Hello, architects: how to use Content Marketing to attract more customers

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Entrepreneurs construction and real estate market are optimistic about the coming months, according to the survey Survey of the Construction Industry , released in late January pel the National Confederation of Industry (CNI).

The news is also good for architects, who have the prospect of gaining new customers. “But how to attract them?”, Many may wonder. With content, we suggest. The strategy is one of the pillars of Digital Marketing .

Produce texts, videos, infographics , and other materials is a good way of awakening the interest of those who are seeking a professional to design the future home.

We spoke with property, because that’s what we do here at Digital results. Through Digital Marketing blog we attract visitors and we relate to them even after they become customers.

See below how to produce interesting content and ride the wave of opportunity that lies ahead.

Blog, an ally and both

Have a proper place to share tips, demonstrating their knowledge and work, it is a great way to attract people interested.

There are those who think otherwise. After all, the professional gains by offering information about your business for free? The answer is not obvious: authority on the subject and customer confidence, essential items for it schedule a visit to the office and ask for a quote.

Imagine a person who likes wine, but know little about it and so it follows some sites related to the topic. One of them, especially, is an emporium of drinks, which comments on the characteristics of the labels suggests harmonization, teaches how to choose a good wine …

Now think that this person will organize a dinner for friends. Where do you think it will buy the bottles and, if in doubt, confirm if that is the best label for the meal?

The same is true in architecture. If in doubt about which architect or hire office, who has demonstrated knowledge comes out ahead. The reasoning is delivering value to the prospective client so that it recognizes and search for their work.

The following is what to do to put into practice its content strategy:

  • Offer solutions: many users are on the Internet looking for solutions to the most common situations. Google say so! Make content that deal with practical matters such as the ideal lighting for every room of the house or the best wood for the deck, it is a good start to hook the attention on the web.
  • Optimize your post to seekers: swapping kids, facilitates that Google finds your content and display it when users search for it. How to do this? Start with the title: make it clear what the topic of the post soon on the call. To learn more details about it, download the free eBook: The Complete Guide to SEO , a material with multiple page optimization tips.
  • Diversify the format: in addition to writing texts, how about recording a video in the office answering five common questions of who will build or renovate? An infographic that shows the ideal position of the equipment in a kitchen-runner is also quite useful considering we live in ever smaller areas. The site Canva can help in this task.
  • Keep frequency: determine how often their posts will be published, which educates the audience about the operation of the blog. Consider the office size and how you can organize the production of content between your team or in your routine. How about starting with a post a week?
  • Generate business opportunities: including the blog a form to be completed by users where they can put name and email (bingo!) To receive the latest posts. Pop-ups for contact request and budget are also good ideas. Some tools (the RD Station Marketing is one of them) help in this technical part. With practice, you can invest in other actions, such as campaigns to registered mail, but that’s a topic for another post.
  • Commit yourself, as you are dedicated to delivering a quality project, take the time to your routine to think about the blog and attract potential customers. It is true that the designs of the houses are priority on your list of tasks, but it is important, yes, strive to produce content to ensure that new customers appear ..

Social networks: some good practices for architects

Instagram and Facebook are still great showcases the work of architects. More than just post pictures, simple tricks make your profile more interesting in the eyes of followers.

If pictures of completed projects deserve to be immortalized in conventional timeline, explore the Stories feature to show the backstage office and works in progress. This strategy of what real life is approaching clients of professionals.

Legends Images also deserve attention. Enjoy the space to tell a story or curiosity about the project, enriching your post with details that the photo does not reveal. Break, establishes a channel for interaction with followers.

Use hashtags is another powerful feature. Through them, users can find their job simply searching for a term of interest, increasing the reach of their publications.

That is all?

No, but it’s a good start for you to implement an effective strategy of Content Marketing at the office, attracting more users to their work.