Google starts to show style suggestions in image search

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The search Google images is full of photos for people to breathe – are places to travel, to buy items or your favorite celebrities, the arsenal is immense. When it comes to fashion, however, it can be hard to find style ideas in the middle of so much information available. You know when you want to buy, say, a shoe, but all they find it are pictures of disclosure, those with white background?

Thinking about it, Google launched on April 17, 2017 the style ideas – or style ideas in the original English. The functionality will operate together with the pictures in the mobile app search engine and mobile web, showing users a set of inspirations and outfits that demonstrate how particular product can be used.

Now, while you search for product images, research show a photo gallery to see how the product can be used in real life. With ideas style you may know, for example, what jeans or purse matches the pair of shoes you’ve been thinking of buying. In addition, the user will also see images carousel format similar items while searching for products.

google style ideas

In the example that the company shared, when searching for a grant from Zara, you see examples of accessory use, as well as similar models from other brands

According to the statement , made by the product manager Julia Enthoven on the company’s blog, “find bargains without sacrificing style is now accessible directly from image search.”

With this new tool, Google intends to transform the search for images in “a useful tool to find products that match your style and your budget.”

For those who have a company engaged in the fashion industry or even an ecommerce another thread, this update is especially useful as it is more a way to promote their products on the Internet.

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