Site Explorer and measure the domain authority.

You can make a graph process and identify with great accuracy vehicles with greater benefit.

Try to build a relationship in advance or look for contacts in common

usually not very easy to publish on a quality vehicle, since they have a reputation to protect and can not trust anyone who approaches them.

It is therefore very important to start the relationship before making the request to publish. Try to get that contact by commenting on posts, emails or social media. Also picks up and share website content on social networks your company.

An undervalued strategy, but certainly the most effective is the personal contact, meetings, cafes and events, for example.

Finally, another way that works very well is to be indicated by a contact in common. It may be worth looking for the blog editor on Linkedin or Facebook and verify that share a connection by a close friend.

Have a good portfolio of content

If your company already has a blog with good assets, it is much easier to gain credibility and get ok to publish.

The record shows content mastery, the cohesive way to expose ideas and grammar, as well as indicate whether the subject is really attractive.

It is much easier for you to be accepted if you have a blog with content already published on what has not yet begun.

Try to have something to show beforehand

When there is a close relationship with the editor of the blog and you are starting a contact to publish as a guest, look already describe the theme and structure of the text, showing commitment and knowledge of the subject.

Send a briefing is much more effective than just ask, you can write a post guest?

If the content is rejected and this can happen for many reasons such as editorial, style or format, ask your partner if you have any topic you could develop to the blog or send some ideas of themes for the editor rate. The ideal is to send at least three suggestions.

How to write a good post as a guest

There are some important aspects at the time of writing a guest post.

This ensures better results and particularly a good relationship with the owner of the blog, you can mention your company and your content more often or even open other doors:

Adapt to the editorial line of the blog

Too often there are major differences in approach between each blog and this should be respected when writing your text.

Among the most common items we should note:

  • Theme: is the most important. Do not even try to write about a topic that is not usual in the blog or attractive to the public. Note some old posts, see what was good rebound and try to work well in the definition of a subject that pleases;
  • Content: in addition to the theme, the content itself should suit. The public may be more beginner or more advanced on the subject and it makes a big difference in vocabulary and in the given tips. The blog can use a more formal or informal approach and this should also be taken into account in its text;
  • Text format: try to identify the blog usually write shorter or longer texts, images are used or not, are broken into paragraphs , and use subtitles or are larger text blocks. This keeps the familiarity to readers.

Write good content, not advertising

It only makes sense to a blog accept texts if they are of quality, which they themselves would write if they had more time and more knowledge on the subject.

Several blogs charge as “publieditorial” when the intention is to promote a specific product or service. To post as a guest for free you need to create value, write interesting texts.

The higher the quality of your text and the likelihood of it stand out from readers, the more likely that player seeking to know more about who you are and what you do.

Use the links, but use caution

One of the biggest benefits of publishing a post as a guest is to have control over the text and it includes the links and their anchor texts.

It is advantageous to use links to important pages of your company and to be the anchor of these keywords and links that summarize the content. That, and bring traffic to your site, will help these pages to be better positioned on Google.

However, be careful with excessive links in the text. In addition to being less efficient in SEO also does not usually get very well with the vehicle which opened its doors. It gives the impression that you might be writing just to enjoy, filled with links to get traffic.

It is an interesting practice to balance the links to the site itself and for third parties, since it shows a bit of fairness.

There are some vehicles that only allow you to use the link in the signature. Look look at some old posts and see what the blog use policy.

Facilitate Partner Work

Browse send the material in a format that is easy for the editor of the blog copy and make the publication.

Usually Google Docs is the most recommended. Because it already includes the distribution of paragraphs, images, bold and allows the editor to make comments on some points that need to be changed, facilitating feedback.

I publish guest posts blog partner of my company?

Now let’s talk about reverse.

The blog of your company already receives guest posts? The guest posts are great content that you can use to post to your blog.

More than a content more, it is a very valuable way for your company to have a relationship with partners. And also to ensure an exchange of contents for the two companies to reach new audiences.

The advantage here is that you do not need to spend efforts in the production of content, because someone else will.

Important to always align the theme and the language of the guest post before the start writing partner. This is critical so that the post is in accordance with the standards of your blog. By doing so, you will not have the rework on extensive issues.

If the partner already send some first version that is misaligned with the purpose of your business, give feedback explaining the situation and request a new issue.

RD in the blog published about 5 monthly guest posts. And we did the opposite way also publishing some guest posts on blogs partners.

Is that you? Works with guest posts on your Content Marketing Strategy?

Know that this is only one of several formats you can publish. To learn more, check out our eBook 31 types of content that you can produce for your blog .

Post originally published on November 21, 2012. Updated and revised on December 8, 2017.