Google Lens: the tool that will transform the camera of your mobile phone into a search field

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Google is about to take a big step in the way people do search for information on the Internet. The name of this step is: Google Lens.

Announced at Google I / O, the annual developer conference, the company showed how Google works Lens.

Simply put, Google is a search engine for Lens via camera phone. It is a new artificial intelligence that enables the camera to an Android smartphone to read and interpret everything that is being pointed.


The novelty was presented by Google CEO Sundar Pichai . The tool will be available on Google and Google Photos Assistant soon.

Sundar Pichai showed some examples of Google Lens use to facilitate understanding:

  • If a person aim for a shop on the street, on-screen location information such as reviews, business hours, and user comments.

google lens

  • If the item is a flower, Google Lens will provide information on plant species or if there are flower shops nearby.

google lens

  • If one points to a barcode credentials with a WiFi connection, the phone will be automatically connected to the network.

google lens

Integrating Lens with Assistant will also be a good tool for translations.

In the presentation, the phone’s camera was placed in front of a board with information written in Japanese. By pushing the Lens icon and ask “what does that mean?” The Assistant translated text.

Sundar Pichai also showed that Google’s algorithms have technology to automatically improve photo quality.

The examples shown were:

  • If you make a picture of a baseball game through a grid, Google can automatically remove the photo from the grid and let the cleaner image to facilitate research;
  • If you shoot with low light conditions, Google can automatically enhance the photo details to her to stay with better quality.

To watch in full to the presentation tool just to play in the video below:

How Google Lens should impact on Digital Marketing

Already thinking about some future possibilities, Google Lens has the potential to change some very important things, both in user behavior as the way to Digital Marketing.

Two important points that we have identified are:

The way people search on the internet will change dramatically

With Google Lens, more and more people will point to objects so that the browser identifies what it is and provide information about it.

This will impact on all the work of SEO , because people do not seek more through words but through images.

How does Google say, the main ranking factor is good content, a result that meets the user’s expectation.

This will cause a great impact on SEO in the future. And it’s good that you are prepared to upgrade in accordance with new technologies!

The ratings will become more important than ever

Already we live in the age of the evaluations. Is to buy a book, watch a movie on Netflix or choose a restaurant for lunch, it is natural that people look for reviews to ensure that there is a failed experiment.

With Google Lens, evaluations will be even more critical for local businesses . It is natural that the person pass in front of the establishment, see the evaluation and decide quickly will come or not.

The idea that a good marketing starts with a good product / service will be more evident than ever.

Google has not announced when the Lens will be available in the market, just said “coming soon.”

And you, what do you think of the new product? See an another important factor that will be impacted by Google Lens in order to make Digital Marketing? Tell in the comments!

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