Google Images: learn all about Google image search

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Open Google, type in the word you want to search and click images is a task of little complexity.

However, Google Image Search , launched in 2001, hides features that many people are unaware – define the size of the searched images, search for pictures of a specific color and insert the image itself to find the like are examples.

The purpose of this post is to show a little of each of these functions.

Exploring the search engines

Google offers a number of options to filter the search for images. To access them, do a search for images, and click Tools.

The options that open you can configure:

  • Size, which search for predefined resolutions, such as large, medium and small, or customized according to the size you want;
  • Color;
  • Type, which can be picture, animation, face images, among others;
  • Time to set images that have been indexed by the search engine most recently as the last 24h, last week or custom range;
  • Rights of use.

Google Images

Search for images without typing text

Imagine that you are looking, for example, a specific blue bird, but he does not know the name. You can enter the generic term in the search and find the picture of the bird you were looking for, drag the image into the search box again. Google will show similar photos and will be easier to figure out the species.

Or, if you’re doing more generic searches, such as “Galaxy”, and found a specific image that like it, but the resolution is not good, you can drag the photo to the search box Google will show similar photos perhaps in better quality.

1. Do research and drag the chosen image to the search box.

Google Images

2. Ready! Google shows a page of results with similar images.

Google Images

Search by image sent

Another possibility is to search for images sent by the user, a tool that can be useful in various situations, such as to identify the name of products, images used out of context, celebrities or places you want to find out the name, among others .

1. Go to Google and click images in the upper right corner of the screen. To the right of the search box, click the camera icon.

Google Images

2. By clicking, you will see the image below. The default alternative suggests paste the URL of an image, but you can also upload one that is on the computer.

Google Images

With the “Send a picture” option, you can use the “Choose File” or drag the desired file on the browser window to start the search.

3. Say you have, for example, the image of an anonymous planet on your computer or see the image at some site and would like to find out what.

Paste the link or upload the box above and Google then tries to find the text description for the image or combine the image with like.

My image showing the earth from space at night. 🙂

Google Images

You can change the results by adding words in the search field.

This reverse image search can be useful when you want to know:

  • author name of a photo, painting, drawing;
  • Name of unidentified products;
  • Names of plants and animals;
  • Recipes;
  • Images that may have been taken out of context;
  • Place names or celebrities;
  • How their work is used.

Style Tips

A feature recently implemented in the search for images were the ideas of style – or style ideas in the original English.

The feature works in conjunction with the images on the mobile app search engine and mobile web, showing users a set of inspirations and outfits that demonstrate how particular product can be used.

While you search for product images, research shows a photo gallery to see how the product can be used in real life.


Read more about it in the post Google goes on to show style suggestions in image search .

Google + SEO Images

Ok, there are several ways to search on Google, but how important is it for the Digital Marketing your company?

With so many research tools, your site can appear on the results page if it is optimized for Google Images. This is because the image search results shows much the same time, which increases the chances of your site being found in the classical search, which shows 10 results.

Moreover, even when you search for a page, Google displays on the results page, just below the search field, the content options for what you can get.

Similarly, when it comes to applying the basic good SEO practices to a page, the image remains an important factor rankeamento. So when you adopt practices for well rankear his image, it also favors on page optimization where the image is inserted.

Appear on the first page of Google, rankear images, optimize pages … All this has one goal: to win more organic traffic to your website or blog .

Photos, illustrations, infographics and other image types are more inviting to click than text results. Rankear your images may be an important factor in the search results page. More clicks, more traffic!

To learn how to optimize your images, see the post ” Why should you worry rankear the images on Google .”