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If you’ve been on the Internet the past two years, you should be familiar with the term Stories. Created by Snapchat and implemented in almost all Facebook applications such as Instagram and WhatsApp, the format in full screen, with pictures and videos that can be passed to the sides, it has changed the way people consume content on the Internet.

Proof of this is that now the Stories also come to Google. On February 13, during the AMP Conf, held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the company announced a partnership with vehicles like CNN and Washington Post , which will test the Stories in the search results.

google amp stories

With the tool, which is still in testing phase and has been called AMP Stories , these publishers will be able to produce content that will be shown in Google results on mobile devices, just as we already see in Facebook .

The novelty, however, is for the AMP , or Accelerated Mobile Pages (accelerated mobile pages, in Portuguese), which are pages optimized sites for simplified loading and almost instantaneous when accessed by mobile .

google amp stories

The project is an initiative open source major content publishers and technology companies, with the aim of improving the entire ecosystem of content for mobile devices.

So, Google AMP Stories will use this technology to provide users a quick experience, so they do not expect the load.

But despite the announcement, the news is still at a very early stage. there is still a tool to create Stories Google, being necessary to the work of a developer. Also it does not yet know how the content will be displayed to the user. Likewise, it was not announced who can publish content with the tool.

To date, the format is still separated from conventional search results. To see how the AMP Stories work, go to using the phone and search for publishers like CNN, Mic, SBNation, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Wired, People and Mashable.

The company also released tools so that interested developers can create their Stories, providing a tutorial , plus the necessary documentation .

And for those who invest in Digital Marketing, how important Google AMP Stories?

Even that is still in test version, if you invest in Digital Marketing is worth keeping an eye on this news, which represents a dynamic way to distribute their content. The Stories have proven to be a format that people like to eat, especially the younger ones.

And you, what do you think of the news?

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